12/21 Starlin Castro

Starlin Castro is fighting to prevent millions of his money from being seized from his bank accounts. According to a Chicago Tribune report, Castro’s father allegedly signed a contract promising 3 percent of the shortstop’s big league earnings to go to a baseball academy in the Dominican Republic. When Castro signed the $60 million contract in 2012, the academy said he owed it $1.8 million. Dominican law states that twice the amount can be frozen while the matter is resolved. Castro’s lawyers are fighting the claim, and asking for $5 million in damages. They say the academy did not have the right to a percentage of Castro’s extension. He was 16 when the agreement was reached. Castro’s attorneys also argue that the shortstop’s father did not have the right to sign away his earnings past age 18.


Castro can’t seem to catch a break it seems. Last year it was a lawsuit, this year another one. It looks like his “attention” will be on personal problems again, rather than being focused on his game. I hope this can be settled before Spring Training! Renteria already has his work cut out on keeping Starlin’s attention. Can Castro even leave the Dominican if there is a lawsuit pending?

Focus and Castro shouldn’t be used in the same sentence.

Right on White. It would seem to me that a major league organization that is going to pay an individual that amount of money for expected services would want some reassurances that the individual in question is “solid” in his financial set up and other monetary arrangements. Otherwise, you might as well throw the money from the centerfield bleachers and/or develop a very high class farm system. What does MLB have to do now? Make contracts with governments to protect there investments? It looks that way.

Cannot use US Law in a D.R. court.

At the end, the D.R. judge will take a bribe and rule in favor of Castro.

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lets just step back and realize that castro was like what 15 when this agreement was made…. this is not his fault… it is the individuals fault who a KID trusted. When you go from the slums to the multi multi millionaire there are going to be the sucker fish trying to latch on. This is no different. Don’t bash a kid for not knowing better.

NOBODY IS BASHING CASTRO! Step back and re-read the comments. No bashing there.

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