2/26 New name in Mesa

The Cubs’ new Spring Training complex in Mesa, Ariz., will be named the Under Armour Performance Center at Cubs Park. The stadium itself, which hosts its first Cactus League game on Thursday, remains Cubs Park. The Under Armour Performance Center, which opened this year for the first time, features the largest and most advanced strength and conditioning space in the Cactus League. The Cubs built the facility on the former Riverview Golf Course, and it includes a two-story weight and cardiovascular facility, hydrotherapy room, 120-seat theater, video room and cafeteria. The Major League clubhouse can house 68 lockers, and the Minor League facility has 206 lockers.


Under Armour Performance Center at Cubs Park. Guess I am lazy, but thats a very long name. Cubs Park will do it for me.

I’m sure most people will call it that, but I’m also sure that Under Armor is paying the Cubs to put their name on the facility, so I don’t mind the name in the least. Also, it’s kind of sad that the Cubs Arizona facility has way more player amenities than Wrigley Field does.

I would or might bet that facility in the DR has more player amenities than Wrigley Field. lol

Under Armour……same people who made those ice skating suits for our Olympian speed skaters who complained they were made wrong !

Who cares? Their money is just as good to the Cubs as anyone else’s. And I don’t think the Cubs will have to worry about Under Armour having to make them speed skating suits.

Nice!!! Wish there was a like box for comments Doug, that one gave me a belly laugh.

Our Cubbies have enough worries to think about this season…..speed skating suits is farthest from their mind.

What the Cubs should worry about……

– Avoiding another 90 loss season
– Castro & Rizzo
– Prospects advancements
– Shark not going on DL before a trade
– Roof Top Owners
– Empty seats at Wrigley
– Low sales revenue
– Renteria becoming another Dale
– Lawsuits

Yes, those are some valid concerns. However, I don’t think they are necessarily saying “we can’t have another 90+ loss season.” It would be nice if they don’t, but then again another 90+ loss season will mean another top 10 draft pick which will mean another top prospect for the system. They know their window really doesn’t start to open until a few more of their younger players finally establish themselves in the Majors. In 2015, they’ll already have Castro and Rizzo and Lake having played at least one full season, Baez and Olt and Alcantara getting ready for their first full season, and Bryant and Soler and Almora and Edwards and Johnson inching closer as well. Losing 85 as opposed to 95 in 2014 would be a little bit easier for the fans to take, but I don’t think losing 95 in 2014 will push the Cubs further from contending than they already think they are.
And I don’t think empty seats are a huge concern, considering they still were in the top half of the NL in attendance last year. And I think they know that when they do start to turn it around, the types of crowds we saw in 2007 and 2008 will return as well. It’s only if they fail to turn it around that lack of attendance growth will be a concern.

Aloha Doug- very true. At last I checked, we were still a free country and one can have any person or company as a sponsor. I just feel blessed that after two 90+ losing seasons that our Cubbies still have interest in them from a corporate level to which an Under Amour would want to put a portion of their marketing budget towards the new training complex. Not to play “devil’s advocate,” I know where you are coming from in regard to if we lose 90+ games this season we can get another top ten pick. I am not sure if that is the best way to go, meaning just keep losing and getting picks and I do not think you are advocating that either. I have no problem with youth, a better farm system, etc…I also do not have a problem with the organization finding some veterans that can still play well but also mentor the younger guys. They have to come at a reasonable price but having some seasoned folks around (i.e. a Greg Maddux type) who love the game, are family and team oriented can be a big plus. Of course they would have to know they are coming to a team that is not a contender yet but with their help can be in the near future. This is going to be a real interesting season. For me, in the back of my mind I will be asking the question: Will Samardzija be traded before the deadline? I know I should not dwell on it but because of how his contract negotiations went, it could be a distraction for this young team and that would not be good. Anyhow, go Cubbies. Mahalo!

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