11/24 Roster moves

* The Cubs have reportedly released outfielder Dave Sappelt. He was acquired with Travis Wood and infielder Ronald Torreyes from the Reds in the Sean Marshall deal. Sappelt, 26, has a .251/.301/.343 slash line in 274 plate appearances.

* The Cubs have reportedly signed outfielder Casper Wells to a Minor League contract. Wells, 29, batted .155/.211/.169 with one double over 76 plate appearances between the Athletics, White Sox and Phillies last season. He had vision problems and didn’t play after Aug. 25.


They also signed a couple of pitchers, Paolo Espino and Carlos Pimentel.

Vision problems? First they trade for Olt, now they sign Wells? The Cubs have a deal with Pearl vision?

New Cub’s motto: ” BLIND AT BAT”.

That took a few seconds, good one. lol

The Cubs are truly a “Deaf, Dumb & Blind” team now.

This is the gang that can’t trade straight or right. 2014 has got to be the year of the donkey. Next is warm beer and day old hot dogs. Ray Charles could make better trades if he were still alive and sing a good anthem besides. Brutal.

I know you could do a better job than people that actually know what they are doing Diamondjim23 or mamma mia.
Should have turned in your resume when Hendry was canned.

So acquiring an all-star starter (Travis Wood) for a setup man was a bad trade? Who cares if Dave Sappelt didn’t work out? Wood was the key to that trade anyway.

Exactly Doug, then add what they received for Torreyes. Then add they didnt lose Marshall to free angency.

Ahhh, it must be winter when all the dreamers appear and try to sound like baseball people. Go back and read these posts, it sounds like a bunch of White Sox fans dissecting the Cubs management moves. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. I know, you all could have done better than the current transplants from Boston.
If that’s all you have, it’s going to be a long cold winter. Just my opinion.

I will take the long winter and the Boston transplants.
Your opinion didn’t mean a lot from my point of view.

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