3/27 Cubs 4, White Sox 3

Ryan Sweeney hit his first spring home run to lift the Cubs to a 4-3 victory Thursday over the White Sox in front of 15,170 at Cubs Park, setting a single-season Cactus League record. The Cubs drew 213,815 at the new ballpark, breaking the old mark of 203,105, which the team set in 2009 at HoHoKam Stadium. In 15 home games, the Cubs averaged 14,254 fans, tops in the Cactus League, and Cubs Park now has the top 11 single game Cactus League attendance marks.

Travis Wood, who will start the second game of the regular season for the Cubs on Wednesday in Pittsburgh, gave up two hits over three scoreless innings. The lefty is ready to play games that count.

“I think that’s unanimous around the clubhouse — everybody is ready to get away from here and get things rolling,” Wood said.

Wood is coming off his first 200-inning season, and took the same approach this offseason.

“I took the same approach as I did the offseason before last,” he said. “It seemed to work for me last year and I didn’t want to change anything and keep everything in stride and keep it rolling.”

Sweeney made it 2-0 with a leadoff home run in the second, his first this spring. It was the 36th home run by the Cubs this spring, tops in the Majors.

* On deck: The Cubs close the exhibition season with games Friday and Saturday at Chase Field against the Diamondbacks. Edwin Jackson will start Friday for Chicago. Shortstop Starlin Castro, injured in the third Cactus League game March 2, hopes to play both games in his final tune up for the regular season. The game will be broadcast on Comcast SportsNet and Cubs.com.


Miguel Cabrera gets a 8 year extension for $248 million.

Now that Kalish & Baker were added to the 40 man roster…who gets kicked off?……

McDonald has to be one…….Vitters maybe another as he was dogging it in ST.

Looks like Cubs had two open slots on 40 man roster.

Kottaras and Murphy were taken off the 40-man roster when they were released and claimed off waivers by the Rangers respectfully. For someone who posts hourly updates as to the makeup of the Cubs roster, I would think you of all people would know this.


Oh, and they’ve already stated that McDonald is going to be on the team, but start the season on the DL. I’m pretty sure Carrie wrote that in one of her recent posts. He’s probably going to be the Scott Baker of 2014, except he’s making a lot less than Baker did, so it’s not as big of a deal to keep him around.

I know there are Cubs Kool Aid drinkers out there believing the Cubs will attract major free agents once they have a new tv/radio deal………..it does not work that easy…………first, our Cubs just SUCK……three straight 90 plus losing seasons……going on number four…….no major free agent will want to play here…..and who can we sign?……lets look at major free agent hitters alone……anyone?….anyone?……..our infield might be set if Olt is our main guy at third base….Olt, Castro, Baez, Rizzo……if not Olt, then Bryant at third……..look at our outfield…….if Olt takes third, Bryant is then in LF or RF, and Almora in center…….we will see where Soler ends up……..really, all our positions are taken up…..so that leads to Pitching………Indians Materson is not coming to Chicago……he rather play with a winning team………major players want WS rings, not to be stuck at the bottom of the division waiting for the youngsters to produce……so Theo will have to make what he gets through trades & drafts…….I sure like to see the Cubs win big, but it is not going to happen this year, or next year…….when do I think the Cubs be in the playoffs?…..maybe 2016……2017 for sure…….or Theo might have to look for a new job…………Wrigley Field renovation is like putting Lip Stick on a Pig……what major free agent wants to come here because Ricketts updated the food stands and restrooms?……….WF lacks hitting areas for batters…..the dugout is small……and the bullpen area is exposed…………only free agents the Cubs will sign will be guys coming near to their careers or had TJ issues the season before………..building a new stadium would enhance major free agents coming here, along winning a few division titles along the way……………but the real reason why major free agents won’t be coming here is because the Ricketts will not spend the big contract money……..yes Cubs fans, your Cubs Owner is a Cheap Ass……..I really don’t blame Ricketts for being a Cheap Ass……I do blame Ricketts if he is going to be a Cheap Ass, and put a team on the field that will SUCK, then lower ticket prices…..when Baez, Bryant, Castro, Rizzo, all start to win, then Ricketts can raise his ticket prices………..and one last thought…..most people in the stands & bleachers today are not really Cubs fans…….they are mostly tourists, beer drinkers, sun bathers and girl watchers…….once the 7th inning song is sung, and the Cubs are losing, the people start heading for the local bars……….and that is the reality of our Cubs for 2014……but hey, anything can happen for the Cubs in 2014…….we have a New Manager who can yell in English, Spanish and Japanese to his pitchers on the mound, and we don’t have Marmol, Camp & Bowden in the bullpen anymore.

Joey, your going crazy!!! Obama Care not paying for your Bi Polar meds?

Jasper, please tell me why I am so wrong……throwing insults at me does not prove your argument…………..if you have wisdom, thoughts or opinions, please share it with us.

