3/12 Mariners 8, Cubs 7, 10 innings

Ty Kelly hit a walkoff RBI single in the 10th to lift the Mariners to an 8-7 victory Wednesday night over the Cubs. Kelly connected off Marcus Hatley with two on and nobody out. Mike Olt went 3-for-4 with two home runs and three RBIs, and Javier Baez belted his third spring home run. John Baker drove in three runs with a double in the sixth.

* The Cubs have Thursday off, and return to Cactus League play on Friday when they play host to the Dodgers at Cubs Park in Mesa. Kyle Hendricks, the Cubs’ 2013 Minor League Pitcher of the Year, gets the start. This will be Hendricks’ third Cactus League start. In his last outing against the Brewers, he gave up two runs on three hits over three innings. First pitch is scheduled for 3:05 p.m. CT, and the game will be broadcast on Cubs.com


Olt keep it up man….

Bjax looking really bad at the plate……….time to label him a “Bust”.

I think Olt just made the team last night.

Barring any injuries or trades, our Opening Day roster looks like this……



I think the Cubs will send Lake to the minors before cutting Cabrera.

Keep in mind that Arietta hasn’t thrown to live hitters yet and we are just about half way through Spring Training. Every day he doesn’t throw to live hitters makes it more likely that he will open the season on the DL so he can start in the minors on a rehab assignment.
I also think that Lake is pretty much a lock to make the team. I know he hasn’t played great this spring, but they called him up last summer and he played as a regular for the rest of the year and did a decent job. It’s clear that they view him as a starter and the OF isn’t exactly crowded, so unless he’s completely lost by the end of Spring Training, I think he’s in.
I think if they really want to keep Cabrera, then Grimm starts the year in AAA, quite possibly as their closer. Hector Rondon and Blake Parker are also in the mix, but they have to start throwing the ball better if they want to be locks to make the team. I think the final bullpen spots will not be determined until the final week of Spring Training, so there’s still lots of time for the last group of pitchers to play themselves on or off the team.

Doug, as you state there is lots of time. My biggest thing with the Pitching so far, is the walks. You know, I know they may be working on some things, but; the number of walks this spring is just crazy.
I also see where Rule V loss, Marcos Mateo was returned to the Cubs today from the D-Backs.
When the Cubs signed Pitcher McDonald to a 1 year, 1 Million contract, they had to take a Pitcher named Marshall off the 40 man roster. I sure wish Management could go back & re-think that move. So far McDonald has shown nothing. I know there is time, I know he is coming off an injury. I just think Marshall had much more upside.

There have been a lot of walks and it is something to keep an eye on, but I wouldn’t consider it a red flag just yet. It usually takes pitchers longer to adjust to actual games than it does for hitters, so it’s no surprise to me that the pitchers are a little wild so far. Now if it’s mid-April and they’re still walking 5 or 6 guys a game, then there are problems that need to be fixed!
As for McDonald vs. Brett Marshall, I wouldn’t start to regret that move just yet. Let’s wait until the season starts and see if he even makes the Reds Opening Day roster. Don’t get me wrong, he was young and certainly had potential, but he was far from a top prospect. Occasionally, you have to lose some of your mid-level prospects in order to fill more immediate needs, in this case someone who could potentially take the #5 spot in the rotation should Arrieta start out on the DL. And for the record, looking up Brett Marshall’s stats this spring with the Reds, he’s pitched 6 scoreless innings, giving up 5 hits and striking out 7. However, like I said it is with most pitchers in the spring, he has been a little wild too, issuing 6 walks and 1 HBP, while facing mostly AAA to MLB level talent.

well idk about that quite yet but he is making a case for the starting job. If he continues to play well there is no reason we should not see him at 3B everyday

Aloha Folks-
The only thing that could have topped this would have been a win, as when I left the game our Cubs were up 7-4 in the 7th. Agreed on Olt, wonderful to see. Mahalo!

Renteria is saying if Olt’s shoulder is okay, he will make the team……

Both Parker (15.43) & Rondon (12.46) are not doing so good……and we are approaching the half way mark…….sooner or later, excuses & time will be running out……..I don’t see McDonald making this club…..and good chance Theo picks up a decent pitcher on waivers before the season starts !….btw,Cabrera has a (0.00) ERA

Look Baez to join the Cubs sometime after June 26th, due to arbitration time clock…..

If Lake still struggles, Cubs can have both Barney & Bonafacio (LF) in the line up….

Did anyone see Garza got rocked again yesterday?……

BJax….8 AB’s..5 K’s………let me guess, its early, he will turn it around.

