3/17 James McDonald update

James McDonald, a candidate for the fifth spot in the Cubs rotation, had to leave Monday’s game in Phoenix after throwing two pitches. McDonald, who started against the Athletics, was bothered by soreness in his right shoulder. He will be re-evaluated on Tuesday.

“He’s shaking his arm when we went out there just to talk to him,” Cubs manager Rick Renteria told reporters in Phoenix. “ He felt that his arm wasn’t feeling right, so we just said, ‘OK, we’ll just not take any chances. Let’s go ahead and take him in and he’ll be evaluated.’”

McDonald was a candidate for the fifth starter spot, and there are only two weeks remaining in Spring Training.

“There are any number of ways we can do it,” Renteria said about building endurance. “ But right now, as it stands, I just want to make sure he’s OK.”

McDonald was limited to six games last season with the Pirates because of shoulder issues, and posted a 2-2 record and 5.76 ERA. Pittsburgh designated him for assignment in September, and outrighted him to Triple-A Indianapolis but McDonald refused the assignment, and elected free agency.

— Carrie Muskat


We are into $1,000,000 with this guy…any chance we can cut him loose before paying all his 2014 salary?….I know there is a cut off date to do this on players……sorry for this guy’s injury, but as players and their union boss say “This is a business now”…..lets dump McDonald and use that money on other healthier players.

We’re not $1,000,000 into anything. James McDonald signed a minor-league contract with the Cubs, so it’s non-guaranteed.

If he signed a Minor League contract, why was he put on the 40 man roster?

McDonald’s contract is non guaranteed so the Cubs can cut him prior to opening day paying only a minor pro rated portion as a sort of termination pay. So it basically amounts to a minor league deal that costs a 40 man spot, which in my opinion was worth it, even if McDonald gets released, it will have only cost a minor amount of cash and Brooks Raley, who was expendable with Rusin around. The upside of McDonald was well worth it, to me.

I was disappointed in losing Brett Marshall to the Reds when putting McDonald on the 40 man roster. I know Management is looking for Pitchers this year, to get them by until some youngsters start arriving.
I thought Marshall had alot more upside than McDonald. We will see, but not very happy with either McDonald thus far.

Aloha briney- I think it is all right to take a chance, one never knows if it will work out or not and s.t. is the time to see “results.” The Cubs now have to make decision, they chose to roll the dice with McDonald who missed most of last season and now his shoulder is bothering him again. I am sure if the doctor’s say it is a no-go he will be released and soon. To what Jasper mentioned, I kind of agree with him on the fact that since the team has been in rebuilding mold now for the past 2-3yrs and the fans-supporters understand this, then why take a chance on a McDonald? It is one thing if you are possibly in contention but our Cubs are not. But as you state, if his contract is the way it is, then hopefully the cost monetarily speaking is low. Well it is good that we have Rusin as he may be the 3rd/4th starter behind Jeff S. and Travis W. Mahalo.

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