3/17 Free parking

The Cubs are launching a free remote parking lot operation two miles west of Wrigley Field during night and weekend games. The new remote parking lot is located at 3900 N. Rockwell Street, east of the Chicago River and immediately south of Irving Park Road. The lot has a capacity of 1,000 vehicles and will be secured by Cubs personnel. The parking service includes free shuttle transportation to and from the remote lot and Wrigley Field.

Shuttles will begin running 2 1/2 hours prior to the start of the game and will run continuously for approximately an hour post-game. At the conclusion of night and weekend games, the shuttle bus will pick up fans at the designated drop-off location on Addison Street.

This newly-introduced free remote parking lot replaces the team’s previous remote parking operation at DeVry University.

1 Comment

When August comes around….last place….no one in the stands….FREE TICKETS will be given out……….nah, that won’t happen……too many tourists will still buy tickets to say ” I was at Wrigley Field………did you see me on WGN?….yuk yuk youk” to their in-laws and friends.

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