First of all, there’s no such thing as a decent pitcher picked up on waivers at the end of spring training. If they were decent enough, they wouldn’t be on waivers in the first place. I mean, the Cubs did get lucky with Kevin Gregg last season, but I wouldn’t rely on it happening again.
Second, don’t look at just ERA as the guide to whether a pitcher will make the team or not. One bad outing, especially in relief pitchers, can sink your ERA for the entire spring. You have to look at their overall body of work, including things that don’t get recorded on the stat sheet. Are they throwing the right pitches in the right situation? Are they working well with their catchers and their coaches? Are they tipping their pitches? Are they getting ahead or falling behind in the count? Are they doing what they’re asked to do (eg. if Parker or Rondon is facing a big lefty slugger, chances are in the regular season they would be taken out for Russell or Wright in that situation, so even if they give up a big hit that drives in a few runs to the lefty slugger, the coaches might not count it against Parker or Rondon much because that’s not something they will be asked to do in a regular game). If Rondon and Parker pitch well enough from here on out, I still have one or both of them making the team, despite what will still be a high ERA.
McDonald’s had two bad outings out of three. I don’t think he’s out of it yet, but he’s pretty close. And Cabrera has only pitched 3 innings so far against mainly High A and AA talent. They’d need to see more from him and against better talent before they consider him a lock for the Opening Day roster.
I agree on Baez. That’s about when he’ll be up and when he does come up, there will be a roster shakeup. Barney to the bench or traded. Murphy or Valbuena traded or demoted or cut. We’ll see.
As I said, I think Lake is a lock. He’s young, he proved last season that he’s ready for the Majors (way more than, say, Brett Jackson did when they called him up in 2012), and you want to see if he’s worth keeping around for when Soler, Almora, and Bryant are ready to come up in 2015 (assuming Bryant moves to one of the corner OF positions at some point… let’s hope they do that because Mike Olt turns out to be the prospect everyone thought he was before his vision issues). Bonafacio will get in the lineup when he can, but I think they need to have Lake up for a full season to see if he can handle the everyday workload. They know he has talent and can face MLB pitching, now he just needs to do it over the course of a 162-game season.

Actually I did see the beginning of that contest betwixt the Brewers and Angels yesterday, Cubs Talk. I was part of a captive audience at my favorite saloon partakng of dinner. The game was on television in front of myself. Garza was pitching in the second inning and was getting shelled. The score was 8-0 and I commented to the attractive woman next to myself that had the major leagues a ten run rule , it might be invoked soon. They were not cheap hits that Matt was surrendering either. They were hard hit balls to all fields. I studied Matt’s visage and expected his temper to erupt at any moment, but alas, that did not transpire. I believe the man is comfortable in his skin , knowing he just signed a four year contract for multi millions for these chumps and that money is guaranteed. Do you follow myself.?

I am not fond of where my above comment is positioned. I was responding to Cubs Talk and it should have been placed immediately after his.

Well, I was responding to him/her too, and I beat you by almost 5 hours, so that’s why yours was after mine. I didn’t respond to the specific mention of Garza, so I’m glad you did! As for Brett Jackson, no I don’t think he’ll turn it around, no matter how much time there is left. I didn’t have him as making the Opening Day roster anyway and so far he has shown nothing that says he should be on it. They’ll probably eventually send him down to AAA and see if he can get his game back on track.

Doug….you have about 15 pitchers making this team out of ST….not happening…..maybe Arietta goes on DL……but the limit is 25 players……and yes, Theo can pick up a good pitcher at the end of ST.

I didn’t say that every pitcher I mentioned will make the team. I said they are all in competition to make the team and the 25-man Opening Day roster is not fully decided just yet. If tomorrow was Opening Day it would be different. But Opening Day is 17 days away, so there’s still open competition for the final couple bullpen spots, the final bench spot or two, some of the OF positions, third base, Opening Day starter, and who would fill in if Arrieta goes on the DL to start the season, a distinct possibility given that he has yet to appear in a regular Spring Training game this season. Nothing is set in stone this far out from Opening Day and one or even two bad outings doesn’t necessarily preclude a pitcher from making the 25-man roster. That’s all I’ve been trying to say this whole time!

Oh, and who do you think Theo will pick up at the end of Spring Training? If you’re so sure that there will be good pitchers available, surely you must have someone in mind. I stand by my statement that there won’t be a “must have” pitcher available, and if anyone does hit the waiver wire it will be a castoff from another team. And seriously, did anyone actually expect Kevin Gregg to do what he did last season? No, because if they did, he wouldn’t have been let go from the Dodgers in the first place! Plus he’s not in camp with anyone this year, so people around baseball don’t seem to have much expectation that Gregg can repeat his 2013 performance. The Cubs caught lightning in a bottle with Gregg, but it would be foolish to count on them to do it again this year.

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