2/25 Cubs promo schedule

April 4-5: Cubs magnet schedule

April 18: Limited edition Joe Tinker bobblehead (first 10,000 fans)

April 20: Cubs Diecast Train Engine (first 5,000 kids)

April 23: Chicago Federals jersey (first 30,000 fans)

May 2: Limited-edition Red Grange bobblehead (first 10,000 fans)

May 3: Cubs fedora hat (first 10,000 adults)

May 4: Cubs yo-yo (first 5,000 kids)

May 6: “Pink out” t-shirt presented by Advocate Health Care and Cubs Charities (bleacher fans)

May 16: Limited edition Babe Ruth’s called shot bobblehead (first 10,000 fans)

May 17: Umbrella (first 10,000 fans)

May 18: Cubs Viewmaster (first 5,000 kids)

June 5: Jersey off our back (lucky seat winners)

June 6: Limited edition All-American Girls Professional Baseball League bobblehead (first 10,000 fans)

June 8: Andy Pafko mini figure (first 5,000 kids)

June 20: Limited edition Ernie Banks debut bobblehead (first 10,000 fans)

June 22: Cubs Mr. Potato Head keychain (first 5,000 kids)

June 27: Wrigley Field 100 tote bag (first 20,000 fans)

July 11: Limited edition Gale Sayers bobblehead (first 10,000 fans)

July 13: Cubs Etch-A-Sketch (first 5,000 kids)

July 25: Limited edition Jack Brickhouse bobblehead with sound chip (first 10,000 fans)

July 26: Ernie Banks replica statue (first 10,000 adults)

July 27: Cubs magic baseball (first 5,000 kids)

Aug. 8: Limited edition illuminating first night game bobblehead (first 10,000 adults)

Aug. 10: Cubs Rubik’s Cube (first 5,000 kids)

Aug. 22: Limited edition Kerry Wood 20 strikeout bobblehead (first 10,000 adults)

Aug. 24: Re-issue Gracie the Swan Beanie Baby (first 5,000 kids)

Sept. 5: Limited edition Greg Maddux 3,000th strikeout bobblehead (first 10,000 fans)

Sept. 7: Build-A-Bear doll (first 5,000 kids)


I want to go to so many of the games this year! I really hope so!

Good luck and have fun. They might not win a lot of games, but I truly feel that they are heading in the right direction and we will see a glimpse of that this season.

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