2/7 Cubs and Samardzija

An arbitration hearing is scheduled for Monday in Florida if the Cubs and Jeff Samardzija cannot reach a contract settlement. The Cubs offered Samardzija $4.4 million, and he filed for $6.2 million. The Cubs’ Opening Day starter last season, the right-hander finished 8-13 with a 4.34 ERA and reached 200 innings and 200 strikeouts for the first time in his career.

“Obviously, I’m hopeful,” Samardzija said during the Cubs Convention in January about the possibility of a long-term deal. “I think I’ve said that from day one. Ever since I signed my first contract here with the Cubs, I’ve wanted to be here and a big reason for not playing football was to come here and play in Chicago. It obviously means a lot for me to be here.”

Theo Epstein has never gone to arbitration with a player. He was in Arizona this week to get settled in the Cubs’ new Spring Training facility in Mesa.

The last time the Cubs had a hearing regarding a player was in 2010 when Ryan Theriot “lost” as the arbitrator ruled in favor of the team’s $2.6 million offer over the $3.4 million bid submitted by the infielder.

— Carrie Muskat


The cubs are not going to compete this year. I believe that Samardizja is using the fan base to seek bigger money. With comments like I love Chicago, I want to stay a Cub. Using the media to become some kind of hero.

The bottom line is, he is not that great. On most teams a #3 or #4 starter. He is already rich, if he wanted to stay in Chicago and not be greedy, he has been offered two contract extensions.

Trade him this weekend while there is value there, his attitude is not needed nor will it be missed, not by me anyway.

He’ll be gone by the trade deadline unless he settles prior to the hearing. He may be trade by then regardless; however, an unwillingness to compromise is definitely a red flag regarding future negotiations. Theriot was probably traded for the same reason. He could’ve been a nice 5th infielder if he hadn’t exhibited an unwillingness to compromise.

There comes a time to fish or cut bait. Jeffery obviously thinks he can do better in football because no one in their right mind would think that an 8-13 record, with a 4.34 ERA is worthy of an upgrade in this economic climate. Baseball is full of prima-donnas that have losing records, hit .210 and strikeout a ton. I’d put that cash into scouting and farm systems with a standard way of what your prospects are supposed to follow regarding the basics of hitting, fielding, base running, pitching, etc. The Cubs will do just fine if they have a program to follow. I mean you can’t go to the game now, have a beer and a couple of delicious hot dogs without spending a “C” note. I say cut bait.

the 8-13 record is more based upon the fact that the Cubs were terrible. Granted the ERA is high but he ran into some bad luck based upon his advanced sabermetrics… Jeff is a great #3 and a good #2 on a good team… WITH the possibility to have #1 type stuff… he wants to win and make as much money as he can while he can. I have no problems with that. As anyone of us would do the same thing if we were in his situation. Also I don’t know why you brought up football but jeff is done with football and will never go back. So t

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Yeah,Ryan Theriot ran into all kind of misfortune after leaving the Cubs!

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