3/1 Doubleheader

The Cubs will play a day-night, home-road doubleheader on Saturday, beginning with a day game in Mesa at Cubs Park against the Giants, and followed by a night game in Scottsdale against the Diamondbacks. Travis Wood is scheduled to start the first game with Edwin Jackson in the night game. It’s raining in Mesa this morning, so we’ll play it by ear. Here’s the lineup for Game 1:

Alcantara 2B
Valbuena 3B
Rizzo 1B
Ruggiano CF
Castillo C
Valaika SS
Kottaras DH
McDonald LF
Cunningham RF

T. Wood P


The game was rained out, but the big thing was: ST is not just for the Ball Players, I think its safe to say, the fans witnessed the first time ever, that the Tarp was used.
There was rain, but later the sun came out. Could it still have been played?
Grounds crew started rolling the Tarp out to close to the dugout, and to far to the 3rd base side. When it was laid out, there was a good portion of the infield between 1st and 2nd exposed. Then because they started to close to the dugout, it did not cover the back of 3rd on the infield. Leaving huge puddles in both areas.
So when they went to pull the tarp from near the dugout, into the OF all that water that was on top of the tarp, then went right to those exposed areas.
I told my wife as soon as they laid that Tarp, what was going to happen and this game would not be played.
It was actually pretty funny, going to be very costly trying to find a sell out crowd tickets to other games, I am sure someone will get reamed.
Bottom line, the Grounds Crew needs some Spring Training too. I am not complaining, it was funny.
I did get to meet Lee Smith and Fergie Jenkins, so it was a cool experience.
Off to tonight’s rain out. Hope it is as entertaining.

The ground crew are having a problem removing the falling snow off the ice at a very cold Soldier Field tonight………..please pass the hot chocolate down.

Like Castro on Thursday and Barney yesterday, I am 2 for 2. .

The problem at Cubs Park on Saturday was the large amount of water. Plus, there was more rain in the forecast.

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