3/24 The Garza deal

Rangers GM Jon Daniels apparently is kicking himself after last July’s trade with the Cubs in which he sent four players to Chicago for Matt Garza.

“I thought way too short term with the Garza deal last year,” Daniels told the Arizona Republic. “That one’s got a chance to haunt us and haunt me.”

The Rangers dealt Mike Olt, C.J. Edwards, Justin Grimm and Neil Ramirez to the Cubs in exchange for Garza last July.

“Having seen all of them, and C.J. will throw for us on Tuesday night, I won’t speak for [Daniels],” Cubs Rick Renteria said. “Do I think we’re in a good place with the guys we got? Sure. That’s all I’ll say.”

Garza went 4-5 with a 4.38 ERA in 84 1/3 innings for the Rangers, who didn’t make the postseason. Olt is vying for a spot on the Cubs’ Opening Day roster, Edwards had a terrific season in 2013 and will start Tuesday night for the Cubs, and Grimm is in the mix for a bullpen spot.


good move Cubbies!! Jim Hendry would have gotten taken on this deal.

FYI Hendry was the one who drafted Javier Baez…. he wasn’t as bad a GM as most think. He was put in a tough position throughout his tenure with ownership. I would love to have seen what this FO could’ve done with the deep pockets Hendry was given.

The deal in July 2012 was only Olt & Perez……but Garza got hurt.

Theo will have a nice haul of prospects when Shark gets traded this summer……it will over shadow the Garza deal………..and lets not forget that Hammel & Villanueva will be traded before Aug 1st…….and maybe even Edwin Jackson !………Cubs 2015 starting rotation will look entirely different……..Edwards, Hendricks & P Johnson will be throwing serious innings by that time.

you can’t trade the whole team bud… seriously where are you coming up with this crap? When is the last time the Cubs have made that many trades in less than 4 months?

I see where Daniels is coming from but honestly there is still a long way to go for us to know if we truly won the trade. Olt while doing fine so far has yet to play in the MLB for the Cubs. Yes I am optimistic on him but its not a win yet. He is a huge piece to this rebuild though. Edwards is also looking good but again he has yet to pitch above A+ ball… it will take us a couple more years to really know the facts here. A trade like that is done to put your team over the brink of WS contention and the Rangers didn’t get it done… thats why Daniels is most upset

Cubs Talk: I suspect that they’ll trade Shark, Barney, Hammel, Veras, and Schierholz. Jackson would be great, but I doubt they can find a buyer. Petrey – during the season last year, the Cubs traded Garza, Feldman, Soriano, Scott Hairston, Carlos Marmol, and Steve Clevenger. That’s six players. Cubs Talk only mentions four players. Rude and ignorant is not a good way to go through life.

wish they would have kept Scott Feldman and catcher/ firstbaseman Steve Clevenger.

Scott Feldman is nothing special. He’s a back of the rotation guy who can be replaced without too much difficultly. In fact, the Cubs literally did replace Feldman this offseason. Go to baseball-reference.com and look up Feldman and Jason Hammel. You’ll find that they are in each other’s top 4 similarity scores, which means they’re about as statistically close to being the same pitcher as possible.
As for Clevenger, forget him. Forget him as quickly as Cubs fans have forgotten Tony Campana! It’s not worth it wasting any precious brain power on thinking what the Cubs would have been like if only they kept Steve Clevenger. Trust me, by this time next year you’ll be too busy lamenting over why the Cubs couldn’t have held on to Logan Watkins to remember exactly who Steve Clevenger was.

you obviously haven’t read his other posts with a list of about 22 players… try knowing what you are talking about before bashing…

That was a good trade cause i think it involved money too. Now Garza can join Ramirez because it is all about winning! Well that was what ARAM said. With the injury bug hitting some teams hard it makes some of the past trades and signings even better. You cant win them all but the Cubs are def. moving forward. The end of spring training could be very exciting for the F.O.

Yes good deal for the Cubs!! the Cubs are moving in the right direction!!

Mariners released Scott Baker today.

Didn’t you predict that joey?

No I didn’t……..and who is Joey?
You said that before……did I miss a joke ?…..
I knew a kid I hung out with 45 years ago named Joey……
then there was Joey Heatherton…a sexy blonde during the 60’s…
as for Scott…..he needs to buy Theo a dinner or two for that contract from last year.

I surely do recallJoey Heatherton, Cubs Talk. She was a “knockout.” I was jealous of Lance Rentzel of the Cowboys when he courted and married her. Not so much when they divorced.

You know what he did that got the divorce started?

Have no clue. Am all ears, if it will pass the censors.

jhosk…..just Wikipedia joey h. and see why.

I followed up on your suggestion, Cubs Talk. Thanks for that. I`ll never view the man again the way I had prior.

Aloha Folks- Neat to see of all things this article as we have been discussing the merits of this trade for our Cubbies. I do not want to say I feel bad for the Rangers because look at how many times the Cubs were burned on trades. It is nice to see one hopefully work in our favor. There is risk in any of these trades as Garza could have been to the Rangers what Sutcliffe was for our Cubbies in 1984 and the folks we got from the Rangers might have not worked out. Anyhow, I like Schierholtz, I have been watching him since he began with the Giants. His defense is great and a good throwing arm, plus he can run. I wish he could hit better against righties which is ironic considering he bats from the left. But if the Cubs are to move others like E. Jackson, then they might have to move folks Schierholtz. I think he is a good influence for the younger players and for the outfield. I am hoping and praying that Olt is getting stronger day by day, not to rush him but that at some point he is starting for this team. I know a lot can happen between now and opening day. Should be interesting. Mahalo!

There was no risk on the Garza trade, none! He was going to become a FA at the end of the year. No risk trade, brought some nice prospects. Now they either make it or they don’t, no risk.

Aloha Jasper- Good point on Garza becoming a FA and knowing most likely the FO would not pay for another contract for him. Yes, it is looking good right now! Mahalo!

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