12/12 Cubs get Ruggiano

The Cubs Thursday swapped outfielders with the Marlins, sending Brian Bogusevic to Miami for right-handed hitting Justin Ruggiano.

The Cubs needed another right-handed hitting outfielder to platoon with Nate Schierholtz and Ryan Sweeney. Ruggiano, 31, has a .281 batting average over the last two seasons against left-handed pitching.

The newest Cub has spent all or part of five Major League seasons with Tampa Bay (2007-08, 2011) and Miami (2012-13), batting .251 with 49 doubles, 37 home runs and 109 RBIs in 317 games.

Bogusevic, who turns 30 in February, batted .273 with six home runs and 16 RBIs in 47 games with the Cubs last year. He signed a Minor League contract with the Cubs prior to the 2013 campaign.

— Carrie Muskat


A little more power than Bogusevic and gives the Cubs better righty-lefty balance. Not a big move, but I think it’s a slight improvement.

I am wondering where Ty Wright and Cole Gillespie will fit into this puzzle. Gillespie showed great defensive prowess at Wrigley last summer.

I don’t think either are with the organization anymore. Neither one is listed on the AAA roster. Gillespie’s defense aside, I don’t think he will be missed. If they want outfield defense, Franklin Gutierrez is a free agent. They could sign him as a platoon for Sweeney just like Ruggiano will be for Schierholtz.

Just talked with my granddaughter, Barney’s wife. She says Ty Wright is a free agent and Cole Gillespie was picked up by the Mariners. Puzzle solved. :))

It would be better for the Cubs if Vitters had a great spring, and became that fifth outfielder. If he has a little success he would make a nice add on in a trade. Same with Jackson, otherwise these guys are headed for the rule 5 draft or being released.

The Rule 5 already took place. As it stands right now, I see Vitters as the 5th outfielder, but who knows if that will last to Opening Day. Non-roster invitees like Darnell McDonald or Casper Wells could take that spot with a good Spring Training. Also, there is still two months to go in the offseason, so who knows what moves can be made between now and then. And if Vitters or Jackson still have options left, they’ll probably be sent down to AAA to wait until they’re needed. If not, then I’m guessing they’ll either be traded or released.

If anyone believes these two (Hoyer/Epstein) have a divine plan you’re just stupid. The only plan these two have is to go cheap with bottom feeders as instructed by ownership…just following the company line; Period! Let’s wake up here.

Since you’re just copying and pasting in every post, here’s me doing it too: No one ever said it is a divine plan. But it is a plan and so far everything is going according to plan. Again, if the key minor leaguers were sucking, I’d be on board with you. But they’re not, so chill the frack out! And I seriously doubt that the Ricketts are telling Theo and Co. not to sign big name players. I mean, why would they bring in Theo and pay him $10 million himself just to not make any moves? If the Ricketts were going on the cheap, you’d think they could find someone to run the team for a lot less money! That’s how I see it and I am wide awake! Maybe you are the one who really needs to wake up, or at least stop living in your fantasy land or conspiracies and of Ryne Sandberg being a good Major League manager?

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