1/26 Cubs promotional schedule

A Joe Tinker bobblehead, Chicago Federals jersey and an Ernie Banks replica statue are among the promotional items that will be given away this season at Cubs home games. The Cubs are celebrating Wrigley Field’s 100th anniversary, so the items are linked to different decades in team history.

Here is the 2014 promo schedule with the amount of items that will be given away:

Opening Week
April 4: Cubs magnet schedule (30,000)
April 5: Cubs magnet schedule (30,000)

April 18: Limited edition Joe Tinker bobblehead (10,000)
April 20: Cubs diecast train engine (5,000)
April 23: Replica Chicago Federals jersey (30,000)

May 2: Limited edition Red Grange bobblehead (10,000)
May 3: Cubs fedora hat presented by Budweiser (10,000)
May 4: Cubs Yo-Yo (5,000)
May 6: “Pink Out” T-shirt presented by Advocate and Cubs Charities (Budweiser bleachers)

May 16: Limited edition Babe Ruth’s “called shot” bobblehead (10,000)
May 17: Umbrella presented by Morton Salt (10,000)
May 18: Cubs Viewmaster (5,000)

June 6: Limited edition All-American Girls Professional Baseball League bobblehead (10,000)
June 8: Andy Pafko OYO mini figure (5,000)

June 20: Limited edition Ernie Banks debut bobblehead (10,000)
June 22: Cubs Mr. Potato Head keychain (5,000)
June 27: Wrigley Field 100 tote bag presented by MLB Network (20,000)

July 11: Limited edition Gale Sayers bobblehead (10,000)
July 13: Cubs Etch-A-Sketch (5,000)

July 25: Limited-edition Jack Brickhouse bobblehead with sound chip (10,000)
July 26: Ernie Banks replica statue presented by Budweiser (10,000)
July 27: Cubs magic baseball (5,000)

Aug. 8: Limited edition illuminating first night game bobblehead (10,000)
Aug. 10: Cubs Rubik’s Cube (5,000)

Aug. 22: Limited edition Kerry Wood 20-strikeout bobblehead presented by Budweiser (10,000)
Aug. 24: Reissue Gracie the Swan Beanie Baby (5,000)

Sept. 5: Limited edition bobblehead (to be announced)
Sept. 7: Build-A-Bear Plush Doll (5,000)


Beautiful,I live So.CAL. born ELMHURST 1949. Was member Die HARD Cubs fans.Glad I missed 69(I got a free trip VIET Nam) HA ha ha.WONDER any way get some of these ,without hopping a plane.

I’m really into history in general, so this line-up of promotions looking at all of the Cubs’ Wrigley history is very cool to me. They really should acknowledge the early days more than they do.

Could that possibly be a Ron Santo bobblehead in Sept?

as a season ticket holder my extra promo items get put on ebay for auction to help me offset the cost of watching them continue to let us down.

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