1/13 Cubs introduce “Clark”

The Cubs will introduce the team’s first official mascot in modern history as young “Clark” makes his debut Monday night during a visit with children at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center’s pediatric developmental center. The mascot will appear with more than a dozen Cubs prospects enrolled in the team’s rookie development program, underway this week in Chicago. The goal of Monday’s appearance is for the players and Clark to help reinforce positive activities being taught to children with autism and other developmental challenges.

The new mascot was created as a response to survey feedback and fan interviews, the team said in a statement. People wanted more Cubs-related family-friendly entertainment at Wrigley Field, and Clark will interact in the community, engage with young fans, and be respectful of the game.

The Cubs say Clark will be a champion for Cubs Charities’ mission of targeting improvements in health and wellness, fitness and education for children, and families at risk. Young fans will see the mascot at schools during Cubs Caravan or “Cubs on the Move” fitness program visits; hospital appearances; and other family-focused events, such as the upcoming Cubs Convention. The Cubs say the mascot will not be on top of the dugout between innings, tossing t-shirts or hot dogs into the stands, and it won’t disrupt the game. Instead, Clark will greet fans as they enter Wrigley Field, and also stop by the ballpark’s “First Timers Booth” to welcome new guests. On family Sundays, the mascot will help kids run the bases after the game.

Most of the time, Clark will welcome fans to his own clubhouse at Wrigley Field, where families can visit. Fans also will be able to interact with Clark on Twitter and Facebook. During the Cubs Convention at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers, which begins Friday, Clark will be at a temporary Clubhouse and available to meet young fans and host kids-related activities. What fans won’t see is Clark riding an ATV around the warning track or interfering with fans’ views of the field during the game, the team says.


Why not Ronnie Wooooo?

How many more games will this help us to win?

Well, well, well! Welcome to Wrigley Field, Clark! Do you realize that YOU will go down in history as the first Cub rookie to be introduced in the 2014 season? Hope you are up to the task! You are really very good looking and all the kids will probably love you tons!

It will be nice when ST starts. Maybe then some chatters will come in to actually start discussing baseball & the Cubs.
You come in here & see Happy Birthday to Barney, whoop do dee, everyone has birthdays. Now the Cubs have a mascot, whoop do dee.
Barney had salmon for Christmas dinner, whoop do dee.
My real name is, who cares?
Is there anyone who can talk baseball?

Baseball talk? Okay : “STRIKE THREE, YER OUT! ” You are just so grumpy!

And you need attention, glad your not my neighbor.

How about when you asked me about what would I change to the Cubs? I wrote a lot but never got a response from you…AND that was baseball talk.

And yes, I am sorry that all of those emails went to you to about our comments but that’s us. You had the choice to answer and read and you can have you’re own opinion about it. Now for a 15 year old girl like me that does not come from a family with a lot of money, it was nice to know that after sitting in the hot summer day under the sun, with my family, had to wait for the bus AND wait for another one once we got to downtown. Plus knowing that my siblings we’re already tired they all went with me to meet Darwin Barney. Now for me that is something big because never would I have thought that I would meet him. And to know that after our whole ride over to the building, he still remembered me. So yes, I wanted to talk a little about him remembering me. I am sorry.

Dear, dear Isabel. – First of all we have the right to express ANY opinions we want to express about any player we choose to chat about – including birthdays, what they had for Christmas dinner, how nicely they smile, AND their stats AND their contribution to the Cubs! Actually Carrie always very nicely lets us know when a player is celebrating a birthday, a marriage, a birth, etc. You NEVER SHOULD NEED TO SAY SORRY, especially to someone as mean spirited and disrespectful as Jasper. I have always tried to not say mean things about others but would like to start the 2014 season without having to be insulted non-stop for my input. Don’t ever think that you need to apologize to such as would attack your rights to freedom of speech, etc. You are a joy on this site, fun to exchange ideas with and I am very glad you are back!

Well Isabel you asked, I wasnt going to say anything. The things you would change, all obvious, nothing to discuss really. My dad said this, my dad says this. Maybe your dad should post his own thoughts.

Oh the horror of having you as a neighbor! During WWII we had dark green blackout curtains. We would have to put them up again! An eight-foot fence would help too! Maybe a moat with alligators ! :(((

Wow look it’s the new petrey! 😔

I’m sorry. But is this a serious attempt at trying to develop a winning ballclub or at distracting Cubs fans from the real problems facing this team? All well and good to have a “mascot” for the kiddies, but unless he can hit .300, drive in a 100 runs with 25 to 30 home runs, it will be nothing more than a side show without substance. So Clark can give people bear hugs, excuse me, cubbie hugs and everybody can go home lamenting a loss but remembering their youth and Pooh. Bill Veeck was the greatest baseball showman that ever lived, but he at least won a pennant and Series on the south side. Without a mascot, I might add. Think about it.

