11/23 Winter league update

Friday’s games

* Luis Valbuena was 1-for-3, hitting his first home run of the offseason, but it wasn’t enough as Lara lost 10-4 to Aragua in Venezuela. Valbuena is batting .303 this offseason, and has played strictly at second base.

* Junior Lake was 1-for-3 with one RBI in Estrellas’ 5-2 loss to Escogido in the Dominican Republic. Lake, who started in center, was batting .344.


Valbuena’s batting average of 303 is looking good. Does this mean that his batting average of 218 in the 2013 season is a thing if the past? Will Mueller help all the batting averages soar? We can only hope!

Ok, lets go with last years stats, you point out Valbuenas .218 AVG. But of course you do not mention Barney!!
Games played: Barney-141– Valbuena 108– Barney played 33 more games.
At Bats: Barney- 501— Valbuena-331— Barney gets 170 more At Bats.
Runs Scored; Barney-49— Valbuena- 34– Barney scores 15 more runs (33 more Games) (170 more At Bats)
OBP; Barney-.266– Valbuena- .331.. This goes in Valbuenas favor by a huge margin, as Barney had the lowest OBP of any starting 2nd Baseman. Probably any regular at any position.
I really dont need to go any further.

Clearly Valbuena is the better offensive player, even though not great. That makes Barney’s year look even worse!!

Yes hopefully Mueller will help everyone, especially guys who should be getting on base, stop swinging for the fences.

Oh pardon me! Is Barney playing in Venezuela now? Since this blog was addressing the Venezuala games, I was addressing the Venezuela players! How Barney’s stats figure into this is beyond me unless, of course, it is just an opening to get more digs in before he is “non tendered”.

Ok, I will play along, just because I am bored. Your original post states that Valbuena is hitting .303 in Venezuela.
Then you go to the regular season of Valbuenas .218 AVG. So you point out the negative at the possible 2014 2nd Baseman, but leave last years 2nd Baseman out of the conversation.
Maybe a good way to have put it: One righty, one lefty, they both may do better in a platoon role, should Olt make the team as the 3rd Baseman.

No point in debating Barney’s position since he will probably be dumped (non tendered) anyway. Does he deserve a chance to redeem his offense – yes. Will he get that chance – probably not. Therefore Valbueno will be our new 2nd baseman whether he can get his average up or not. And that is the name of the game.

Isnt Barney due for Arbitration this year? If so and he seeks a undeserved raise, I would say he would be non tendered. However, if he was to give Hoyer a call and tell him:
I know I had a down year, its my fault, I was trying to hard, maybe trying to hit with power instead of concentrating on getting on base. I am not going to blame anyone but myself.
If you give me another year to redeem myself and a chance to make the team, I am more than happy to sign at the Major League minimum.
I would say his chances of signing a contract increase by a wide margin and he would still make more money in 9 months playing a game, than most people make in 5 years.

1. Barney has NEVER blamed anyone but himself.
2. Barney is NOT a beggar.
3. Barney deserves more than MINIMUM wage for his defense alone.
4. Again, no point in debate. Out with the old, in with the new. It is the Cub’s way, it is the Cub’s plan!
5. Barney is a class act and will be fine NO MATTER what he is dealt.

See once again you dont get it. If he is non tendered and signs with another team, its probably a Minor League contract.
At least if he tried my way, he might get a ML contract. But if he thinks like you, that he is worth more than he is: then adios.
Lowest OBP of just about any regular only deserves the minimum if that.

White, I read your first comment….not sure why jASSper brought Barney Into the conversation?? Kind of petty. It appeared you were being optimistic about VALBUENA with no ties to or mention of Barney. But one would have to be a KNOWLEDGEABLE poster to understand your remarks. He and the other dark soul have indeed WON…first row tickets to hades (one way of course). Hey, a little fat goes a long way friend!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING WHITE!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you joey!! I don’t know where you live but hope you are not impacted by the big storms coming in. In talking about Valbuena and the Venezuela games I sure didn’t expect another “Barney Blast”. :))

It would be bad decision to give up on Barney so quickly…and the guy is “GOLD” at 2B…I’d give him at least, this coming year to get his BA up…then if he doesn’t, you can still get some quality for him…after all, he is a Gold Glover…

I think with the way things went last year with Barney, Castro & Rizzo and their bats last year, I would also give him another year. At least a half year hoping to increase his value. However, he would have to accept less.
Rumors are the Cubs plan to non tender Barney and you could not blame them if they do. You have Watkins, Valbuena and even a possible mid to late season call up of Baez. If Baez forces his way on the team during ST, that really affects the 2B position.
Should Baez go to AAA to start the season, you have Valbuena whose OBP much, much better than Barney’s.
Watkins also a LH hitter did not gtet much of a chance under Sveum, so Management still dont know what he can do.
Of course this could all be a non factor if Olt does not make the team at 3B. Valbuena at 3B, platoon RH Barney & LH Watkins at 2B.

Barney is not a major league caliber player… He had a great run with his defense but guess what!!! That doesn’t win u as many games as just an average hitter at 2b would…. Let’s just move on and realize I told some of the hard headed people on here…… I win!!!!!! So glad we have cut some of the fat around here…. More knowledgable posters have appeared and it’s been great

It has been much more enjoyable Petrey10.

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