3/2 Olt ready to play

Finally, Mike Olt will get on the field. Olt has been limited to the designated hitter role as he nurses a tender right shoulder. On Monday, he’s scheduled to start at first base for the Cubs in a makeup “B” game against the Angels in Tempe.

Olt has played more third than first, but playing first should limit stress on his throwing shoulder. He says the soreness is normal for Spring Training.

“It’s a little bit of a dead arm,” Olt said. “I was working it too hard to get ready.”

He much prefers playing than sitting.

“I’m not a huge fan of sitting on the bench and hitting,” Olt said. “It’ll be good to be back on the field and feel like you’re part of the game.”

The shoulder hasn’t affected his hitting in batting practice or the games so far. Eventually, he’ll get into a game at third. Olt is eager to show the Cubs he’s ready.

“If I am healthy, I do know I belong in the big leagues,” Olt said. “It’s not a matter of thinking about making the big leagues, it’s about going out there and doing my thing. Whatever happens, happens. When I do get the shot, I’ll be ready.”

— Carrie Muskat


There are many fans in his corner, including myself. He has potential to hit for power and be a big run producer.

Aloha jhosk- Yes, like you a fan and hoping that the “tenderness,” he feels in his shoulder is temporary and that he will be able to be a part of this team at some point. I like the fact that besides being in the infield he has also done work in the outfield, he is versatile and hope he can have a consistent bat. Take care, Mahalo.

Hello k.g. I have fond memories of Harry, also. Was fortunate to converse with the man at the Hunter’s Horn on Peel St. in Montreal many years ago. Did not know Olt has played outfield. Is encouraging.

Carrie…….tell your friends we had six more inches of snow since last night here in Chicago………the temp is 9 degrees.

Harry Caray 100th Birthday was yesterday………..here to you Harry!………did you know Muskat spelled backward is “Taksum”

Aloha CubsTalk-Thank you for this reminder, I am amazed that it has been 16yrs since his passing. A real treat and the few times I was able to go to Wrigley with my grandfather and see Harry hang out the window and lead the crowd in the 7inning stretch was priceless! Mahalo.

I watched the Blackhawks game from Soldier Field last night, and saw the snow. I don’t miss shoveling

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