1/18 Theo: Ricketts are in this for long term

Just in time for the Cubs Convention is an article in the Chicago Sun-Times critical of the Cubs ownership, the Ricketts family, and how they have not done enough. Theo Epstein defended the owners on Saturday.

“Here, in my opinion, is the best thing about the Ricketts and their committment to the Cubs,” Epstein said. “They know they’re going to own this club for generations and generations. They’re willing to take the hit now and take some of the heat now … with criticism because they know they’re doing the right thing to lay the foundation to get this right and turn this into a franchise that they can be proud of for generations and generations.

“I am more proud of them for their willingness to take that heat and stick to their plan than I would be if they panicked the first time their name was dragged through the mud publicly and said, ‘We can’t do this, put lipstick on this, and we need to find quick fixes to keep the fans and the media at bay.’ They are in this for the long haul. They’re giving us the ability to lay the foundation.”

— Carrie Muskat


If the Cubs was a new house, their foundation sank six feet under when Dale, Theo & Jed FAILED to build upon the last two years…….what we saw the last few years was more of selling off old parts of a home, and the early hiring of Dale & staff who failed to support this team…………if Rizzo fail this year, look for Jed Hoyer getting canned….especially if Cashner gets better in San Diego and is more of a pitcher then Samardzija has become.

Cubs Talk, that’s ridiculous and you know it. They have not failed at all.
This fan loves what new Management has accomplished.

Accomplished? Did I miss something? This is the kind of hallucinatory talk that makes people want to throw-up. Chicago isn’t Boston and the sooner some fans recognize that and understand that the past two years have been a lot less than what was promised or envisioned. Selection of managers is the one thing management has total control of and I haven’t seen anything I would call as being “accomplished.” All one has to do is look at the Won-Loss record. That’s what tells you what you are. It’s nice that Theo sticks up for his boss, but reality cuts through the frosting and gets to the cake. And what we are is “not accomplished!”

You see nothing accomplished because you would rather complain, than read. You think success of the Organization as a whole is ONLY at the Major League level.
Going with that line of thinking, it don’t matter to you that the Cubs had 3 Teams go to the playoffs last year, winning one Championship.
You fail to see that the Minor League system has improved from 26th or 27th to 5th or 6th in two short years.
You sir just need to complain, you have no vision. Unhappiness will do that to you.

I love how after two years, there are still fans who don’t understand what the Cubs are doing. Either that type of fan doesn’t pay very close attention or they willfully choose to be ignorant. I mean, it’s not like the Cubs have made a huge secret of what they are trying to do. From Day 1, Theo & Co. have told us all that they believe in order to be a successful franchise that is a potential World Series contender year in and year out, you have to build from within and produce your own talent from the ground up. Considering the terrible shape the Cubs minor league system was in when they got here, it’s a wonder they’ve been able to improve the minor league system as much in the past two years. I mean, the mlb.com top 10 prospects by position list are coming out now and multiple Cubs have already shown up on the lists. How long has it been since the Cubs had multiple prospects that were noteworthy compared to the rest of baseball?
And we all were told too that trying to make the team 82-80 for the past two years doesn’t really help matters either. So it you’re angry that the Cubs haven’t overpaid for a 32-year old free agent here or traded some of the top prospects for Justin Upton there, you really have missed the whole point! Just keep in mind, when Kris Bryant is one of the best power hitters in the game in a few years, he wouldn’t even be here if not for the 101-loss season in 2012. Ditto whoever they end up drafting with the #4 pick this June.
I know it’s frustrating to watch at times, but this is exactly what we were told was going to happen from the start. They’ve adopted an organizational philosophy as to how to build a winner at the big league level, and so far they are sticking with the plan. It would make no sense after all the progress that has been made to ditch it now and say let’s sign Nelson Cruz and Ubaldo Jiminez now and see what happens. In a year or two, maybe they will need just that one more starter or that one more big bat in order to be competitive. But right now, neither player separate or together would do much more than get them closer to 82-80 in 2014 and then potentially handcuff them for 2015 with a large salary and diminishing returns on the field. Theo & crew were given five years to run the show. They’ve come a long way in the first two as far as the organization as a whole is concerned. The waves of young talent have already begun to hit the Cubs big league team, with Rizzo’s debut in 2012 and Junior Lake’s debut in 2013. That wave will continue with Javier Baez in 2014, Kris Bryant in 2015, and Albert Almora in 2016. Throw guys like Mike Olt, Jorge Soler, Arismendy Alcantara, CJ Edwards, and Pierce Johnson into the mix and you’ve got some nice young talent coming in over the next few seasons. That’s what the plan has been all along and that’s what we’ll have to judge Theo on at the end of the 2016 season, not what so-so free agents he failed to overpay for and not the record of the team in the first two years he was here. And if you still don’t get it, then you’re beyond help and need to just quit being a fan!

If you read Doug’s post and get it, it really is exciting. The Cubs may not compete this year, but watching the building and reading the articles on Cubs prospects, is exciting.
Also Doug mentions the 2014 Draft, that also is exciting. The Cubs get the 4th pick every round.
It will be interesting to see who gets promoted where? Spring Training will be fun to watch some of these prospects. There are others that may surprise, whose names are rarely mentioned.
Last years AAA roster looks terrible, but that will change in 2014, which means the ML roster will change in 2015.
Very nice post Doug.

Diamondjim, we were apprised that it was a five year plan once Hoystein came aboard. Last season was just year #2. We are going to suck again in 2014. If there are not serious signs of progress in 2015 and if we are not contenders in 2016, I’ll be right there with you expressing outrage. But is unfair to be critical at this premature juncture. Do you follow myself?

