12/31 Happy new year

The 2013 season was very active, not only for the Cubs in trades but in traffic on this blog. According to WordPress stats geeks, this blog was viewed about 1 million times in 2013. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 43 days for that many people to see it. In 2012, there were 870,000 views.

* The busiest day of the year was July 2 with 7,416 views. The July 2 “Scouting Report” post was most popular that day. The posts that got the most views:

Nov. 22: Cubs name coaching staff
Feb. 10: Check your scorecard
Jan. 2: Schierholtz the man in RF
July 25: Soriano says goodbye
Feb. 17: Garza exits session

* There were visitors from 149 countries total (146 countries in 2012, so welcome to the new folks). Looks like I need to reach out to folks in Mongolia, Egypt and Portugal.

Canada: 6,088
Mexico: 1,455
Brazil: 684
Venezuela: 507
Bolivia: 27
Chile: 32
Kenya: 236
Nigeria: 2
Libya: 1
Egypt: 7
Saudi Arabia: 41
France: 412
Spain: 455
Italy: 270
Germany: 1,028
Belarus: 3
Russia: 228
Sweden: 184
China: 26
Mongolia: 1
India: 125
Thailand: 156
Cambodia: 6
Indonesia: 27
Japan: 2,662
Australia: 575
New Zealand: 1,415
United Kingdom: 4,484
Senegal: 5
Portugal: 6

*And, for the first time, joeydafish was not the top commenter for the year. The five most active commenters:

White (1181 comments)
joeydafish (1008)
jasper (906)
petrey10 (709)
jhosk (635)

Thank you to everyone. Let’s hope there’s plenty of good things to post about the Cubs in 2014. Happy new year.

— Carrie Muskat


I am hoping joeydafish will get back here real soon! Also Isabel! 2014 looks like a year to promote tons of debate and I hope many more will be on board! Eamus Catuli

I think I know your Mongolian visitors. We have friends serving as missionaries there, and they are huge Cubs fans.

That is great Mat. Are they able to view or listen to the games over there? Hope so!
Happy New Year!

Okay, new Mesa ballpark is mostly ready. Supposed to get to 71 degrees today. I’ve got Arizona ready for the new year. So, Cubs, let’s have a great 2014 season, starting here in February! Carrie, thanks for the blog and you have a great season too!

Happy New Year! I hope yo br back soon also! haha

Sorry I ment: “I hope to be back soon also!”

Well you just better be ready for our Barney fan contest, Isabel! Carrie never did say who won this year’s “fist-ti-cuffs”! But I think it was me! :))

Now there is a contest I have no intention of entering. lol #1 Barney fan, I bet you used to watch the Micky Mouse club?

1. Yes me and my kids watched the Mickey Mouse Club!
2. Barney is my granddaughter’s husband.
3. Barney and my granddaughter have blessed me with 2 beautiful great-grand children.
4. Barney plays a great defense and WILL being coming back STRONG offensively!
5. Barney is a class act and gentleman both on and off the field.
6. Since we have had this discussion many times already let’s just agree to disagree and move on.
7. New Year’s Resolution – keep it polite and tasteful in all debates.
8. Happy New Year to all!

Haha it’s cute that you think you’re Barney’s #1 fan White but Im sorry to inform you that you’re not. Haha🙂 Even though I have been on here I don’t stop my love for him. I have loved him since Triple A and his years in Oregon up to his first major league hit which was a double. I know everything there is to now about him. You cannot test me on this with me failing it haha🙂

And that is why I am #1 Barney fan.

I dont want to move on. Barney may come back, I hope he does. But, A platoon system may work better, at least I hope Renteria considers that.
I really dont care whose grandson he is!

From everything I have read about Renteria he WILL be interested in whose grandson Barney is! He has already made it clear that he is interested in each player both on and off the field. Not only will he be watching tape after tape of their “on field” production but he will learn to know them as family men, sons, husbands, fathers. He will learn of any distractions or worries they may have in their off-field lives in order to help them manage being MLB athletes. I think he will be a successful manager because he sees these players as human beings not just robots running out on the field every day.

Any Manager that dont learn those things of the players under him, is no leader. You have to know about personal problems and assist if possible. However, that does not mean getting to know their extended family or that of their wife, thats just stupid.

I think getting to know their extended families means knowing about personal problems such as – is a mother or father or wife ill, etc. By knowing the players families Renteria will know when and how to help. Not stupid in my opinion – just being a competent and attentive manager.

