11/24 Samardzija rumors

Jeff Samardzija struck out 200 over 200 innings in his first full season as a starter, and has drawn interest from teams looking for a young pitcher, especially one who would be under team control for two more years. The Diamondbacks, Nationals and Blue Jays have reportedly inquired about Samardzija and on Sunday, there was a report that Toronto was putting together a package of young players for the Cubs right-hander.

During an interview on MLB Radio on Sunday, Toronto GM Alex Anthopoulos was asked if there was any truth to the rumor about the Blue Jays pursuing Samardzija.

“You know what, I just saw that [rumor], too,” Anthropoulos told MLB Radio. “I’m in the office [Sunday] just going through some things. I’m going to try to be a little more candid than I may have been in the past. I won’t comment on specific rumors and things like that but I will say that we’re definitely exploring starters with teams. But also, just like a lot of stuff that’s out there that is false, we have not made an offer to anybody with respect to a starter. So if there is something out there that [says] we’ve actually made an offer to someone for a starter, that is not accurate. It doesn’t mean we’re not inquiring.”

MLB Radio host Jim Duquette asked if anything was imminent regarding either adding a free agent or making a trade.

“You know what, we’re talking to one club about a smaller trade and maybe it’ll move the next few days, or maybe it won’t happen,” Anthropoulos said. “But, no, I don’t think, not right now there isn’t anything imminent. We’re not necessarily waiting on someone to get back to us but, again, at any time that can change and I hope it does. I think, and you guys both went through it, before the Thanksgiving holiday sometimes there’s that last little push [when] teams want to get some things off their plate. So maybe things happen here in the next two or three days. If not, we’ll take it to the [Winter Meetings], I guess, at that point.”

The Cubs have approached Samardzija, 28, about a possible contract extension. The pitcher, who was the Opening Day starter this year, has not been in a hurry to something done.

“I have two more years of arbitration so there is a lot of time to get something done,” Samardzija said in early November.

As for all the rumors, GM Jed Hoyer said Samardzija had the right attitude because he doesn’t pay any attention to the reports.

Teams shopping for starting pitching may be comparing the cost of acquiring Samardzija with another 28-year-old, David Price, who also is under team control for two more years. However, Price has more innings and experience as a starter, and won the AL Cy Young in 2012 when he went 20-5 with a 2.56 ERA for the Rays. Price did miss time this season because of a left triceps strain. Samardzija, who ranked fifth in the National League in strikeouts per nine innings, has been healthy. Price was paid $10 million in 2013; Samardzija $2.6 million.

The Cubs don’t have that much depth pitching-wise, with Travis Wood, Edwin Jackson, Jake Arrieta set for the rotation in 2014.

— Carrie Muskat


There might be another Cubs player in this Samardzija deal to make this a Blockbuster deal.

Whats the rumor Cubs Talk or are you guessing?

Am liking that Samardz is being shopped, if the club is looking ahead to 2015 as the time to become a legit contender. He is an innings eater and is durable etc., but is not an ace and never will be. If he can attract some “can`t miss” prospects, now`s the time to do such a deal.

I agree 100% jhosk. Of course you will get several on here not understanding that building for sustained success, Management must keep stock piling prospects in the Minor Leagues.
Even if they make the Playoffs or WS in 2015 or 2016, Management will continue trading for prospects and building the farm system.

Not only do I agree with you jhosk…but lo and behold…I UNDERSTAND.

The top 6 mlb.com Blue Jays prospects are all pitchers, with the top 3 in the top 100 prospects overall. If the Cubs could get a couple of those pitchers for Samardzija, I think it would be a good trade to make. Now I’m not saying that they should trade Samardzija, but something like a couple top 100 prospects, preferably pitching, would be what I’d expect to get in return.

If Yankees get Tanaka, Blue Jays will make the trade.

I’d like to see a Theo pull off a sweet haul for the shark

Me too davesworld23, SWEET being the key word…right?? Do it Theo!!

As has been stated, the Cubs don’t have that much depth pitching-wise, if we consider the rotation w/o Samardzija, that leaves the Cubs with Travis Wood, Edwin Jackson, Jake Arrieta at this point supposedly set for the rotation in 2014. With the Cubs shopping Samardzija, the possibility of high quality pitchers coming in return leaves us open to speculation. That’s all it is, speculation. If they don’t trade Jeff, or don’t get what they consider like value for him, consider a rotation of Samardzija, Wood, Jackson and Arrieta. While the quality of this group is known to us, the future for them is not. We still need to add a good dependable LHP to augment this staff. If that gets done, I’d like to see what happens in the Spring.
Just my opinion.

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