3/24 Cubs split-squad lineups for Tuesday

The Cubs will have day-night split squad games on Tuesday, with half the team playing the Angels at Cubs Park at 1:05 p.m. and the other half in Peoria, Ariz., to face the Padres at 7:05 p.m. Here are the early lineups:

Vs. Angels, Cubs Park
Lake CF
Valbuena 2B
Schierholtz RF
Olt 3B
Ruggiano LF
Vogelbach 1B
Barney SS
McDonald DH
Whiteside C

Wada P

Vs. Padres, Peoria, AZ
Bonifacio 2B
Kalish RF
Rizzo 1B
Sweeney CF
Baez SS
Baker C
Roberts 3B
Coghlan LF
C.J. Edwards P


When we come down to it……the Cubs have only two everyday players….Rizzo & Castro….and the rest of the players would be consider back-ups on other teams…not starting players as they would be with the Cubs……..maybe Castillo can be a player who can stay healthy and play 140 games this season……..if Castillo goes down to injury, does anyone have Koyie Hill’s phone number?…………….or George Mitterwald’s phone number?

Cubs are very weak at Catcher, there is no doubt there. As we all know and hopefully understand, the Cubs are also weak at most other positions at the ML level.
I really don’t see much change in the bullpen, lots of name changes, but talent wise?
This is Tuesday of the last week of ST, still have not seen what might appear to be a regular lineup.
Olt would be a huge help, but his two errors in a game makes him very questionable as the opening day 3rd baseman.
Not one of the starting pitchers has showed any signs of consistency. Jackson & Villanueva look awful. Samardizja and Wood look like they would have a hard time making another starting staff. Rusin, is like a box of chocolate’s, you never know what your going to get.
In the cold weather up north, should the Cubs get a lead, it will be on the Bullpen again. The last two years blown saves in April have ruined the team before the season gets underway. I have seen nothing impressive from the bullpen in ST. Unless of course, walking hitters could somehow be a positive thing.
I am hoping to attend the last two ST games at Chase Field this weekend. I think we are all in for another long year. Looking forward to see what young talent might be brought up at the end of the year. The June Draft. Trades before the deadline and hoping the Minors go to some more Championships.
Can Veras save games in the cold of April? We will see.

this bullpen is MUCH MUCH better than last years. Pretty much upgrades at every position when you factor in the experience that the younger guys got last year. I am not worried at all about our bullpen. Our SP is not good and I am pretty sure we won’t have any over achievers this year like we did last year (Wood). Olt’s errors were hopefully more about getting into a rhythm than his actual ability. He has always been said to play a good 3B

All I can say on the bullpen is, we will see. I admire your positive attitude and hope you are correct, I just don’t see it.
Olt would have a huge impact if he makes the team.

ok lets list this… what don’t you see? I don’t see Marmol who was possibly the worst Closer in all of baseball… Veras is an upgrade right there… I won’t go through every player but I don’t see any arm that is worse than last years bullpen and our bullpen the last month or two was pretty decent. And we have the depth there to help come injuries. I guess I just don’t see what there is to be down on. Sure its not the best bullpen in the majors but its at least average if not slightly above average which gives us 5 more wins at least over last year.

First off, is it any real surprise that the Cubs look like they could be bad in 2014? Like you said, the important thing is that the minor leagues continue their turn around and that we start to see some movement on those minor leaguers towards the Major Leagues. Not only with Baez finally coming up this summer, but see Bryant and Soler progress at AA and Almora progress at High-A. And of course any others who might be in the mix as well.
Second, while it is okay to be concerned about things you see during Spring Training, I wouldn’t be in full on panic mode about it. Looking back at last year’s ST stats, Travis Wood had a 4.43 ERA with a 1.48 WHIP including 11 walks in 20.1 innings. Of course he went on to have an All-Star season, proving that spring training stats don’t always project on how a player’s regular season will turn out.

No shocker at all Doug on 2014. My thought process on that post was a warning to the negative Nancy’s.
Anything positive in April will be a huge bonus in my eyes. Example would be a few saves or a fast start. If not, oh well. It will still be a interesting season.

so spring training stats don’t mean much?? LOL ya ummmm I think this is where Cubstalk/Joey would say I told you so…. I get it …. Im not sitting here expecting the Cubs to be good but I think we could be better than last year by a few games. I think our improvement will be in the bullpen and I expect…. absolutely expect Rizzo and Castro to be MUCH MUCH better. The wild card is Olt. A successful season for Olt could mean a much better than anticipated Cubs team. There will be some more run production thats for sure (if he succeeds).

Aloha Folks- Listening on the mlb radio to today’s game against the Angles of course their announcers bring up “Cubs” news including if Jeff S. will stay or be traded for good players. Of course I am hoping that the bullpen can hang in there this year but am also concerned about catcher. Was thinking after the Yankees signed Brian McCann that they might be willing to trade one of their “extras,” but I know we also need the pitching. So it would be interesting to see as the season advances when the trades come, who the FO works with and the needs being filled on both sides. I will admit coming from the islands I wish the Cubs might have looked at Kurt Suzuki as he is well respected by the pitching staffs he has worked with, has good defensive skills, and in the past had an alright bat. But that is that as the Twins have him now and moved Mauer to first base. Our Cubs have a lot of holes to fill and as Doug said above, we hope that the farm system continues to grow in success and also see success with some of our current folks, including the possibility of a healthy Olt! 7th inning and our Cubbies are up 3-2! Mahalo!

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