12/9 Hollandsworth waits for word

Todd Hollandsworth doesn’t know yet about whether or not he will get the WGN Radio analyst job to do Cubs broadcasts but he is keeping busy. Hollandsworth hosts a show called “First Pitch” on MLB Radio from 6-9 a.m. five days a week, and has been doing so for two years. He has moved his show to Lake Buena Vista, Fla., at the Winter Meetings hotel, so you can tune in. Hollandsworth, 40, who played for the Cubs from 2004-05 and also does Cubs pre and post game shows on Comcast SportsNet Chicago, is believed to be one of two finalists to partner with Pat Hughes. The other finalist is Ron Coomer, 47, who played for the Cubs in 2001.

— Carrie Muskat


I really hope we don’t flub this one up. Holly is the one to hire because he is an actual Cubs fan. I don’t think it’s wise to hire “outside” people to come in and be in a role of analyst/Cubs fan when they really weren’t a fan (example: Jim DeShaies- great guy, but Cubs fan? Doesn’t talk like one. He always says “Cubs” in the third person). It’s ESSENTIAL that they are an actual fan. And Holly knows his stuff (although he can talk a little too fast with a tad too much ego). He would be great for the job though.

I disagree 100%. I would much rather listen to a professional broadcast where the announcers know what’s going on and can communicate it clearly (that’s especially important with the radio broadcast). Sure, they can get enthusiastic when the Cubs do well, but they don’t need to be cheerleading morons. Nor should they whine and pout at every call that goes against the Cubs. If I wanted to listen to that, I would watch nothing but White Sox games.

True. That’s why Hollandsworth would be a great guy. He seems knowledgeable and he’s a fan (plus, we see him consistently- he’s like one of the Cubs family). Covers both.

I stand corrected. I didn’t do my research. He played here. Good hire. Welcome Ronnie (part 2)!

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