2/14 Veras happy to be with Cubs

When Jose Veras was looking for a team to sign with, the right-hander says he wasn’t that concerned about being the closer.

“I’m the kind of guy who was just looking to find a job and be somewhere and do my best,” said Veras, who signed a free agent deal with the Cubs on Dec. 27 and will be their closer this season.

“I don’t think in my mind that I’ve got a spot or got a place [on the team],” he said. “I think I’m here and any position, any moment that they need me, give my best, make the team win ballgames and that’s my goal. That’s what I worry about. I don’t worry about being setup, closer, long reliever, whatever they need from me, I’ll be there.”

The right-hander was the Astros closer at the start of last season, then traded to the Tigers where he was used as a set-up pitcher. In 25 games with Detroit, he posted a 3.20 ERA.

Veras did like the idea of joining the Cubs. To him, the team has some special history.

“Being with the Cubs is something you can’t explain,” Veras said. “A lot of good players passed through here — Greg Maddux, [Ryne] Sandberg, the second baseman, Sammy Sosa, [Alfonso] Soriano, Aramis Ramirez. It’s unbelievable to wear this uniform. For me, it’s one of my best steps in baseball, to be with a glory team like this.”

Keep in mind, Veras has pitched for the Yankees, Indians, Marlins, Pirates, and Brewers as well as the Astros and Tigers.

“I see the history, I know how they are,” he said of the Cubs. “So far, it’s a team that gives a lot of opportunity to people who they trust can do something. That’s the best part of baseball, when you find people who trust you can do something.”

— Carrie Muskat


We fans will be happy to have Jose as a team member as long as he produces. That`s the bottom line. We want contributors. Is not complicated.

With lack of hitting on this club, our starters will have to have low ERA’s to give Veras a shot for a save…………

The last Cubs 9th inning “save” guy that never gave me worry pains was a guy named Brice Sutter…….

Yankees, Indians, Marlins, Pirates, Brewers, Astros, Tigers, Cubs ….__________ (Fill in the Blank) after July 31st.

Would the Cubs carry 13 Pitchers in April?…..maybe…..but there might be a trade or two of pitchers before the Cubs break camp……..Villanueva & Cabrera are likely candidates.

How many blown saves last year? With that lack of hitting there were plenty.

Am glad to see you invoke Bruce Sutter`s name, Cubs Talk. He appeared in the very first game I ever witnessed at Wrigley Field in 1979 vs. The Expos and Andre “the Hawk” Dawson. I recall a quote Pete Rose made in the 70`s in reference to Bruce and which will be in my head until the day I`m planted: “Sutter is unhittable.”

When Bob Kennedy was Cubs GM, he tuned down a Sutter trade with the Expos involving Gary Carter…….also turned down a trade that involved his son, Terry Kennedy, Tom Herr & Durham……….this season, we have no Bowden, Camp, Guerrrei,, Marmol who blew a total of 10 games…….Russell alone blew 8 saves, and as you know, he is on the Cubs staff……….26 blown saves last year for the Cubs pitching staff………I just don’t think this team will have that many chances to save games this year as they did in 2013……..this team need hitters, or Rizzo & Castro will be pitched around when the time comes.

Guess you did not take into consideration the great 1st half Russell had last year? 2nd half he was way over used.
That’s the reason Wright was signed, now there are two LH’ers in the bullpen.

If I were a NL pitcher, I surely would not be intimidated by either Rizzo or Castro, based on last season`s performances. Would not see need to pitch around either until they proved they could do damage.

Hope Veras has arm half what Bruce did, Those were glory years.

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