Shall we add 4th & 5th cousins? Great Aunts and Uncles? How about their wifes great aunts on the mothers side?
Fact is, everyone gets old and dies. If you cant handle it or dont dont understand the circle of life and everyones time comes, your too damn sensitive and may end up hitting .208.

Actually I really agree with you White, it has been proven that sometimes all people need is to feel a nice hug from their family members and all of a sudden they start to work/play better. And it does take a good manager to know about them personally. Like the movie “Trouble With a Curve”. They flew out a baseball player to his family because he was in a slump. When he came back he started to hit even better!

P.S. White, that’s Barney’s favorite movie. He said so in an interview. 💕 😉

Since we are getting ridiculous here why not add pets to our list. – dogs, cats, gerbils, rabbits. …… the life and death of a pet – such trauma!

Its all about you white, your the one bringing up stupidity. Is this your only source for attention?

Illegitimi non carborundum.



Okay, Isabel! Here is a Barney question for you. What did Barney have for Christmas dinner? I know. Do you? Haha :))

Isabel,what did D.B do on his last at bat? Does that help you White. Happy New Years!

WOW! Good one KenlyCub! I sure don’t know so I hope you stumped Isabel too! I hope the New Year is a very good one for you!

That’s not fair White, that’s about his personal life haha. And KenlyCub I am sorry but I do not remember. But I do know that he ended his season with .208 for his batting average and that was a huge improvement from after the All Star break. His batting average after the All Star break was .188.

And in 2012 was obviously the year he won the Gold Glove but also had 7 homeruns, 44 RBIs, and got to second base 26 times.
In 2013 he had 7 homeruns, 41 RBIs, and got to second base 25 times.

You are totally right Isabel! :)) Not fair. – but I just love teasing you! :)) You are such a good sport and a very nice person. And Barney had salmon for Christmas dinner. :))

Haha thank you! :))

What did you feed Kennedys cabinet for lunch after you entertained them white?

Well here is Jasper again. The ONLY Cabinet Member who was a friend was Douglas Dillon BECAUSE we all summered on the same island in Maine. Now why don’t you tell me something about yourself. This is NOT all about me! AND can you remember what you had for dinner one month ago? :))

P.S. Jasper, were you a baseball player?

No I wasnt White, but if I was a Baseball player, I know I would have hit over .208. Any other questions fire away, if you have time, I know you have lots of men friends chasing you around.
One month ago today? Thursday DEC 5th? I cooked supper that night, it was steamed Polska sausage, with steamed taters and carrots. Washinton Merlot was srved with dinner, 14 Hands I think.

Sounds like a delicious meal! Yup – I am so lucky to have a wonderful loving husband who is my strength and support as I struggle with MS. Don’t need any boyfriends when I have the best of the best. Do you think you would have been a Gold Glover if you had played baseball? Do you think the new hitting coach will succeed in bringing everyone’s averages up?

Nope I would not have been a gold glover, but I would not have made more than the norm in errors. I also would not have had the lowest OBP of all others at my position. .270 something OBP is as bad as it gets for a regular.
I am sure 1 hitting coach, at least 1 main hitting coach will be better than three. Rowson, Deer and Sveum. They are there to assist, not direct.
Anything else?

I’m from New York and a lifelong Mets fan so I know what it’s like to be a long-suffering fan. Being that the Cubs haven’t won a World Series since 1908, I have an over-the-top suggestion that just may work: We have to go back to the Cubs glory years of the 1880’s and the Cubs best player of all time: Adrian C. Anson. As player-manager, he won five championships between 1880 and 1886. With that being said, here’s my idea: Prior to each season, dig up Cap Anson’s remains from his final resting place and bring the casket to the Cubs locker room. Place the coffin on the locker room table. At the beginning of each Cubs home game have a few players bring the coffin with Anson’s remains and place it on the dugout bench. Open the coffin so that today’s players can see true greatness and keep it open until the game is over. Then bring the coffin back to the locker room table. Repeat this process for every home game until the season is over (including the playoffs as necessary). Repeat the process evey year until the Cubs win the World Series.

World Series.

Then Ansn’s body can be permanently buried…

Are you still celebrating the New Year or are you just plain friggin’ crazy? In my opinion that is just too sick to be even a bit funny! :(((

Maybe each player that arrives on the ML 25 roster should also be able to recite the poem, Tinker to Evers to Chance. Upon viewing Ansons coffin and reciting the poem, it will give them a feeling of acceptance and be able to perform at a championship level.
Also, even the players that dont speak english, must recite that poem in english or go back to AAA.

