3/10 Castro to start baseball activities

Starlin Castro hopes to begin running and hitting off a batting tee on Tuesday, and hoped to be back in Cactus League games by the weekend, although manager Rick Renteria said it was more likely the shortstop would return next week. Castro has been sidelined with a mild right hamstring strain suffered March 2.

“It [stinks] to be doing this,” Castro said of the rehab. “I’d rather be playing. We’ll see this weekend if I’ll be in the game.”

It’s the second straight spring that Castro has missed time because of a hamstring injury. Last year, it was his left hamstring, and the strain was more severe. He’s already thinking about what he has to do this next offseason.

“I’ll just work a little more to get stronger,” Castro said.

The plan is to begin baseball activities on Tuesday, and start taking ground balls on Wednesday.

“I don’t want to be rushed,” he said.

— Carrie Muskat


Excuse me? You don’t want to be rushed? What the hell did you do all winter? Surely you can afford to hire a personal trainer to make sure you are ready to hit the ground running when the Spring Training bell rings. What this episode tells me, is we a certified “prima donna” that is going to be a thorn in the sides of fans, management and other players. ” I don’t want to be rushed”. Theo ought to fine him a $1000 a day for not being ready. Rushed? Please!

Diamondjim23, when you read these comments from 23 y/o players, do you take into account their age? Young, then possible language translation confusion? I wish I had a dollar for every dumb comment I made up until about 30 y/o and I grew up speaking english.
I am not sticking up for Castro as a player, I do think fans should realize that we dont all have the same educational back ground, so forgive the youngsters a little bit, especially the foreign players.

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