2/5 Korean pitcher tryout

Korean free agent pitcher Suk-Min Yoon auditioned for the Cubs and Rangers on Tuesday in Arizona. The right-hander is seeking a multi-year Major League contract. Yoon, 27, threw 30 pitches on Tuesday. The Orioles already have made him an offer, and the Twins and Giants also are believed to be interested. Yoon pitched for the Kia Tigers before a shoulder injury cost him much of the first half of the Korean Baseball season. He has told MLB teams that he wants to start.


Shoulder injury??!! NO, NO, NO! No need for Yoon.

It’s rare to find a pitcher at 27 who has a clean injury history and no major concerns going forward. It’s also rare to find a pitcher at 27 who is a free agent. So pretty much any free agent pitcher is going to have some sort of injury history or concern about injury in the future. I’m fine with the Cubs showing interest and as long as they don’t break the bank to get him, it’s no big deal. They have five starters going into spring training right now (Jeff S., T-Wood, Jackson, Hammel, Arrieta), with another few that could compete for a spot (Villanueva, Rusin, McDonald, Grimm, Hendricks), but you can never have too much pitching so if he’s interested in the Cubs and the price is right, go for it!

Doug, perfectly stated. May I copy that comment?

Go ahead! It’s funny how people freak out over injury reports. Now if that injury report were coupled with a report that the Cubs were offering a substantial amount of money, okay I get it. But everything I’ve heard says Yoon is not as good as the Dodgers Hyun-jin Ryu and is two years older than him too. Ryu got 6 and 36, so there’s no way Yoon gets even close to that amount in years and in dollars. If the scouting reports are to be believed, 3 and 15 is what I would guess the ceiling is for Yoon. That’s hardly an amount that will break the bank or limit your moves over the course of the contract. And for a back end of the rotation starter, which is what Yoon projects to be at best, that’s not a bad amount to spend.

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