1/2 Mark your new 2014 calendar

* Do you have tickets yet for the Cubs Convention? This year’s annual fan fest will be Jan. 17-19 at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers, 301 E. North Water Street, Chicago. Call 1-800-325-3535 for more information. Individual weekend passes are $60 per person without a hotel reservation, and are valid for all three days. Passes are $20 if you stay at the hotel.

Among the players scheduled to participate are Darwin Barney, Welington Castillo, Starlin Castro, Edwin Jackson, Anthony Rizzo, James Russell, Jeff Samardzija, Nate Schierholtz, Carlos Villanueva, and Travis Wood. New manager Rick Renteria will introduce his coaching staff, and Cubs alum scheduled to take part include Fergie Jenkins, Derrek Lee, Ted Lilly, Mark Prior, Dwight Smith, Jody Davis, Todd Walker, Billy Williams, Kerry Wood and Ernie Banks.

* On Jan. 16, you can sing along with some of your favorite Cubs players and help a good cause. The David DeJesus Family Foundation and Cubs Charities will present “Strike a Chord” celebrity karaoke event at American Junkie, 15 West Illinois Street, Chicago, on that date. Cubs players, alumni and their wives will sing at the fundraiser, with proceeds to benefit ALS research and support the DeJesus foundation. There are reports Travis Wood will be singing a country song.

There will be karaoke duets, an open bar, live auction and raffle. Tickets are $125 per person ($150 at the door), and $1,000 per table (four tickets plus reserved seating). The karaoke show begins at 8 p.m. CT. There will also be dancing after the event. Cubs Charities will donate half of the proceeds raised to ALS Research and Support in the name of the David DeJesus Family Foundation. Go to Cubs.com/community/strike_a_chord for more information.

* Had enough of the winter weather in Chicago? Pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training at the new facility in Mesa, Ariz., on Feb. 13.

— Carrie Muskat


Weather, weather, weather – let us hope things clear up and warm up before the Convention! Thinking of all you folks back East. Stay warm and safe!

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I just saw the Cubs pick 4th this year. There is an athletic problem in the front office. We do no lose on purpose. Losers, real losers know this by now. I hope money really does save everything on this one. Because if the thought on contact is much different than a model of where to find and make good baseball players, the wrong guys don’t get picked, on the team making the good calls they say they are. The model isn’t hard to follow there. If you’re lucky enough you might have a good kid in your neighborhood that pushes you just far enough to be better and always do the right thing on the field. They’d play ball on that, They are investments elsewhere, and you have your team now. Mr. money, Because you do not write about baseball at chicagocubs.com good contacts men

You have a very real problem with that guy calling games on TV. Ask him about contact. Real contact. He will repeat himself.

win it and feel empty in five years like I would

Why arent there single day tickets available? It is hard to put out a whole weekend.

then think and get back in your dumpster where you go with things

I think Kurt was up early finishing off the egg nog this morning.

Kurt with his egg nog and white with her brownies, both need a friend, I hope they find each other.

You really need a therapist, Jasper. Give it a rest. You are the one who needs a friend. Might take some of the nasties out of you! You are tiresome to the extreme.

White you had stated, you used to entertain John F Kennedy’s cabinet members. What kind of costume did you wear, one piece, two piece or?
Just curious, did you ever run into Joe Dimaggio & Marlyn?

If you can read what your mother taught you, we can talk about her. Until then pick a fight in your own family. You obviously don’t belong elsewhere.

with eggs

Since I am a woman, Jasper, I wore a dress. Also entertained Adlai Stevenson and his son (we had the same tennis instructor), Senator Thomas Dodd (I dated his son Tom, jr. and his son Chris Dodd, later Senator Dodd of CT, had a crush on me). Since we all summered on an island in Maine that should explain our friendships. SO what does this have to do with “the price of eggs”? No I did not know DiMaggio. I don’t know why you are asking. BUT I will say that these friends would never dream of treating a woman with anything but courtesy and polite kindness. Ah, those were the days!

Sounds like they all were after you, must have been a two piece.

LMAO, that was fun White.

Courtesy and polite kindness. Ah, those were the days! A lost art? Guess so.

Will Starlin Castro be allowed to leave Dominican Repuplic with pending lawsuit or has that been settled? Will the horrid weather improve enough for all to fly into Chicago? Will Isabel be able to attend this year? Will or will not Tanaka be a Cub by then? :)) Will Samardj have a haircut? Will Renteria and the new coaching staff be warmly received? Let the Convention begin!! Let the 2014 season begin on a high note of positivity!

That’d all be nice but the players are getting ripped off by an owner who encourages Len Kasper in the booth…but thanks Steve, Thom etc. there was something. I just don’t like what is in charge. He is a new owner, and we threw games. Not good for the World Series last year. Not good for his ownership. Not a Cub.

I am honestly tired of the Castro drama. Couple years ago, some woman blamed him for something. He has trouble concentrating in the field. When he goes to the plate, he has to many voices in his head. Now he has a problem with a contract his dad signed.
Whats next? He is constantly in the spotlight, but in a negative sense. You have to keep him because of the talent, but how long do you put up with this?
There are others that can handle SS until Baez is ready. Management, the team and fans do not need constant Castro Drama.

The Mariners are Tanaka’s favorite choice? When will we know for sure?

I am praying for all of you back there! This is the coldest and worst spell in years! Stay inside, stay warm, stay safe! HOW will the folks in Green Bay fare at tomorrow’s game? Free cocoa and free coffee doesn’t begin to cover it!

I thought you wanted to get back to baseball?

Be careful! There may be snowflakes the size of baseballs tomorrow folks! Better? :))

Very nice White, Adlai Stevenson would be proud.

In case, enough wont be said, check out the men who play ball. And check Your permanent record. Who wants Wrigley I can’t even find their damn gum on the shelf at the store.

Stop owning now, treat it like you don’t. This was about the time you were supposed to let the Cubs go anyway. Take away and let em go. Just name an honorary manager

I miss Ron Cey

but who trade Steve Garvey to the Padres, C’mon

And another Cub’s fan hits the dust?? Get out the smelling salts!

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