3/3 Cubs 4, Brewers 2

Rick Renteria picked up his first win Monday with the Cubs as they beat the Brewers, 4-2. Javier Baez hit a solo homer, his first this spring, and Luis Valbuena added a RBI double. Minor Leaguer Walter Ibarra, added to the travel roster, delivered the game-winning two-run single in the seventh. The Cubs play host to the Athletics on Tuesday at Cubs Park.


Hard to see Blake Parker make this team……….The Iowa – Chicago Express will be busy this year.

Based on what, 4 games into spring training? He was pretty solid last year and there’s still a lot of spring training left to go.

Lots of games left….but there is also lots of competition to get a spot in the bullpen……what a rookie pitcher did last year does not count for this year…..besides, Renteria owes no favors to anyone to make this team.

Actually, what a pitcher did last year should factor into whether or not they make the team, especially if they are still under 30. Parker proved last year that he can pitch in the big leagues and while Renteria wasn’t here, pitching coach Chris Bosio was and is familiar with Parker. And the fact that the Cubs could get a lot of production out of Parker for less than a million doesn’t hurt either.
Of course, there are still a lot of games to be played this spring. If one of the non-roster invites pitches well and the Cubs want them on the team, then Parker could be the odd man out. Or if a prospect like Vizcaino pitches their way onto the team, again Parker could be out. Or if the Cubs don’t want to lose Alberto Cabrera, who is out of options, then Parker could be the odd man out. However, it’s early still, and at the moment I would have to give the nod to an established player. Whether that changes or not will be determined over the next few weeks. And who gets hurt over that time could play a roll in shaping the Opening Day roster as well. At this point, Dude, we just don’t know.

I may be mistaken, but I think I read that Cabrerra is out of options? A very good starter at AA. Then put in the Bullpen at AAA and winter league, where he was a total fail.
He has looked very good out of the Bullpen in JUST two games this Spring. This could be another variable in the decision making. Then add Vizcaino who had a rough first outing, but gave up no runs. Yesterday, he hit the first hitter faced, then three straight outs.
There is Veras and Russell who we know will be on the Roster, FA Wright has not looked so good in two games will most likely be on the Roster. Parker should be, in my opinion. They have to keep Villanueva as an emergency starter and bullpen.
So, that’s 7 Bullpen arms so far.
So where does that leave Rosscup, Grimm, Rondon, Strop and who departs when Fujikawa returns?
Not to mention Non Roster guys trying to make the roster?
Of course I know Strop will be there, but I guess my point is: Management has made it tough on Renteria in a good way on the decisions he makes. Management has also put a group of guys together that must go out there and perform for a spot, another good thing.

There’s a lot of games to be played …

Baez played an excellent SS yesterday. Villanueva made a great play at 3rd, if that was a sample of his his defensive skills and he can hit, Bryant might want to start looking at a position change.
So many variables with these prospects, its going to be fun watching it all play out.

at this time bryant has the most value at 3B… until someone shows they can produce that value at 3B or Bryant shows he can’t field then thats where he will be…. im hoping Olt can provide that value and allow baez to play 2B and Bryant in LF… that would be ideal but again everything has to pan out for that to happen and honestly with the Cubs luck lately I am skeptical

I would agree with you on Bryant, but thats where the word variables comes in. As I stated if Villanueva can hit at AAA and gets promoted along with Bryant at some point, there are options.
From everything I have read, Villanueva is the better defensive 3rd Baseman.

of course he is but defense is not going to be the deciding factor here…. its run production. Bryant has shown so far that he has the potential to play a decent 3B… at least slightly below average. Run production is way more valuable than defense. Plain and simple… see Barney…. I like Villanueva but he is more of a bonus … and with him being able to play a good 2B too if he can hit he would be a nice bench utility guy but I don’t see him as much more at this point

I think we are saying the same thing, using different words. Except the defense, if both make the team in 2015, thats a big if: You have to put the better defensive player at 3rd.
It is kinda funny how we as fans view these prospects. We all know they wont all make it. As you say, your not that big on Villanueva. I feel that way about Soler and sometimes Almora. Maybe because of the injuries to both last year, but Almora sure hits when he is in the game.

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