Jhosk you are always the POLITE voice of reason! Thank you! Tis always a pleasure to exchange ideas with you!

What ideas White? What was your last idea or opinion on the Cubs and actual baseball? Strategy? Trades? Signings? Prospects?

Well, first of all: When did this site become a “War Zone”? When Jasper Jiggs arrived. Jasper has changed the entire demeanor of our baseball debates and definitely not in any positive way! For those of us who have been posting on this site FAR LONGER than Jasper how many have noticed that fewer and fewer people are willing to post their ideas lest they fall prey to Jasper’s insults, snide and accusatory remarks and disrespect? Just today he accused Cubs Talk of being ridiculous, accused Diamond Jim of seeing nothing because he would rather complain than read and added that Diamond Jim must just be depressed and has no vision. This site has been on a downhill slope to negativity, personal insults and unnecessary accusations ever since Jasper Jiggs apparently decided to be “the blogging boss”, the “cyber bully cop”. Every single one of us who write on Carries site should have the right to do so without Jasper’s censorship or derogatory remarks. It is time to take this site back to polite thoughtful debate between Cubs fans!

White, do you think people cant read and understand? I asked above, your last Cub related Strategy? Trades? Signings? Prospects?
You want to make this a polite speak about what you want board? Thats ok for those of you that want to. I cant stop you. LMAO
You want to be sympathetic to another posters ingrown toe nail, I cant stop you. You want to serve brownies and tea, go for it, its just I am not interested.
You want to get to know people so you can discuss their problems? Go for it. I am not interested. I have family & friends, I dont need this board for that purpose and very sorry you do.
I just come in here to discuss the Cubs. If I make a friend that can actually discuss the Cubs, that person has a friend for life.
So you say what you want, if you take what I am saying personal, I really dont care. If you laugh about it, like me, then its good for all.🙂

im with Jasper on this… stick to baseball… leave the personal crap out of it. No one cares in your internet dream barney is your son in law… im telling you its all a front and is bogus and we don’t care. If you don’t like to debate and talk baseball then LEAVE… this blog doesn’t need your personal issues

You and Jasper are the “TWO NASTY PEAS IN THE POD” on this site. So I really don’t care what you think about what I choose to write on this site! And Barney is not my son-in-law, he is my granddaughter’s husband. And if you can’t be civil then you should be the ones to LEAVE!

is there an ignore button somewhere?

Am shocked, shocked, that petrey 10 takes the stance he does, the same way Claude Rains was shocked that there was gambling ongoing in Rick’s Casablanca emporium. I do not embellish ad hominem attacks. In fact, I detest them. Some folk on this site would not recognize an honorable individual if they stumbled and fell flat on their uncivil domes or derrieres in an attempt to bypass such a person.

now on to the topic… Am I happy with the FO of the Cubs? No I am not.. but I don’t think they have failed. I think they have been way too conservative with their bidding on talent like Tanaka… Cespedes…Darvish… Puig…. all those guys have received offers from this FO. Most of those the Cubs were reported 2nd in the bidding… that hurts. Bc if you go all out and win the bidding for those guys this team looks a WHOLE LOT different. Probably in the situation where they need that last piece or two to compete in the Playoffs or have the pieces to make that mega trade to get to competing in the palyoffs. Also the City of Chicago has screweed the point of when that extra revenue comes into the Cubs. Now the TV deal will hopefully be in the works to add some more wiggle room in payroll. I mean I can see the light at the end of the tunnel but right now there is a lot of traffic and it isn’t moving at a very quick pace. If we lose out on Tanaka I will be severly upset not that we missed out on Tanaka but that we yet again swung and missed at a talent that is a great fit for this club NOW to win in the FUTURE

I understand your frustration petrey10, I really do.
I also think Management has made bids for the players you mention, that were very competitive. There could be other reasons those players chose not to sign with the Cubs.
The 3 players you mention above all come from warm weather climates. When your talking over 60 million, does it really matter if the Cubs offer 10 million more? Or would you sign where you and your family feel you would be more comfortable?
Playing in Chicago in April and early May is very cold.
I would take that into consideration before signing if I was Tanaka.

honestly jasper money talks… you pay a guy more and he will come… the players play to make the most money they can while they can… plain and simple. You won’t see any player without a past MLB contract give up on the most money. I just think we came into these deals trying to be too “cute”…. we are bad and need the talent we should be out bidding everyone bc we also have the flexibility in our payroll to spend some money

You could be very correct petrey10, I wont argue that.
Just going by my thoughts or how I would decide. At 50 or 60 Million, I know I am set for life, even my children.
So now, where would I want to play or where would myself and family be comfortable. But there are the greedy, probably more than I would like to think.

Just place your finger on your cranium bi’fidum for the ignore button.

You see white, right there! You really have nothing to say or add. I can only think of three reasons for that post. (1) Your bitter because people want to talk baseball and not about cats or Maine Lobster. (2) You want to be noticed or part of a conversation, but you dont know how to go about it. (3) You have nothing to say, but at the end of the year, you want recognition from Carrie for most posts.

If you read above Jasper you will see that Petrey was looking for the ignore button and I told him where to find it! I must say you are doing an excellent job today of proving my point that you are definitely a cyber bully of the worst kind. Go ahead – people on this site are getting a good look at the kind of nastiness you project! Embarrass yourself in front of your “baseball buddies” all you want! LMAO

You got it white.🙂

aww tears? cool

Picked up some magazine yesterday that an article where Our Cubbies have 5 of the top 50 prospects. I am excited about the future of this!!

You are correct tomntex, thats exciting. Yankees just announced a Tanaka deal, the Cubs did their best, but as petrey stated, its all about the money.

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