12/6 Samardzija update

The Cubs are still hoping to lock up Jeff Samardzija to a long-term contract. You’ll hear Samardzija’s name mentioned a lot next week during the Winter Meetings as teams seeking a starting pitcher try to pry the right-hander away from the Cubs. Where does the team stand in talks with Samardzija?

“I’m not going to provide a running play by play,” Theo Epstein said Thursday. “It’s in the same place it’s been. There’s mutual interest [to get something done]. The situation sometimes makes things tough.”

Samardzija has made it clear he wants to stay with the Cubs, but is under team control for two more seasons and will be a free agent after 2015. Considering the salaries starting pitchers are getting these days, he may decide to wait. He’s coming off his first 200-inning, 200-strikeout season.

— Carrie Muskat


Long term deals are for sucker GM’s. Particularly for pitchers. Let’s see what JS does in 2014 before we bring out wheel barrels full of cash. After all, what is the purpose of having minor league teams if you’re organization isn’t going to be developing players to fill the void, no matter how it develops?

I think the Minor League teams will fill the void starting 2015, maybe the end of 2014.

I am hoping they trade Samardizja while the value is high. If Samarizja wanted to be and stay a Cub, he would have signed an extension. If he wants to wait, gamble that he will be effective for two more years without injury, so he can be greedy and get as much money as possible. Let him get it somewhere else.

I agree he wants to max. out his value, but he should deal now. If he got five years at 50 mil., with a club opt. for a sixth year at 15 mil.. That gives him aprx. a 50% raise for the next two years plus guaranteed money. He then becomes a free agent at 34 years old, and can get crazy money on his last contract. Not to mention if he does pan out as a #1 the Cubs would most likely pay to keep him. If he fails as a starter then his stuff still works in a set up role, or as a closer. Hey Jeff ask other vets how fast life can change. If you like Chicago, you should think about it.

Nice post Doug/IA. Its nice to see someone agree once in awhile. lol

As we opined in the past, our best option is to trade Jeff while he still has some value. Bottom line: he`s a pedestrian hurler who is not likely to improve all that much going forward.

Agree jhosk, but if he is traded for prospects, which is fine by me. There will be a fan uproar about not getting Major League talent in return.
Management has to walk that tight line on popular players. Remember the uproar on the Campana trade? Colvin and DJ trade/gamble?

Yeah I would trade him if we could get a “couple” of top five prospects plus a lower level prospect, if not I’d set on him until the deadline. It is all a shot in the dark. But “if” I were him, I’d take a good look at long term now. I know the numbers I tossed out there may be off, just trying to give an example. Tomorrow is never

Just read a report that the Cubs offer to Samardizja was 55 Million for 5 years. Thats not Cano money, but if you like where your at & want to stay there??

55 Million is enough to last you & your Children the rest of their lives. lol

Yes, Jasper, I agree that is a generous offer and believe JS would be foolish not to accept it. Did you see where the Mets signed or are about to sign Curtis Granderson? I love his game, and had visions of the Cubs pursuing him. I know it is not realistic, as we are committed to youth and will not be contenders in 2014, but Grandy has a great attitude and hits homers in bunches. He`s a keeper.

I do like Granderson, I believe he is a good person. read some articles about him. However, I think your right, to much for the Cubs right now. Besides Soler & Almora, there might be a couple OF’s in the system that sneak on the 40 man roster and do very well.
There is Szczur and Ha, we have all read about them. But what about Wright, Andreoli, Silva, those guys put up some impressive numbers at AAA & AA.
Class A, has a young man at Boise named Kevin Encarnacion, 22 y/o, hit .355 with a OBP of .431. Little Speed and power. Hopefully he continues to progress.

Cubs should be embarrassed! You can’t win with all rookies! Their philosophy should be all three parts. 1) Develope young talent (going good), 2) trade chips for proven players ( not all young guys will work out) example traded young guys for Derrick lee and ARam. Third bring in proven veterans to help Develope youngsters. CUBS —booooooooooooooo

Maybe change your 60 watt bulb and replace it with a 100 Watt bulb.

If JS turned down 5/55 then be gone. That was too much to offer to start with.

I’m quite concerned coming off a winter in which TheoJed signed Edwin Jackson to a 5 year deal,when no one else offered more than one year. And now they’re interested in Joba and Axford. My goodness NO!!! Joba often injured (250 lbs) and four of last five years ERA well over 4.00. No thanks. As a wisconsin resident I’m too familiar with the disaster that is Axford. Sure the Cards sprinkled their magic dust on him for a short time. But he’ll be 31 by season start, has 15 blown saves and allowed 20 HRs in last two years!! Not interested. Any group of young guys can match those bad #s. is this a rebuilding/youth project or not??? If not then they should be going after guys like McCann and Cano.

I would not be excited to see either Joba or Axford signed. I have not seen these rumors.
Either one would be a complete waste in my opinion.

I surely agree we do not need either of those two pitchers cited here.


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