2/14 Arrieta update

Jake Arrieta says he has no pain or discomfort now, and is taking a cautious approach as he prepares for the season. When he’ll be ready has yet to be determined. The right-hander felt some discomfort in his shoulder a few weeks ago and will be held out of some spring workouts at the start of camp.

“I was stretched out pretty good, throwing long toss for three weeks,” Arrieta said of when he first felt the pain. “It could’ve been doing a little too much. I tend to get a little eager. I try to push the envelope a little early. That’s what I’m banking on is [the problem was] trying to get going too soon. Now that I’m backed off and able to take it slower, step by step now, moving the process a little slower.”

He’s been able to play catch in Arizona for a few weeks and has no pain.

“It’ll be a slower progression but it’ll put me in place to accomplish the goals we set to accomplish,” he said. “I just have to be patient at this point in time.”

The Cubs said Thursday they are not counting on Arrieta to start the season. He did not need to undergo an MRI on his shoulder.

“I think we’ll have a much better understanding as we progress,” Arrieta said. “I think the main thing right now is to be cautious and to make sure I’m around for the long haul rather than try to rush things and progress a little too quickly and maybe have a setback at some point. The structure will be progressive but slow at the start to make sure we don’t have any setbacks.”

— Carrie Muskat


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