1/7 Hall of Fame

On Wednesday, the Hall of Fame will release the voting results of the Baseball Writers Association of America and we’ll find out who gets into Cooperstown. The results will be announced at 1 p.m. CT on MLB Network, and simulcast on MLB.com. The ballot features 36 players, including 19 new candidates. A player needs 75 percent of all ballots cast to be enshrined. Induction ceremonies will be July 27.

This year, I voted for eight players. Let the discussion begin. My ballot, in alphabetical order:

Craig Biggio
Barry Bonds
Roger Clemens
Tom Glavine
Greg Maddux
Tim Raines
Frank Thomas
Alan Trammell

Maddux, Glavine and Thomas are on the ballot for the first time, and were no brainers for me. The others are holdovers, and I know people won’t agree with Bonds and Clemens. Everyone in baseball ignored the PED issue for a long time. Even if you deduct a percentage of Bond’s statistics, he’s still one of the best hitters of all time. Clemens most likely did things he regrets, yet you didn’t want to miss his starts. It seems hypocritical to ignore the PED issue then, and punish those two players now.

It’s a privilege to be elected into the Hall of Fame — and to be able to vote for the players. We’ll find out who gets in on Wednesday.

— Carrie Muskat


Its your vote, you can do with it as you please.
Myself, there is only three that would get a vote from me, then again, I dont have a vote. lol

Who would you vote for, Jasper?

Maddux, Thomas and Biggio.

I would not vote for Clemens or Bonds, both great players. In my mind, the HOF is not only for the best of the best playing the game. But examples to our youth on how to play the game and be good neighbors, citizens and people.

Glavine will eventually go in, he was a very good pitcher, a smart pitcher. He used the umpires with his control on the outside of the plate. My thoughts on Glavine was, he was more smart than great.

Raines all around good Baseball player, Great? Not in my opinion. Trammell may go in one day because of the position he played. Example would be Yount.

I love your stance on PEDS. When Sosa and McGwire brought fans back to the game with an epic HR chance, not a soul was asking how they got so big.

Kids need to be shown all of the examples, not just the good ones. Baseball looked the other way and let these guys bring fans back. Both sides need to be held up as what not to do, how not to live your life. The world is full of bad things and pretending they never happened, or don’t exist, is not the way to each kids about life. These guys are all a huge part of Baseball History, and need to be included as people who made poor choices. And Baseball needs to stand up and be counted as well.

Respectfully Doug/IA, just a difference of opinion. I would have to give Pete Rose as an example.
How can you have a HOF and the all time hits leader not be inducted? Using youth, I would rather teach my children and grandchildren how to play 7 card stud, than teach them to use drugs that make your head blow up like a baloon.
Then we go back too, you dont gamble on your own team. Then did players encourage their teammates to take steroids.
It really dont matter, all in ones opinion. I stop at, if the all time hits leader is not in the HOF, is the HOF really for the best of the best?
If not, just the great players who provided a great example. I’m done.

I agree on Rose, and always have. Again with the entire story told openly as part of his corner of the hall.

You should put Shoeless Joe in that same category.

People want to take the moral high road in regard to PEDS. I do not condone PEDS now or as a high school & college athelete during my playing days. The Hall pf Fame is to recognize the best atheletes while active. Professional sports are not and will not be a good role model for kids. Encourage kids to work hard, do what is good and hold onto learned principles. Community and parents raise children!

Carrie, I would have voted for everyone you voted for.

Ernie Banks is in my opinion the epitome of everything a Hall of Famer should be!


I always enjoy your insights. Could not disagree more strongly on Bonds and Clemens. Building impressive numbers by cheating is not the same as building impressive numbers through hard work, athleticism and fair play.

Rose is a different story, as others have pointed out. He was not likable, but neither was Ty Cobb. He never bet against his team and did all he could – legally – to win.

I wonder if Mark Mulder or Freddy Garcia would agree with your vote. Or Frank Thomas. Or all the other legitamite & by the rules players that were passed over for the Cy Youngs & MVP’s that Clemens & Bonds won. Although I can see votes for Barry, as he was HOF material before his big head. Still waiting for Giambi to give his MVP to the big hurt. It’s rightful owner.

Barry Bonds is a lying drug cheat, I hope he never gets into the Hall of Fame, unless he goes to the ticket office, and pays for an admission ticket.


