12/6 Laura Ricketts nominated

President Barack Obama announced plans to nominate Laura Ricketts to the board of trustees of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Ricketts has been a key fundraiser for Obama. The announcement was made in Washington, and comes as the center prepares for its annual honors gala Sunday, when five artists will be celebrated for contributions to American culture through the performing arts. Ricketts is chairman of the board of Chicago Cubs Charities and a member of the Democratic National Committee’s executive board.


Congrats to Laura Ricketts. A very nice honor!

Is interesting how the Ricketts family is divided politically. Joe is a conservative and has openly worked to defeat Obama, while his only daughter, Laura, has raised money in behalf of the president.

Yes, jhosk, it is interesting and must lead to many “vibrant” dinner conversations! :)) Just as we Cubs fans have our “heated” debates? Hope you are staying warm and safe in this terrible storm across the country! We are FREEZING in Oregon!!

I did read about the cold temps in Oregon, White. We had been enjoying milld temps here for past several days, but that is going to change drastically this weekend.

Time to do some campaigning for the cubs.Tired of supporting these poor quality atheletes!!

That may be your opinion but I think our athletes are just great and will continue to hone their skills to compete with any and all others! “Poor Quality” ? – my foot!

If they start campaigning for athletes the same way, they will finish last the rest of the Century. I much prefer Joe Ricketts opinion on that.

With the GM meeting this week in FL, who on the Cubs roster do you all feel may be traded? Of course there is Samardizja, Russell? Barney? Vitters or Jackson could use a change scenery? Villanueva with Sveum gone? Schierholtz?

Any guesses or opinions?

I wish they would leave politics out of it completely (regardless of what their ideology is) and bring in folks with a love and passion for the game and for our Cubbies.

That strikes myself as an awfully narrow view, sir. Laura sounds like a Renaissance woman, and I for one, applaud that.

Thats where john g is correct in my opinion jhosk. I see no room for politics, you see her as a Renaissance woman, I wont even put on here what I see her as.

I hear you, Jasper. Cubs` fans are all over the map when it comes to expressing opinions, and that`s a good thing.

I applaud you jhosk for your broad view of life. While others may not appreciate what I am going to tell you I think you may enjoy it. During the “Kennedy Era” Douglas Dillan, Secretary of the Treasury under Kennedy was often one of our dinner guests. At one dinner my 3 yr. old daughter asked Douglas if he would like another piece of Maine blueberry pie. He said yes so she scurried off to get it for him and ran back to the table and promptly dumped the entire piece on his lap. I would guess that she may be the only lady ever to have dumped pie on a Secretary of the Treasury! I will add that Douglas was kind and truly a gentleman through the whole episode! I am glad that Laura Ricketts will enjoy representing the Kennedy era.

I once had Abraham Lincolns great, great, great niece over for supper, she was not very pretty and had a moustache like Abe, but I let her eat at the table anyway.

Didn’t expect you to enjoy my relating a story of my past, Jasper. It was directed at jhosk who knows Maine and probably is familiar with Isleboro where the Dillans and my family spent our summers. Since this site was about the Kennedy Center this was about a happening in that era.

Yep memories, I remember Abes great great great niece getting beef juice in her moustache. Instead of using a napkin, she kept snorting like a bull.
I never seen anyone snort beef juice before, at least she went green saving a napkin or two.

White, first and foremost I pray God’s blessings for you. Do you not find it strange that “non-baseball”, somewhat dismissive remarks are chided at times but at other times they seem to be perfectly acceptable…by those that do the chiding? Rather hypocritical if not immature? I may not be commenting as often as before…things happen… That was a nice, pleasant story you related, thanks for sharing.I hope you have a blessed Christmas White.

Joey, I have been wondering where you have been. – I hope you are okay!! I also hope that you will continue to post as often as you can as you are one of the kindest, politest persons to debate Cub’s happenings with and you have become a friend along the way. God bless you everyday and have a very Happy Christmas! Again, please be in contact as often as you can!

Dillons not Dillans.

Good morning, White. I did not see your comment until just now. I actually recall Mr. Dillon being a member of JFK`s cabinet. I`m assuming Isleboro is part of Squirrel Island or very nearby. Thanks for relating that anecdote and I admire the way the Secretary reacted. Hope the temps have moderated in Oregon.

Hello jhosk. Hope you are doing okay back there – we are having record breaking cold, etc. Shirley Purrl is being my heating pad! :)) Stay safe! The Kennedy Era truly brings back many good memories doesn’t it.

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