1/31 Happy birthday, Mr. Cub


Happy birthday to Hall of Famer Ernie Banks, who turns 83 today. He shares a birthday with Jackie Robinson.


Nicest guy ever to don a Cub uniform.

Ernie Banks – my favorite Cub of all time! Class act on and off the field! Happy Birthday and many, many more!

My favorite Cub as a youngster. Lots of memories, but the best was opening day 1969 against the Phillies. The Phillies had a young SS named Don Money who hit two Home Runs and knocked in 5 RBI’s that day. Banks matched him with two himself and also 5 RBI’s.
It took a PH Homer from Willie Smith in the bottom of the 11th to win that game, but the most exciting opening day game ever for me.

Ernie Banks….greatest player in sports who never was in a Championship game.

Carrie….what do you think of the Boston Red Sox reporter having a relationship with Middlebrooks for the past year?

Now her network took her off the team to cover another sport !

Happy birthday, Ernie. Speaking of Jackie R., I saw “42” for the first time yesterday, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I`ve made it a point to try to see all the films which are eligible for Oscars this March, and have seen most, and can honestly say the Robinson movie impressed me more than any of those high profile nominated films, with the possible exception of “Gravity.” Is hard to believe it`s been more than 40 years since the man passed.

Coincidentally, 42 has more meaning than just the number on Jackie’s uniform. It’s that many years since the icon expired.

Aloha Banks-san! Otanjyobi Omedetou (Happy Birthday)! Hope you have a blessed up coming year. Thank you for all your years of not only being an ambassador for the game but showing young men how to carry themselves on and off the field. Mahalo!

Happy 80th Henry Aaron, today Feb. 5th. G.

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