3/27 Happy birthday, Ryan Kalish

Jed Hoyer and Theo Epstein know Ryan Kalish well. The outfielder was the Red Sox’s ninth-round pick in 2006, and had a lot of potential but he was injured after colliding with an outfield wall in April 2011. He eventually needed cervical fusion surgery, which involves the removal of a disc in his neck, and the insertion of a metal plate. It’s the same surgery Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning had, and Kalish had the same doctor, spinal specialist Robert Watkins, and even stayed in the same hospital room.

“He’s a solid defender, runs well, puts together a great at-bat, whether it’s against righties or lefties,” manager Rick Renteria said of Kalish. “He been down for awhile with different issues over the past couple years and he’s extremely happy to be a part of the organization and part of the club. He did a nice job this spring.”

After going through the surgery and the rehab and missing all of last season, Kalish admitted he got a little emotional when told he would be on the Opening Day roster.

“I got choked up a little bit,” Kalish said. “It’s been such a wild ride to even think I’d be starting Opening Day for the Cubs this year after being in a cervical fusion recovery room overnight is just pretty wild. This is a really awesome day for myself and everyone who has seen what I’ve gone through. My family is just ecstatic.”

He still has a lot of maintenance work to do on his body. Making the team is one step, he said.

“There’s a greater sense of something bigger going on than one day of being called up,” he said. “I want to be a part of what we want to make happen. This is one really cool day and tomorrow’s my birthday, so today is pretty cool. Tomorrow, we’re working. We have a bigger goal than one call-up on one day. I’m very fortunate and blessed.”

He’ll turn 26 on Friday.

“I’m young,” he said. “I still have a lot of years, a lot of legs left to improve my game, and do what the Cubs want me to do, be a leader, play hard, get on base, steal.”

— Carrie Muskat


Ex-Cubs ST Stats……..

Garza…10.20 ERA
Feldman….5.40 ERA
Marmol….2.84 ERA
Cashner….2.30 ERA
Maholm…..7.04 ERA

And the point you’re trying to make is what exactly? That the Cubs should have kept Carlos Marmol?

no point at all Dougie……..ST stats don’t matter anyway…….but the stats will matter starting next week………..can the Cubbies avoid another 90 loss season?…..what is your thoughts Dougie?

If there’s no point at all, then why bother posting it to begin with? Obviously, you were trying to say something. No one just sits at their computer and randomly decides to look up ex-Cubs pitchers spring training ERA and then broadcast them to the whole world. I was just curious as to the point you were trying to make, because it was unclear. Good that the Cubs got rid of Garza? They should have kept Cashner instead of trading him for Rizzo? Really dude, what’s your point?

Dougie needs a girlfriend. He has to much time on his hand.

Keep making up ID’s, you make yourself look very foolish joey.

lol nice! WAIT!!! so now Cubstalk knows ST stats mean nothing?? Hold the phone! Write this down! He just may have learned something

Who needs a girlfriend when you already have a boyfriend? He’s a Cubs fan too, so we go well together! And reading the posts on here and the comments below doesn’t really take a whole lot of time out of the day. I usually check in to see what’s going on a few times a day and respond when I have a moment and feel the need to say something. I just don’t blurt out spring training stats for the sake of doing it. So thank you for your concern, but I’m already taken and I have plenty to do to get through my days.

joey, wherever you are be well and God bless you!

Doug,a little to much info there.You are very knowledgable of the Cubs and I for one appreciate that.Your comments give insight to things many of us dont know.Keep it up.But to much info there.

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