I think it’s multiple personalities… We will get better we are not always going suck things will get better…. Not coming to Chicago Bc we suck is a fixable problem

Yeah Ricketts is so cheap…I can’t believe he’s only paying upwards of $300 million out of his own pockets to renovate Wrigley. And as far as free agents not wanting to sign with losing teams, I can think of tons of free agents who signed with losing teams but for the sake of time I’ll just say Robinson Cano and I think that will suffice

Did the Cubs offer Cano the same amount of money as Seattle did?…..and what about all that talk of no matter what, the Cubs will out bid everyone on Tanaka?……….sure, Cubs sign free agents….only those who are at the end of their career or have past medical issues at discount rates………yes Ricketts is cheap…..but those ball tickets are not for the quality of players we see on the field.

No they didn’t offer him the same money, thankfully. But you missed my point, the Mariners have been a losing team just like the Cubs and they brought in the biggest free agent of the offseason. And I would fault you for believing that they would outbid everyone for Tanaka, if the posting system didn’t change, maybe that would’ve been true, but they never came out and guaranteed they would outspend everyone. I’m personally glad they didn’t sign either one, they were both overpaid, the Yankees were desperate for pitching and Jack Z is desperate to keep a job.

They are spending, just not stupidly. Name one of the free agents from the past few years you would’ve wanted Jed and Theo to sign? Pujols? Prince? Ellsbury? Choo? Cano? Sure they’re all great players but they’re not worth that money. They were in on cespedes, Darvish, and Ryu, they nearly had Anibal Sanchez until he gave the Tigers the chance to match the offer. The front office isn’t just being cheap to be cheap, they’re being smart.

joey, wherever you are know that your postings are missed and may God bless your life as you go forth!

Aloha White-san,
Yes, I hope God can bless all of our lives going forth, even if our Cubbies have a tough year I am hopeful that it builds more character in them and prepares them for the road ahead. Cannot wait for the season to arrive! Mahalo!

Who is this “Joey” guy?……can someone point one his writings out in Carrie’s archives.

He posted under joeydafish. Something happened and he said he would no longer be able to post for a while. Just hoping he is okay!

Okay…I remember seeing that name tag a few times.

Jasper…still waiting on your thoughts on the Cubs future & plans……..I know Doug & Petrey have nothing to contribute other then personal insults………….I see plenty of those insulting personal remarks over at Cubs Den & Chicago Cubs Online with their Bloggers………105 Years of Frustration must be part of that.

It’s pretty hard to have 105 years of frustration when you’re not 105 years old. And while I enjoy watching and discussing Cubs baseball, I don’t let it frustrate me and effect my life. Okay, maybe I was a little bummed after the 2003 playoffs and 2008 was sure a letdown, but that’s about it! My “personal insults” was just me simply wondering how someone who seems so keyed into how the Cubs roster will break down didn’t realize that the two guys they got rid of yesterday created two open roster spots. And from the other posting, I’m still wondering what the point of you listing former Cubs pitchers spring ERA was. I was interesting in knowing what the point was and discussing it, but so far I have yet to see an answer.

Hey Doug….I am “human” just like you…..I made a mistake on looking at Cubs roster numbers……..did you ever read all the mistakes they make over at Cubs Den?…..their Editor has to revise his error filled stories every day…..do you “Bitch” on their site?……………as for posting ST ERA numbers, it was just “informing” what our former team players are doing with their new teams……many people wish we still had guys like Maholm & Feldman……they served their purpose on this club…..the same way that Hammel & Veras will serve this year……both will be gone by Aug 1st for Prospects who can help us down the road…..I should have included Rays Archer who has 0.90 ERA this Spring….but I rather take Edwards…………..2003 & 2008 was nothing compared to 1984 Cubs………watching Garvey hitting a game winning HR off of Lee Smith….then seeing Sutcliffe with a lead, and watching Leon Durham misplay a ball hit to him and see the leading runs come in…………now that was sadness………I hope you saw your answers here and it satisfied your quest for knowledge.

Yes, thank you very much. And I was too young to know what was going on in 1984, but I’m sure it was a tough time to be a Cubs fan. A fun season with a suddenly disappointing ending, just like 2003 and 2008 were!

As I said earlier, I have the Cubs at the bottom of their division in 2014…….as for the players, there will be many who will come and go through out the season……..Samardzija trade will be the “Big” one………Baez should be exciting to watch, but he still has to work on his pitch selection before he arrives at Wrigley………..I think Vizcaino, Ramirez & Hendricks will all improve our pitching staff later in the year…….last go around for Rusin & Cabrera……..look for P.Johnson & Almora to make the “fast track” to Wrigley…………There will be only one Cubs All Star in 2014…that will be Castillo………….player who I think will put up big numbers will be Junior Lake….this guy knows that Almora, Bryant, Soler are not to far behind, so Lake will have to show he can stick with this club……..guys like Bjax & Vitters will have no future with the Cubs and might end up in a trade package later in the season…….as who will be traded…..I think no one is safe on a last place team……if Theo gets overwhelmed with trade offers for players like Castro or Rizzo, Theo will pull the trigger…………and would you object if the Cubs traded Castro to the Cardinals this season Theo was offered the right prospect package?……..how soon do you Cubs fans want to see this team compete?…..or would you rather sit back and enjoy the quality of players you are accustomed of watching?………if Theo can’t get the job done, then who will?

