12/28 Winter ball update

Luis Valbuena hit his fourth home run but it wasn’t enough as Lara lost to Caribes, 6-5, because of a walk-off two-run homer by Jackson Melian on Friday. Valbuena, who connected on a two-run home run with one out in the first, is batting .303 this winter.

* Carlos Marmol, a free agent, pitched for Licey, and picked up a hold, giving up one hit in two-thirds of an inning.


Valbuena, Olt, Murphy, Watkins…..all the infield backups should supply Renteria with bench strength for 2014.

Time to move on with no more Carlos Marmol updates.

Right on! Just the mention of Marmol makes me run for my heart meds! :))

I surely agree with White that we are properly blessed to be shed of Marmol. I`ve been telling you all for more than two years he was flawed. Want to pay tribute to Paul Blair who passed this week. Was never a Cub, but was a tremendous defensive centerfielder whom I admired to the max. Graceful is the adjective one finds most appropriate to apply to the man. Won eight gold gloves and based on a range factor—defined as putouts plus assists per nine innings, Blair was, over the course of his career, superior as a centerfielder to both Willie Mays and Ken Griffey Jr. One of his managers, Earl Weaver, once said of Blair, “He never made a great catch, because he didn`t have to; he was always standing under the ball when it came down.”

One more thing about Blair, in the third game of the 1969 World Series, with two outs and the bases loaded in the seventh inning, Tommy Agee, Mets centerfielder, raced into right center, dived and robbed Blair of what seemed like a sure extra base hit, forestalling an Oriole rally. {Blair later would said he would have made that catch without leaving his feet.} The Mets won that Series in five games, by the way; and do I remind anyone that Cubs fans legitimately expected our team to be a participant, considering we had a 10 game lead on the rest of the league in early August of that season? Just saying!

Good Morning, jhosk. I just read your inspirational remembrance of Paul Blair! I didn’t know much about him so I Googled him and can see what an amazing OF he was. But what also impressed me was his relationship with his teammates and their warm feelings for him. He is said to have had an infectious laugh!! Thank you for bringing his fine career to our attention.

Yes, White, Jim Palmer, the Hall of Fame pitcher who was a teammate of Blair, claims he would have not won the Cy Young awards or even be in the Hall had it not been for Paul. Was a joy to watch him patrol centerfield.

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Pingback sure brings a lot of negativity to the board. He also points out Carries recent update on Valbuena, stating position check? I think everyone knows, who has been reading; that Valbuena has been at 2B all winter, should Carries state that every update?
Or is Mr. Pingback trying to make himself look good and Carrie bad? If he is being a jerk, how is he allowed to post his negative BS in here?
Baker was signed coming back from TJ, but Feldman was signed coming off an injury and so was Maholm? Any mention of that MR Pingback?
When Epstein/Hoyer took over, there was no 3rd Baseman. Stewart was a reasonable gamble that did not go well. What does MR Pingback or any Cub fan not understand? GAMBLE, there was no one else at a reasonable salary.
Maybe MR Pingback is not feeling well or stopped up from to much Holiday Stuffing, but a good writer is not critical of others, nor are they negative.

No worries Jasper re: Pingback comments and Valbuena. I should never assume that people read every post. Yes, Valbuena played 2B in Venezuela. I have a feeling he’s done playing this winter, and now will prep for 2014.

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