2/21 Here’s proof …


We weren’t kidding about Javy Baez’s home run breaking someone’s car window. Here’s proof, thanks to Grant Smith (@gbsmith84), who tweeted a photo of the damage:

“My car was one that got hit. Didn’t even get the ball either😦

Baez responded on Twitter: “Sorry about the window. i will pay it if i have to. But just don’t park there again. Lol”


That is generous of Javier, as I do not believe he is commanding the big bucks yet. Unless he was extended a humungous bonus to sign with us. I surely agree with him that it is not prudent for Grant to park in that location in the future, and would like to add, the designers of that facility should have anticipated this eventuality, and placed the parking lot out of the reach of prodigious long ball strikers of Baez’s ilk. Do you follow my drift?

All that said, Grant does not seem to mind that his windshield was shattered. Not even a little. He’s wearing it as a badge of honor.

Baez can’t command big money yet bc he was drafted and can only get so much…

Thanks for that. Had no clue.

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Any know the distance?

While Baez isn’t making “big bucks” he still got a nice chunk of change for signing with the Cubs in 2011: $2,625,000 according to Baseball America. I’m sure he can pay for new windshields for everyone who comments on here in the next week, so let’s all park our cars outside of the Cubs complex and wait for Baez to do his work!

Hello Jessica….this is Jerry Newman…..am I still covered with State Farm?

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