3/17 Injury updates

* Mike Olt was scratched on Monday from the Cubs’ game because of fatigue in his right shoulder.

“We’re just looking to keep him healthy for the rest of the spring and available,” manager Rick Renteria said.

* Starlin Castro is continuing to make progress from a hamstring injury suffered March 2. Castro can make up for lost time by getting at-bats in the Minor League camp.

“Starlin was looking real well, and looked good at the plate,” Renteria said. “I’m not too worried about Starlin. His demeanor is pretty positive, pretty upbeat. I think he’s trying to get himself ready for the season.”

* Casper Wells was sidelined with back spasms Monday. He’s day to day.


whats the story on this guy Olt fatigue in the right shoulder looks like another wash out for the cubs. how can a guy have this injury when he has not played any full season for 2 years.

Olt definitely has played the past two seasons, so I don’t know where exactly you heard that. I wouldn’t label him as another wash out guy either. He’s been having a great spring and is more talented than any other third baseman competing for the major league job. I find myself having to say this too often on this site, but do your research before assuming you know everything about a player you’ve never heard of.

well said briney

We might have seen the last of McDonald……after two pitches, he left the game.

BJax & Vitters are both King of Strikeouts………….I think we all have seen enough of these two players.

Aloha CubsTalk- I think their time could be limited now as they are not producing. I sure hope Olt can work through this shoulder stuff but if it is a re-occurring thing, he may have to be cut or put down in the minors to work this out. McDonald as you mentioned maybe out. I think about Mark Prior and how much money and time was spent on him, I do not think the organization can do this again. We need healthy arms, players that can start at least 30+ games a year. Hopefully a couple will shine through s.t. and the season at hand. Mahalo!

These fragile dudes have two years to get healthy. No need to rush them. I base those assertions on Wednesday`s USA Today which states we are not going to be relevant until 2016.

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