3/21 Cubs vs White Sox

The Cubs face their intracity rivals, the White Sox, today in Glendale. Chris Rusin, battling for that fifth spot in the rotation, gets the start. Javier Baez, who shares the Cactus League lead in home runs with five, will start at shortstop. Here’s the lineup:

Bonifacio 2B
Lake CF
Rizzo 1B
Olt DH
Ruggiano LF
Baez SS
Kalish RF
Valbuena 3B
Baker C

Rusin P


Olt not playing third…..hmmmmm……he had an easy time at third yesterday…….I still say he will be at Iowa / extended Spring Training or put on DL to buy him some time for warm weather to hit Chicago………

Some speed at the top of the lineup…..reminds me of the days of Dernier & Sandberg.

FYI, Olt will be at 3B on Saturday. It’s a day on, day off kind of thing so they don’t overdo it with his shoulder

Well one thing for sure, they are giving Olt and Baez alot of At Bats this spring. The two have had more than any others so far. I like the fact they are giving Olt a very good look before making whatever decision they make.

There are three MLB players who were HOF bound but injuries halted their career…..

J R Richard…..
Fred Lynn….
and Bo Jackson

Aloha CubsTalk- wow, blasts from the past, I remember as a kid watching Houston’s dynamic dual of Ryan and Richard throwing in the mid to high 90’s. Was just amazing and sad when J.R. had to end. Same for Lynn and Jackson. Mahalo.

Olt is 2-2 so far today……seeing baseballs as beach balls……not cheap hits either…all off from a MLB pitcher………maybe Olt heads north……competition for infield spots will heat up for the last two weeks…….

Could Theo deal Samardzija before Opening Day?……….unlikely, but more teams then ever are sending scouts to watch Samardzija pitch………

Rusin looking good so far……….

and Valbuena is telling Renteria, “Hey I am your third baseman for Opening Day”….BOOM SHOCKALAKA !

Aloha CubsTalk- Exciting as Rusin again showed up to play with 5 scoreless innings and as you mentioned Valbuena knocking in those 2 hrs. For Olt to get those 2 hits and begin a rally in the 4th was great. I hope and pray that his shoulder continues to heal and that at some point in the season he is able to be on the roster. Mahalo.

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