11/26 Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all. It’s a time to give thanks, and take stock. It’s also a time for many to eat.

Cubs second baseman Darwin Barney’s favorite dish? His mother’s homemade stuffing. He wasn’t sure what the secret ingredient was but said she doesn’t use a stuffing mix and breaks the bread apart by hand.

“My mom makes it from scratch and it’s the only thing I look forward to about Thanksgiving,” Barney said. “They usually give me the easy job of corn or cranberry sauce.”

Barney also clarified that his mother’s stuffing isn’t the only good thing about the holiday. The second baseman, who lives in Beaverton, Ore., in the offseason, also enjoys getting together with family at this time of year. He does love the food.

“Her stuffing is my favorite thing about Thanksgiving,” he said.

Cubs TV analyst Jim Deshaies said they celebrate with a very traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

“I’m a big fan of turnips while the rest of the clan leans more toward the squash,” he said. “My wife is convinced that there is nothing better than squash and cranberries mixed together. Gravy is my favorite food group, so anything slathered in gravy gets the job done for me.”

Safe travels to all.

— Carrie Muskat


I have a different take on all this. These folks should thank their lucky stars they can enjoy these delicious food items. Those of us with celiac disease can`t ingest any of them.

jhosk, that is a BUMMER! I hope you are able to substitute many other delicious foods in your diet!! :))

Good morning, White. I need to qualify my comment. The vegetables alluded to could be acceptable if prepared in such a way as there is no cross-contamination. Enjoy the holiday, White, and every Cubs` fan!

On the subject of Dar’s mom’s cooking! FABULOUS! I haven’t had her stuffing yet but she cooks a mean Luau menu! Pulled pork, poi, all the rice dishes, etc. When a Hawiian baby turns 1 year old it is a tradition to celebrate with a Luau. Having shared many a feast with Dar I can attest that he can “clean his plate”! :))

I can give thanks for having DARWIN BARNEY on our team! Haha, gosh that’s just an awesome fact for me to know about him now (: haha

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! Today is the best – lots of left overs to pig out on and no company to entertain! Just mayo, turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce sandwiches and your favorite book or TV show! Add a warm cozy cat on your lap and this is a “thankful day”. :))

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