I understand what you are saying Diamondjim23. This particular post is about a new mascot for the Cubs which is a completely different subject from our rebuilding process. Can’t we have both? I can’t imagine that little Clark will detract from the main event! Not a big distraction just a new attraction for the kids. Do you think we can co-exist? :))

White, your comments are like a Forest Gump sighting.

No. We’re already co-existing aren’t we? Apparently, taking “kids” to a Major League game isn’t enough anymore, despite the cost. Now we have to have a little fuzzball to keep them happy. It’s always for the kids trick. The biggest excuse in the world for doing something stupid. You add mascots when you’re winning not after you have a losing season/s. I guess the Yankees must have been doing it all wrong. When this “Clark” idea loses steam, then what? A petting zoo? Geez!

Cool—and I’m glad the mascot isn’t Addison the Goat. Wrigley needs more of a family atmosphere for future generations of Cubs fans. Like it or not, it’s part of the game everywhere and there’s no rule that says you have to give Clark a hug. Some will grump about it, but as for me, I will seek him out for a photo op when I am in town next summer!

D-Man, you are a joy! You have the spirit! You understand the fun of going to the ballpark, eating hot dogs I bet and getting your picture taken with the bear! :)) My husband and I salute you!

White, Bubba would be so proud. LMAO

White, just in case you forgot: shrimp is the fruit of the sea. You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute it. Dey’s uh, shrimp-kabobs, shrimp creole, shrimp gumbo. Pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried. There’s pineapple shrimp, lemon shrimp, coconut shrimp, pepper shrimp, shrimp soup, shrimp stew, shrimp salad, shrimp and potatoes, shrimp burger, shrimp sandwich. That- that’s about it.

Well Jasper my dad had a big impact on my life. And I think he will love to join this but he’s an older Mexican man. He’s a working man, and traditional one too. He doesn’t really like or want to learn about technology. So sorry but he can’t join.

Maybe you should be more like your dad.

Definition of Cyberbullying: to harm or harass other people in a deliberate, repeated and hostile manner. Might want to reconsider such actions on Carrie’s site. 15 year old girl – vs – ??

I hope to be just like him when I get older, a much respected man that everyone loves in my neighborhood.

White you are a trouble maker. Did you read above where I stated I was not going to say anything? Really I did not start this crap. It was you as usual.
This is the kind of stuff that goes on when you go off topic and not discuss baseball.
If she is 15 and can discuss baseball great! I mean that, it would be awesom.
I am here for Cubs talk. I dont care about your daddy and where hes from. I dont care that you are elderly & used to entertain Kennedys cabinet members. I dont care if you think I am rude. I dont care if you have a cat & make brownies. I dont know you, so I dont need to know your health concerns.
You want to have a discussion, its a Cubs board. You dont have no friends and need attention, try Church on Sunday morning. You want people to stop talking bad about Barney, tell him to hit the ball, advance the runner, take a walk, increase his OBP a little, so its not the lowest of all 2nd baseman in baseball.
White, its not all about you & you as far as I know, are not the President of the board.

D.J.23 the Sox did have a mascot.It was Bill Veeck! Also J.J. you left out one of the more popular shrimp dishes,shrimp cocktail,but that is more for the Food Network site. Isabel,not trying to stereotype anybody here,but livng in the south,i give thanks to the hardworking labor force that on 115 degree days pulls the food i eat daily from the earth.Give your dad a hug and a thank you from me for setting a good example and making his girl proud of him

Good morning Isabel Hernandez. – what is your dad’s name? Tell him that he has a remarkable young lady for a daughter!

P.S. I left the exclamation point off for him,you know,not knowing a lot about computers and stuff

Haha thank White, I will. And KenlyCub, thanks that means a lot!

I agree Jasper, let’s talk baseball. I love it and it’s something big in my life, so you’re right lets have baseball talks, I’ll do that with you. And thanks because I think it was a copmplement when you said I can talk baseball haha.

Ok I dont mind the idea of a mascot or anything like that and I dont think every decision that the Cubs make have to be “on field” decision. But I do have to say I am a little concerned that they developed, designed and created a mascot for kids with no pants. I understand that there are many other cartoon characters out there in the world dont have pants but I just think this is a little careless. Say what you want about it just my opinion.

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