1/6 Winter ball update

Jonathan Mota had two hits, scored two runs and drove in two runs in Ponce’s 6-1 victory over Caguas to improve to 2-1 in the playoffs in Puerto Rico. Mota, 26, batted .276 last season at Double-A Tennessee.


Carrie, I really dont know alot about your job, or how often you are able to speak to management to ask questions. Or pass readers questions along. Understanding it really is none of my business, however if not you, how do we get answers to prospect questions?
One I would love to know, is the status of Alberto Cabrera? His stats in 18 starts at Tennesee were very impressive. Then promoted to AAA, he was used in relief and was awful. Does management plan to use Cabrera in relief or as a starter in ST.
Daniel Canela was signed as a FA out of the Independent League on OCT 2nd 2013. Canela was a HS Draft Pick of the Detroit Tigers in 2009, however chose to go to school. I would like to know more about this guy, as he tore that league up last year, plus he was once a Draft Pick.
I also understand with as many signings Management has been doing, there is no way you can keep up with all. Especially Minor League FA’s.

I’ll try to answer. Cabrera is projected more as a reliever. He did pitch in the Dominican league this winter in relief, and gave up six runs on nine hits and two walks over six innings. He most likely started at Tenn to let him work on pitches, build up arm strength if a starter was needed. I don’t have any info on Canela but will get a chance to talk to player development people next week, and will ask then.

Just a fan opinion and not privy to the behind the scenes discussions and decisions, but: It seems Cabrerra is much more effective as a starter.
Look forward to hearing any info on Canela. Thank you Carrie.

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