3/11 Rockies 13, Cubs 0

Kyle Parker hit a two-run homer as the Rockies hit for the cycle in the third inning, and Nolan Arenado, Kent Matthes and Ryan Wheeler each added two-run blasts to beat the Cubs, 13-0, on Tuesday in front of a Cactus League record crowd of 14,840 at Cubs Park. The previous attendance high was 14,770, set Sunday at Cubs Park when Chicago played host to Milwaukee. Travis Wood took the loss, giving up five runs over 2 2/3 innings.

* James McDonald will make his second spring start on Wednesday when the Cubs travel to Peoria, Ariz., to face the Mariners in a rare night game. McDonald, 29, had a tough time last season with the Pirates. He was limited to six games because of shoulder issues, and posted a 2-2 record and 5.76 ERA. Pittsburgh designated him for assignment in September, and outrighted him to Triple-A Indianapolis but McDonald refused the assignment, and elected free agency. The game will be broadcast on Cubs.com, and you can watch on MLB.TV, although it will be the Seattle feed.


I think we will just chalk this one up as one of those games. Our Cubs had been playing well the past 3-4games and just hit a snag. Colorado came ready to play and hit. I do not believe this is a reading on Wood for the entire season. Hopefully the team can just shrug this one off and prepare for the next game. Mahalo!

Almora hitting 556 !

He won’t make the club….but we should see him this summer.

Aloha CubsTalk, yes this is a bright spot and he is only 19yrs old! Hope that we do get to see him this coming year, and that he continues to get some pt during this spring. Mahalo!

No we won’t he needs another full season plus a lil next in minors he needs to stay healthy

Aloha Petrey10, agreed that he needs more time in the minors and to stay healthy as you pointed out, but just maybe he comes up for a short stint, possibly when the rosters expand towards the end of the season. Anyway, just neat to see one of our Cubs having a good spring. Mahalo!

rarely do prospects get the call up from AA in September…. so again… don’t hold your breath on that

k.g…….I have the live cam web site of Waikiki Beach…..I miss that place. The most beautiful women of the world and Hawaiian women are all along Waikiki Beach……and here I am in Chicago waiting for another Blizzard come through our city tonight.

And I am in Oregon where it RAINS, and RAINS and RAINS and then it RAINS some more! :))

Aloha White- Oregon is a beautiful place too! A lot of folks from the islands go to the colleges there and many stay. I remember our fair share of rain in the valley I grew up in. We would get rain in the early morning or late evening, I felt like it washed the place clean. Maybe you can send some of your rain a little south! Mahalo!

Aloha CubsTalk- I hope for the best for you folks in the Midwest. I have relatives there too and this reminds them, they say, of the Winters of 1982/83, they are a little south of you in Central, IL. They said it has been non-stop and the amount of below freezing days is just amazing. I am currently in Northern, CA and miss the islands too but have the family there always giving me the reports. Happy when I get to return. You take care now. Mahalo!

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