It is also VERY disrespectful to Anson’s family!

Yes it’s a novel concept but it was supposed to be a joke, albeit a very twisted one. I guess not everyone thinks its funny. However I mean absolute no disrespect for the great Cap Anson or his decendants. But then again, nothing else has worked for the past 106 years. I have nothing but total respect for Anson and his decendants. Growing up, when everyone was a fan of Mantle, Mays, Aaron, Clemente, Koufax, etc. I was a huge fan of 19th century baseball (I still am) and Anson (racism not withstanding) was actually my favorite player of all time (and still is). In fact I am reading his biography as I write this. I just wanted today’s Cubs polayers to become acquainted with true greatness.

I took it as a joke. White is always very serious.
Mitchell, it was a reasonable mistake and you are forgiven by me at least, for trying to bring humor to a board that has not had alot to talk about of late.

Thank you for replying, Mitchell. I appreciate that you thought of it as a joke and that you understand that some might be put-off by it. I can also see that you are an avid baseball fan and that you appreciate great players such as Anson. AND that you really really want to see the Cubs succeed! Maybe you can think of another way to goad them to HUGE wins! :)) :)). And, by the way, I am NOT always “serious” as some may think. Only when someone is being disrespected do I “put-on-the-gloves”! Peace and have a good day!

This board could not do without White and her teaching of respect. Not only that, but she is our only source on what Darwin Barney had for Christmas dinner. LMBO.

I’m glad you realize that my “suggestion” was merely an over-the-top, snarky joke. Again, I meant no disrespect to anyone. Still, educating today’s players about the greats of the past, especially the long-forgotten 19th century greats, would serve them well.

Wow this was a good one haha. No White you aren’t always serious because you like to tease me a lot😦 as the youngest one here haha. But I am so happy that a Met fan came on this site, haha. Its nice to hear people’s opinions that are not Cubs fans. So thank you Mitchell, it was pretty weird idea ha. But I think pretty soon we’ll win the World Series just by improving our franchise. Give us about 1 or 2 more seasons! 💕 🙆 😘

What other improvments would you make Isabel? Give us a couple examples?

Me? Yes sir! We need to get a better closers. Some that we can rely on. Because as I recall it, last season we didn’t have a stable closer. I remember when their was one game last season and we switched our closer about 5 times in one inning. My dad always told me that defense always comes before offense. I think in order to win games we need to make sure that if we are winning in the 9th, we won’t lose because we don’t have a closer to secure our win. That has been one of our biggest problems. I would also try to work on the hitting. I don’t think we need sluggers but we need to be able to put a score on the board. And another thing is that the franchise needs to really see that their focus isn’t on remodeling their/the park, but trying to go after what they say they want every year, to reach the World Series. I don’t think it involves putting up Hotels by the ball park. That last remark is more my opinion, everyone has their own about the renovation.

I can’t help but think that in addition to improving the roster, an element of other-worldly/paranormal would also help. After all, 105 years and counting could also be the result of bad karma, as well as bad luck and lack of championship talent. I’m not a true believer in the occult, but I can’t totally dismiss it as pure garbage. The Cubs had Fred Merkel’s boner in ’08 when John Evers picked up on Merkle’s failure to touch 2nd base on what should have been the game-winning hit. (Kudos to Jasper on the Tinker to Evers to Chance poem being recited by today’s players-good idea!!). The Mets? There are two such incidents: Bill Buckner in ’86 & the black cat in ’69 (sorry that it was the Cubs who were victimized). Perhaps poster-sized photos of Anson and the Chicago Colts championship teams of 1880, 81, 82, 85 & 86 placed in the clubhouse, locker rooms and dugout walls may be a more reasonable approach than my original “idea”. If Anson’s decendants need to contacted for approval, so be it.

I liked your original idea better Mitchell lehrer. lol Maybe a picture of Mordecai Brown’s hand?

Very interesting, Jasper Jiggs. Despite Brown’s debilitating injury, not only did he have a hall-of-fame career, but he used his disability to his advantage!!! This should serve as an inspiration to today’s overpaid, under-performing players throughout all professional sports. Perhaps our ideas can be presented to the Cub’s front office. Do they have a twisted sense of humor? Thank you, Isabel for reading and commenting on my idea!🙂

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