3/20 Cubs lineup

Mike Olt makes his first start at third base on Thursday when the Cubs play host to the Mariners at Cubs Park in Mesa. Jeff Samardzija gets the start in his tune up for Opening Day. You can listen to a broadcast on Cubs.com. Here’s the lineup:

Lake LF
Barney 2B
Schierholtz RF
Olt 3B
Sweeney CF
Castillo C
Murphy SS
Roberts 1B
Samardzija P


I would like to see a line up like this for a couple days.

Bonifacio 2B
Castro SS
Rizzo 1B
Olt 3B
Schierholtz RF
Castillo C
Sweeney CF
Lake or Kalish LF

Aloha Jasper- That is an interesting line-up and if Olt can hold up would be great. I know many on here have expressed competition at 2B as more offense is needed. Barney’s defense is great, just wish his bat could pick up some, Bonifacio is versatile in playing many positions and steal bases too. I am curious about Roberts at 1st, I know he has played other positions but agree with you about Rizzo and the rest getting a chance to play a few games together, especially if there is a good chance that many will be starting come April. We’ll have wait and see. Mahalo!

K. g. as always, I appreciate your kind words. I know others will vary on their line up likes. Its all ok. I also realize Renteria is still looking over non roster types, such as Roberts, Kalish, ETC.
The regualr lineup will probably start playing together some time next week. I realize also with Barney and his very poor OBP last year, he may improve this year. Also, he was still above WAR, because of his defense.
My opinion and certainly not others is: The Cubs have not had a certified Lead Off type in many years. I have hopes for Bonifacio because of his ability to beat out inf hits, speed that puts pressure on the defense.
Would I like to see him in the OF, so Barney can stay at 2B? No. The reason being, that would take a power bat out of the line up while playing Bonifacio and Barney.
My hopes are Barney, Castro & Rizzo all get over whatever they were taught or told last year. When Castro hit over 300, he was bunting for base hits, making the INF play him in. Therefore getting base hits past them when swinging away. I dont know if or how many bunt attempts last year, but it was not many.
Some may disagree with what I saw, I dont care. The speed Bonifacio has, could be a game changer.

Aloha Jasper- You are welcome. Good points about “positioning” certain players and not losing as you stated a power bat. Also to have a lead off hitter and certainly Bonifacio could fill that need if he steps up and takes it. “Small ball,” can really change a game, it frustrates the opposing pitcher and defense and builds confidence in our Cubbies. Not saying that we will not hit any hrs but to be able to manufacture runs by speed and hits and not depending on the long ball would be breath of fresh air. The SF Giants in 2010 proved what could be done with good pitching, good defense and small ball hitting. Competition is a good thing and all the players must understand that you have to go out there and earn it and what you said in regard to Castro, Barney and Rizzo rings true, they are not guaranteed a position and have to be hungry in order to have a spot on the team. It not only strengthens them but the team overall. This will be a tough season (W-L) but I also think an exciting one too! Mahalo!

K.g. Even should the Cubs win only 64-67 games this year, it will still be very exciting. Most fans only see the wins & loses. Some fans are so into sabermetrics, all they see is STATS, forgetting the human element. Some just go to a game to enjoy Baseball, not caring who wins.
I look forward to seeing guys brought up, Trades, the Draft, keeping up with the Minor Leagues and their stats. I enjoyed the Cubs Minor Teams going to three Championships last year, winning one.
I enjoyed the Fall League and seeing Bryant receive the MVP Trophy. I enjoyed going to see the Cubs in Las Vegas last week, getting a Rizzo foul ball after his two Homers.
I guess the enjoyment this year will come from the individual fan and how they see things.

Aloha Jasper- agreed, even if they only win 64-67 it will be an exciting season. That is cool that you made it over to LV to see them play and to get a Rizzo foul ball is very neat. I remember so many years ago going to HoHoKam park, that was a treat. I am glad that I have the MLB radio, just heard Lake made a great catch robbing a Mariner of a hr! Jeff S, pitched a pretty good game and had 8so. And yes, the individual fan will make up their own mind but agreed that I hope all of us Cub fans have enjoyment this year knowing the work going into the organization to help it be competitive not only for a “season” but many to come. Mahalo!

i think the lineup honestly…. only thing I would say is I don’t care about speed at leadoff… while the great ones have it they are leading off bc they GET ON BASE.. so if Castro has higher OBP I would flip flop those two. Leadoff is more about OBP than speed. But yes the two can be tied together. Also if you get 280/330/420 from Castro …. get 270/330/470 from Rizzo… and 240/ 320/450 from Olt… we have a decent team if they get those numbers

I think of successful teams of the past, I agree OBP is very important. I thought that was a given and did not need to be stated, my bad. However you get a guy with OBP and speed, then you have a leadoff hitter. Lofton, Ellsbury, Brock, you know, those kind of guys.
Granted Bonifacio is not one of those, but I think speed does put pressure on the defense, mostly pitcher. Put pressure on the pitcher, the hitter might hit a mistake for a two run homer. Who knows?
Agree or not, I dont care, its my opinion.

I like to see Olt on the Opening Day roster…..but the “Baseball Expert” in me says put Olt in Iowa / Extended Spring Training to get more at bats and get more healthier with his shoulder…….hate to see this guy pull a hamstring in the cold weather in the first couple of weeks.

The only thing I disagree with in your comment is: the Baseball expert in you. If you or I, were Baseball experts, we might be working in Management somewhere.
In my opinion an expert has the privy of inside knowledge that I dont have, and positive from your posts, you do not have.
Writers are not even experts, the only information they have is what players and Management give them. Again, my opinion.
So if finishing first, in your last years Fantasy League makes you believe your a Baseball expert, that indeed is a nice fantasy.

Aloha CubsTalk- I am with you, would love to see Olt as well. Carrie made the point too about getting more at bats. I hope the organization can work with him, if he is in Iowa, for him to understand it is about getting healthy so that he can play a 162 game season. He sure has been exciting to watch in his limited pt this spring and hope today goes well for him as he starts at 3b. Mahalo!

Dont understand the At Bats having anything to do with it. Olt was tied for 2 most At Bats (34) this Spring with several other players. Baez having the most at 39.
He played tonight and is scheduled to play tomorrow. So he has as many At Bats as any other regular.
Then add, what does the At Bats have to do with throwing from 3rd Base? His At Bats are fine, his arm is supposed to be the question, can he play 3rd or cant he?
Hopefully he can play 3rd, if he can, he should make the team if he keeps hitting.

If we are talking Minor League At Bats, over 360 at AA, over 360 at AAA last year with vision problems and over 30 with the Texas Rangers.

you are no baseball expert…. more of a beginner

If your talking to me petrey10, I know I’m not. lol I do like discussing and taking in other views.🙂

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