2/6 Cubs and Barney settle

The Cubs avoided arbitration with second baseman Darwin Barney as the two sides reached agreement Thursday on a one-year, $2.3 million contract. Barney had filed for $2.8 million and the Cubs had countered at $1.8 million, so they settled in the middle.

The only player still unsigned who is arb eligible is Jeff Samardzija, and his hearing was slated for Monday in St. Petersburg, Fla. The Cubs offered Samardzija $4.4 million, and he was seeking $6.2 million.

— Carrie Muskat


He’ll make nice “role” player for several years. Every team needs a good fielding backup player.

This is only Barney’s first year of arbitration, so his salary will only go up from here. I doubt the Cubs will want a multi-million dollar role player on their bench, so he’ll most likely be traded this season or non-tendered next offseason and offered a smaller contract if they do want to keep him. Barney might get some playing time early in the year, but once Baez is ready to come up (probably around mid to late June if all goes well) he’s going to have to play somewhere. Whomever is least valuable between Barney and Valbuena will probably hit the bench in favor of Baez and find themselves on the trading block this July.

You recently corrected a poster for using “there” when the pronoun “their” was appropriate. You just utilized “whomever” incorrectly. “Whoever ” is proper in that context.

Fair enough, although there vs their vs they’re is something you should know by the 2nd grade (as is your vs you’re). Whomever vs. whoever is a little more tricky and the Brits tend to use whomever in most situations no matter what the situation.

You’re right. I still remember the days of Paul Popovich and role players that developed a nice niche at an affordable price. That’s not likely anymore, partly due to arbitration.

i hope Baez plays 2B that means that Olt is playing 3B…. but I would guess that a higher probability is Baez plays 3B and by September Alcantara is playing 2B…. both are a huge upgrade to Barney

Wonder what it’s like to be a millionaire. When someone asks myself how I
am, I have been known to respond, “I’m still a million dollars short of being a millionaire.”

All different, I hate to see a war like this get started. I am awful at writing and spelling. I never finished HS, I figure as long as I get my point across or opinion expressed, it should be good enough to chat baseball.

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