Agree with some comments here.Barry Bonds did not have to cheat,he did. Roger Clemens did not have to cheat,he did. The line is particular drawn between individuals,if i had a vote it would be no. Do we do injustice to the HOFers already enshrined. Are the PED users more entitiled to the hall than RON SANTO should have been! I think not And what about Pete Rose..

there bunbs and do not even deserve a ticket to get in the hall of fame

Maddux is deserving of receiving 100% of votes. I do not believe that has ever happened in past, and if that is indeed the case, he is worthy of being the first. Rose had a great shot at being the first until his off-the-field shenanigans wrecked his chances.

Maddux never played for the Yankees or Mets, so therefore I bet there will be Naw Yawk sports writers who vote who won’t vote for him.

your a typical stupid women sports writer barry bonds and roger clements and leave lee smith off can not wait till your are fired or retire

Carrie, you are an excellent and dedicated sports writer and this seems to be a good time to thank you again for all the hard work you do for Cub’s fans! Hope you are with us for a long, long time! Look forward to your posts every single day! :))

The first and most likely only time I will ever agree with you White. fredrich herdt jr ( I hate to think there are two of you ) what is the purpose of your comments? Do you have a purpose? Your rant sounds like you just come off your corner, with a wet card board sign and nothing to show for your time.
Just because your cold, hungry and need to have someone print you a new sign, is no reason to take it out on someone else. Get back in your box, warm up, think about it and try again when you find a change of socks.

Hopefully, you — and others — were able to watch the panel discussion on MLB Network Tuesday night (Bob Costas, Ron Darling, Joel Sherman, Ken Rosenthal, etc.) who wrestled with HOF voting as well. As for Bonds/Clemens, some agreed that they had HOF stats before they allegedly started using anything, and voted for them as well. And no one on that panel was female.

Why would you write that? Carrie is a professional. She keeps us informed, provides a communication forum and is due respect for her work. I’m a Cubs fan since 1967, now residing in California. I check-in to her BLOG and cubs.com daily. Thank you Carrie – I appreciate your work and the perspective you provide for us.

All in all, one of the better HOF ballots I’ve seen. Personally, I would add Piazza and Bagwell. PED issue is not as clear cut to me during an era when there was no testing. Baseball culture (players, owners, media, fans) willingly overlooked the steroid issue while Bonds and Clemens were playing, almost giving a tacit approval. Find it somewhat hypocritical to penalize after the fact. Regardless of steroid use or not, they were the best of the best.

Carrie, I disagree with you this time. There is no place for cheats in the HOF. Under no circumstances should either Bonds or Clemens make it in. The HOF is athletes who have excelled to the top of the class and are who everyone in the sport should be proud to say they watched them play. I can look back and say i loved watching Charlie Hustle take over a game. His attitude to win at all cost was his trademark. Too bad he couldn’t keep from betting on the game he loved soo much. When do Sosa and Palmerio become elidgable? Being former Cubs will you lead their bandwagon for entry?

Have you been living under a rock, Gary? Sosa became eligible last year and received an embarrassing low percentage of votes, 12% or so, and it was well deserved, I might add. As for Palmiero, he is irrelevant. His numbers do not merit consideration and I’m disregarding the malfeasance he engaged in. I agree with White and Jasper regarding that ignoramous frederich herdt jr. His comments should never have been exposed to the light of day.

Carrie, while I disagree with your considering Bonds and Clemons, I’m sorry to see someone personally assault your character. I disagree with your opinion, but to put personal insults to a person has no place here.

I’m more bothered by Sosa and the corked bat incident than allegations about PED use. I know how much he protected his bats (kept them in a locked box).

He started keeping them locked after Doug Descenzo accidently used one to launch a 600 ft. home run!

So you weren’t the lone vote cast for Jacque Jones?

That was a good laugh Doug, thanks. lol

Actually the Dascenzo joke was much funnier!LOL!

Actually Jacque Jones would probably be a upgrade from last year. We lost our minor league team a couple of years back to a lower team,use to love the S League Cubs minor league teams come and play. The Cubs are moving forward and that is a good thing. We all hope for the same thing,a championship,and will it not feel great. So many people talk about THE championship,but have you ever thought about everybody else that would also party with Chicago! WOW this could really get crazy. Cub Nation!

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