1/8 Maddux and Chicago

Greg Maddux was asked about the decision to leave the Cubs via free agency after the ’92 season on a conference call today.

“I did everything possible to stay there after the ’92 season,” Maddux said. “Things didn’t work out. I was fortunate enough to go back 11 years later. I love the city of Chicago. I actually love the Cubs. If you count the Minor Leagues, I was in Chicago for about 11 years and Atlanta for 11 years. I kind of split my time with the two teams.

“Chicago is a special place,” he said. “I would love to see them win a World Series here shortly. It would be awesome.”

Maddux pitched for the Cubs from 1986-92 and returned in 2004, leaving midway in the ’06 season.

— Carrie Muskat


As a die-hard fan I have always loved reading your articles and fan inbox posts….but I must say I really had to question how in the world you could vote for Barry Bonds…and not only vote for him….but then NOT vote for Biggio. Congrats on being one of the two non-votes that screwed him.

I believe that’s what kids today call “epic fail”. General rule if you want to post on here: if you’re going to jump down anyone’s throat for anything, make sure you at least have your facts straight first.

What are you talking about? She did vote for Biggio. He was the first name on the alphabetical list of those she selected and posted yesterday.

I also recall vividly that situation with Maddux in 1992. He is right. He wanted to stay. It was management and ownership which was unwilling to accommodate the man. They underestimated Greg’s value foolishly, the same way Lou Brock’s upside was overlooked many years prior.

The Cubs currently have the full 40 man roster, which means, if a FA is signed, one must go.
Of course there is the recent signing of Brett Marshall who may place 40th on the roster. If not Marshall, who would it be?
Where does Brett Jackson and Josh Vitters place 35 to 40 on the Roster? Both were given a chance in 2011, but were epic fails. Vitters still young enough and learning other positions, but a injury list that draws attention.
Jackson also young enough, but with an attitude I would question. Last year mouthing off about what a great teammate Ian Stewart was, knowing Stewart was giving Management problems. Then refusing a AA assignment, even though he ended up there anyway. Growing pains, maybe? However add that with the history of K’s, makes me wonder if his attitude is getting in the way of his talent.
Most fans point out the weakness of Pitching, as they say you never have enough pitching. I look at the 40 man roster and see two Catchers, Castillo and Kottaras. Castillo improved allot the 2nd half last year, but also finished the season on the DL. Kottaras a capable backup Catcher is certainly not a guy you want to see in the lineup every day. If Castillo is injured, the Cubs are hurting big time. I see this position as a glaring weakness.
In my opinion since taking over: Epstein/Hoyer has had to really concentrate on finding a 3rd Baseman. Stewart also an epic fail, they have acquired Olt, Villanueva and Drafted Bryant. If Olt does make the team and his eye injuries are cured, the Cubs now have an abundance of INF’s.
With Castro at SS, on the roster are: Barney, Watkins, Valbuena and Murphy. Of course you need backups, maybe even a platoon at 2B, but four are too many. Murphy plays 3B, SS, 2B and I am sure he could play 1B if needed. Barney SS & 2B. Watkins 2B. Valbuena 3B, 2B. If one had to go, who would it be? Then you have to remember that, Baez may be coming up at the end of the year too. Alcantrera maybe a year or two away. Vitters 3B,1B & OF?
In my opinion, Hendry left the Cubs Organization totally messed up in the OF. Rough recovery not signing high priced FA’s or trading for big name Vets. Another INF Lake done very well in the OF after coming up last year. Szczur will probably be at AAA this year. Sweeny, Schierholtz and Ruggiano, with Lake look like what the Cubs must start with at this point.
Having nothing to do today and after all that, if the Cubs needed 1 or 2 Roster spots, for discussion, who would be designated for assignment?

It seems many want to re-write the History of why Maddux left the Cubs. It was an embarrassing situation between two All Stars / HOF back then. But both parties have moved in life,

Will Greg Maddux go into the Baseball Hall of Fame as a Cub or Brave? He had 11 Great years with Chicago. If I remember correctly, Andre Dawson wanted to go in as a Cub but was put in as an Expo because that was his first team to do time with…

I’ve read Greg is going in as a Brave, Dan. Is a pity he ever left the Cubs. Never should have happened. Is another example, indeed a glaring one, of how front office decisions by this organization precluded our club of contending for championships.

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