3/15 Cubs Vegas lineup

Tsuyoshi Wada gets the start for the Cubs on Saturday in Las Vegas when they face the Mets at Cashman Field. The game will be broadcast on WGN TV. Here’s the lineup:

Barney 2B
Murphy 3B
Schierholtz DH
Rizzo 1B
Sweeney CF
Baez SS
McDonald RF
Whiteside C
Szczur LF

* Jeff Samardzija is starting for the Cubs in Surprise against the Royals. That game will be broadcast on WGN Radio.


Shark gives up HR to leadoff batter……meanwhile in Vegas, Wada is getting whacked around………don’t worry….still early in this ST season.

Let me guess, a pitcher throws a first pitch ball to a hitter and you jump on here to declare that pitcher will not make the team. Seriously, dude or dudette, get a life!

where did I say Shark will not make the team?……..try not be around sharp objects when the Dog Days of Summer comes around.

Another bad inning from Wada, and Carrie will be heading back to Bellagio craps table.

Someone in the Mets FO should really get Mets pitcher B. Colon on a the Jennie Craig diet…………he is a Big Boy.

BJax strikes out again…..what else is new?………what a wasted 1st round draft pick.

Brett Jackson hit a three-run homer and a two-run game-winning single against the Royals today in Surprise, by the way.

Carrie……Rauch is nothing what he use to be…..and Collins is a minor league pitcher…..now if Jackson got hose runs off of Shields, then I would say that was impressive……..I like to see BJax be with the Cubs, but BJax is still striking out too much….. right now, even Corey Patterson was a better ball player then BJax at this part of his career.

Samardzija….76 pitches in 3 innings of work so far…….this guys arm will fall off one day.

Do u seriously know anything about baseball? Why r u fretting over spring training ?

2014 will be another “Rebuilding Season” for our Cubs………more mid season trades…..more losses…………what Cubs fans can look forward to is Baez….and the return from a Samardzija trade.

If the Cubs are not in the Playoffs by 2017, what will you say then?

I will still say u know very little about the game of baseball…. Only Baez to watch? I think olt will be biggest story short term… Castro and rizzo coming back to form? Much improved bullpen?

Don’t let all this losing frustration get to you Petrey10…..going to be another long season……just think how the Cubs will be in the top three in the 2015 draft……100 years of Wrigley Field on not having a Cubs World Series Championship…..now that is sad.

Cubs 2014 motto…..”We Stinks”

Another Poor Outing by Shark………..and those so called Cubs Experts at Cubs Den believe this guy is an “Ace”.

Cubs Talk, I want to apologize for the asinine remark I made Friday. I was as wrong as I could be, and you did not deserve that.

Your apology accepted…..I had other people who did more harm to me in my life then that remark you said……. ….you are off my list.

Thanks,you are a gracious individual.

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