Here’s Clark



I’m curious as to the genesis of that name, Clark. Could there be a connection to the street which is a part of the Wrigley Field address?

Worried about the new TV deal with Fox. What does it mean for those of us around the nation who have made it through life watching the Cubs on WGN?
Signed SC Cubbie Fan

That’s an excellent question, sir. I’d like to know that answer as well. There are a plethora of fans like us who are not domiciled anywhere near Chicago who covet seeing Cubs games via television.

Oh yes that is a great question! I hope they don’t because growing up it was always a tradition to watch it on WGN🙂

All I can add is that times have changed, folks. Teams are looking for more revenue sources, and this is one.

That is very true Carrie, I think people, including myself, don’t like change. Haha, but my biggest worry right now is our team, I just want 2014 to be a good season. I don’t need them to go to the World Series, I just want something a little bit for then 99 losses.!

I totally agree and fully understand the business side of the new deal. My question is will the Cubs be on a package type deal for those of us not living in Illinios anymore?

Why did Addison receive no love when this mascot’s moniker was chosen? That’s disrespectful in my humble opinion. Also, I admire the Angels,Dodgers, and Yankees for being the only major league teams left who do not have official mascots. Stay strong with your stances! Push back against the tide.

Thats just foolish jhosk.Were you not a kid once.Can just imagine a kids face when Clarke High Fives him at his very first Cubs game.Parents make sure that smartphone is ready!

That’s a good point, Kenly. I reckon I was in contrarian mode and pushing folks’ buttons there, as I am wont to do. I was actually a kid once, but is so long ago I forgot what it was like. Thanks for reminding myself.

Good deal Jhosk!

It’s a mascot for kids. He’ll be at official team functions, charity events, greeting kids at Wrigley (and I’m assuming at the new spring park in Mesa too), and maybe even making the trip out to Kane County or even Des Moines for some minor league time. He won’t be shooting t-shirts or hot dogs at fans, he won’t lead the crowd in the wave, and he won’t do dances on the top of the dugout between innings. Basically, he’s for little kids and won’t be seen during the games unless you seek him out. So if you are over 8 years old and think this is the worst thing ever, please seek professional help immediately because you must have some deep-seeded unresolved childhood issues.

Right on, Doug! Well stated! Long live Clark!! :))

Sure am glad that the Rooftop Owners didn’t object to Clark. That would have been a major delay in the rebuilding program.

Can the Ricketts at least spend some money on buying this Bear some pants!

Too late!! He has already been nationally “exposed”! :)) :)) First news I saw on the Internet this morning! Seamstresses are probably sewing pants as we speak! :))

Will Leitch did a hit job on Clark and the Cubs under the Ricketts regime in today’s USA TODAY. Did not know the Cubs have had an unofficial mascot, Billy Cub, for the past seven years. Apparently Will is a Cardinals fan, so that explains much of his need to dump on the Ricketts and what is transpiring at Wrigley Field and its environs.

Billy Cub is a creep and as much of an unofficial mascot as that guy who walks around in a hot dog costume sometimes. Now that the Cubs have a real mascot, time for legal to send a cease and desist to good old Billy and take out a restraining order just to be safe. If I never see Billy Cub again carrying around that dumb cooler harassing people for money if they so much as look at him for more than two seconds, it will be too soon!

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