12/5 Phillies to get Cubs’ pick in Rule 5 Draft

The Cubs did not plan on taking a player in next week’s Rule 5 Draft but have apparently lost that selection because of a grievance filed by the Phillies. In December 2011, the Cubs selected right-hander Lendy Castillo from the Phillies’ organization. Castillo spent most of the 2012 season on the disabled list with a groin injury, and appeared in 13 games for the Cubs. Any player selected in the Rule 5 Draft must stay on a team’s active roster for the entire season. To prevent abuse of the draft, the player selected must be active for at least 90 days. That keeps teams from selecting players and placing them on the disabled list for the majority of the season. Castillo missed 91 days in 2012, and spent all of the 2013 season in the Minor Leagues. The Phillies will have the Cubs’ selection in the Rule 5 Draft as compensation.

— Carrie Muskat


Cry Baby Phillie GM …..the guy is on the hot seat ……enjoy the pick, it will be his last as a GM…….the entire League will FEAR the Cubs one day.

That could hurt, it would be alright if Castillo could find the strike zone. But since being healthy, he has shown no potential. He had a low ERA in the Fall League, but walked more hitters than he had IP.
Thats ok though, if no Rule 5 is chosen this year, thats a player that dont have to stay on the Roster all year. If one is chosen, he will most likely ride the bench.

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Jasper, did you see where the Phils signed Wil Nieves as their back up catcher for approximately the same money as we gave our selection? You asked me several days ago if I had an alternative to Kottaras. The Cubs` brass had to have known Nieves was available when they sought a catcher. Nieves batted .297 in 71 games with the Snakes last season and hit .302 with runners in scoring position, an area where we were pathetic in 2013, as I know you are aware. Over the last two years, Nieves hit .299 in 103 games. I`m suggesting this guy may have been a better choice for us? What is your opinion?

jhosk, I am late. However, Doug answered your question (below) much better than I could have. I have a love and knowledge of the game and enjoy looking at STATS. Mostly Cub signs and prospects .
Doug has much more knowledge on all clubs and their prospects than I do. Maybe we should start calling him EF Hutton. lol

I intended to add I do not know anything about Nieves` ability to play defense. If he is weak in that area, that is reason enough to bypass him.

Yes, Nieves hit well last year, but Kottaras’ OBP was actually better than Nieves’ OBP. Cubs management wants to find guys who can take a walk and work deep counts, and based on the OBP I’d say Kottaras fits that description, while Nieves seems to be more of a free-swinger. And if you look at their career slash lines, Nieves is .242/.283/.314 while Kottaras is .214/.324/.406. Lastly, Kottaras is 30 years old while Nieves is 36, so I’d say based on age that Kottaras has a better chance of making it to the end of the season than Nieves. So I’d still rather have Kottaras as the backup. But thank you for actually throwing out a name of someone. It’s fun to compare and contrast and adds more substance to the debate.

Very informative post Doug and thanking Jhosk for throwing out a name was more than cool.
The more people that come in here and actually discuss Baseball and the Cubs will make us all more knowledgeable and aware of what is really going on. Leading to much better conversations.
Your input is always appreciated, by me anyway.

That difference in ages you cite is significant. I overlooked that at first blush. I so want Kottaras to excel.

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