U proposing all these trades are unrealistic … Castro is cost controlled and staying …. Plain and simple..

What is more Plain & Simple…..is that the Cubs will end last in their division this year………….Castro really has a cheap contract….and has major trade value……..if a Castro trade can bring back four major impact prospects, with Baez & Alcantara in the minors ready to take over, Theo will make it happen……….when the Cubs are ending up in last place year after year, major changes have to be made.

Trading Castro is making another hole ur not fixing anything with trading him alcantara is < Castro … If he was better he would have value on a trade as a headliner. Alcantara is no more than a secondary piece

U state Baez as option for ss when u were one to criticize his defense there last year …. Why???? U jump back n forth on too many issues… Pick a side or admit u were wrong

Guys like vitters n bjax have no value … There will be no trade

Also when has this front office fast tracked anyone ? If they have done anything it’s the opposite

197 losses under Theo so far….how is that working out at this point?….and don’t give the “Hendry” excuse ……………Red Sox had 93 losses in last place in 2012……ended up as World Series champs in 2013.

197 losses but built a strong farm system and rid the team of bad contracts…. that freaking awesome and something you are to dense to see. The future is bright and we are on the path to winning….open your eyes

Yes, the Red Sox lost 93 games in 2012 and ended up winning the World Series in 2013, but their situation was nothing like the Cubs situation. Despite their 93 losses, they still had some decent talent on that team and just needed some tinkering to get good again. Well, tinkering and key players to remain healthy for the season and to have bounce-back years. And that’s exactly what happened. David Ortiz & Jacoby Ellsbury played a combined 164 games in 2012. In 2013, they combined for 271 games. Dustin Pedroia missed 21 games in 2012. In 2013, he only missed 2. Jon Lester and Clay Bucholz finished with ERAs of 4.82 and 4.56 in 2012. In 2013, they were 3.75 and 1.74. The 2013 Red Sox also got John Lackey back from missing a full season in 2012 and looked like the pitcher he was with the Angels for all of those years. The 2013 Red Sox also got great performances out of their relief pitchers, none of whom are big names, just some pitchers who all had career years at the same time. I think it can be possible for the Cubs to make a big leap ahead in one season, but it won’t be the way the Red Sox did it. The Cubs will definitely need bounce back seasons from Rizzo and Castro and Jackson, but even then they don’t have the same level of talent that the Red Sox had on their Major League roster. The key to the Cubs long term success has always been how well the prospects develop and the impact they make at the Major League level. The number of losses in the first two years of Theo have nothing to do with that key to success, so why bother even mentioning it to begin with?

Lake will put up “big numbers” but yet Castillo is our only All Star?? Ya that makes total sense!! WAY TO GO…… NOT!!!!!!

I just like watching baseball. Excited about opening day, Fantasy draft tomorrow. Go Cubs!

Where is Dafish.Whats wrong with mixing it up with different views.Some bad,some good,are we not allowed to speak our mind.Lets play ball.By the way,good hearing from you White,your view is more than welcomed in my circle!

Thank you, KenlyCub! I have a new motto:
“Do not let anyone become a vacuum and suck the happiness out of you! PULL THE PLUG!”
With that thought in mind I have climbed out of the “snake pit of insults and hurtful responses to my postings”! Instead I am enjoying the game of baseball under the bright blue sunny skies of optimism and FUN!

I enjoy the game for its own rewards……stimulation, relaxation, pleasant association, and interesting conversation.

White, it was very nice without you , Please go away again.

I second that emotion, KenlyCub.

CubsTalk,kinda sounds like dougie.

Wow Jiggs,lets calm down here some,vent some of your anger somewhere else.White has an opinion just like you and we can comment on them.But please dont tell anyone to just go away.Not sure if that is what your mommie told you to do but try to keep positive thoughts,as Cub fans we will certainly need them again this year.

She can comment all she wants on cubs baseball but when the comments go way off topic she is not needed nor wanted…

KenlyCub, with all due respect: Look at the comment, what does it have to do with the Cubs or Baseball?
White is a trouble maker pure and simple.

KenlyCub, I need to clarify my comment. The way it is positioned here, it could be misconstrued, meaning it could appear to support those who engaged in character assassination. My comment was made yesterday and was intended to be a compliment to yourself, KenlyCub, regarding your welcoming comment. I surely do not wish to be associated with the ad hominem attacks we see here, nor do I admire those who perpetrate them. I have issues with the way comments are placed out of position and therefore out of context on this site, and I`ve expressed those concerns in the past. It can and does lead to one`s meaning being convoluted.

Totally understand,there are a lot of interesting comments made,and as Doug says fun to look in on occasion,make a quick comment and go about our day.I know one thing for sure,were all ready for some ball.

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