2/19 Renteria on Castro

This is Rick Renteria’s first exposure to daily media briefings, and during Tuesday’s session, he misunderstood a question about Anthony Rizzo and instead offered some observations on Starlin Castro.

The questions had been about what Renteria expects from Rizzo, but the manager mixed up the pronouns and thought Castro was the subject. Renteria said he knows there’s been a lot of attention on Castro’s defense. While working out recently, Renteria saw highlights of some players’ low moments when they forgot how many outs there were, such as outfielder Larry Walker, who handed a ball to a fan, not realizing it was only the second out, not the third. Renteria said many players have had mental lapses in the game yet Castro’s moment, when he caught a pop up in shallow left and a runner scored from third because the shortstop didn’t react, got a lot of attention.

“It happens to the best of them,” Renteria said. “You talk to all those guys [who made mistakes in the past] and they’re all laughing about it now. Unfortunately for this young man, everybody decided he was the one to pick on, he was the one to make a big emphasis about what just occurred. I get it. It’s a situation where it’s a club not performing as well as everybody would want. You wouldn’t want those things to occur. We don’t expect them to continue to occur but I think this is a new year, hopefully a new environment, where high expectations are being laid for everyone. It’s incumbent on all of us as coaches to understand how these guys work and do things and help them stay on their toes as the game is progressing.”

Renteria and Castro will talk today as position players report to Cubs camp.

— Carrie Muskat


If one’s head is in the game, those brain cramps like the one committed by Castro anddescribed above, do not occur. That lapse by Starlin is indefensible. I hope Renteria is not going to defend his players regardless of the individual circumstances, the way the Seattle manager defended Robbie Cano this week.
That criticism of Cano’s lack of hustle when running out grounders made by Long of the Yankees, is legitimate. I’ve observed it for years myself, and the many Yankee fans I know have been more than upset by the behavior. I want Renteria to defend Cubs players when it is justified.

I don’t think the great ones have lapses like Castro has. Would be nice to see him get it together though,some of them are just ghastly. New season,new coaching staff,new life,give them a chance to work with him, then will see. Thats the good thing about spring training,a new beginning.

That problem could be solved should Management decide to sign that 24 y/o Cuban FA. I forgot his name, but if I were management, I would go for it.

I hope you are joking… you would rather have an unknown 24 cuban who hasn’t done anything in the MLB than having a guy who has TWICE hit over 300 and is younger than 24…………

Your right petrey10, thats why I could never be in Baseball management. I get too fed up with sensitive people. Your getting paid millions to do a job, do it. Your getting paid millions to concentrate do it. I was in management many years, sensitive people did not last long.
I do see where the Cardinals are one of the top four teams looking to sign Aledmys Diaz. You usually only hear rumors of the Cards if they are serious. The guy is 23 y/o and if the Cards are interested, I bet his defense is very good.

Remember that game when Milton Bradley caught a fly ball in right field at Wrigley with at least two runners on base? Not thinking, he heaved the ball to a fan in the stands. Lo and behold, there were not two outs at the time. I believe Lou was manager. That play was representative of Bradley’s entire tenure with our club, a disaster.

I remember that jhosk and you could be right, but I thought he just tossed it up to a little guy?

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