3/27 Roster moves – Updated

Cubs GM Jed Hoyer announces Mike Olt and Ryan Kalish have made the Opening Day roster, and Ryan Roberts and Chris Coghlan did not. Roberts has requested and been granted his release, and is now a free agent. Coghlan was headed to Triple-A Iowa.

The pitching moves are still to come. The Cubs have 16 pitchers in camp. Hoyer did say they will have five starters. Of the 16, three will open on the DL — Jake Arrieta, James McDonald and Kyuji Fujikawa. Here are the pitchers remaining:

Starters who are set:

Relievers who are set:

5th starter candidates:

Headed to DL:

To be determined:


finally, a good decision.

cubstalk was again….. WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not sure I agree with Kalish over Coghlan. Coghlan has been coming on strong lately. We will see how Kalish does. Nice to know we have Coghlan in the wings if Kalish doesn’t produce. Tough decisions.

it was a tough decision…. i guess my thing is neither of these guys really have a future with us past this year… maybe some of next year… if we can get a Shierholtz type yet out of one of them then they could get us some value

Exactly. There’s no sense is getting all worked up over who the Cubs should have picked to be the 5th outfielder. Both had decent springs, but there’s also a reason why both were non-roster invites. I’m sure it was a tough call, but it wasn’t exactly a franchise-shaping decision along the lines of drafting Kris Bryant or Jon Gray.

Doug, exactly correct, no reason to get worked up over a 5th OF.
petrey10, exactly correct, it had to be a very tough decision.
hezit, I agree that it is nice the Coghlan is in the wings and will be at AAA. I was hoping both would make it, but at least Coghlan is available if an OF is involved in a trade.
Kalish, 5th OF or not, is the kind of guy I have to root for. At 26 he still has some possible upside after a couple years of an injury recovery. I think his recovery, drive and work ethic says a lot about his make up.
I was also hoping Roberts would have made it. Watching him with the D Backs in 2011, the guy was constant hustle. I am sure his age factored in that decision.
Not a good team Spring Training, but I don’t remember this many Non Roster players actually competing for positions this late in ST.
Going to the games Friday & Saturday, looking forward to the 2014 season.

My 2014 Predictions………

AL West……

Mariners (Wild Card)

AL Central….

White Sox

AL East

Red Sox (Wild Card)
Blue Jays

NL West

Giants (Wild Card)

NL East

Braves ( Wild Card)

NL Central


AL MVP – Trout
AL Cy Young – F. Hernandez

NL MVP – H. Ramirez
NL CY Young – G Gonzalez

World Series – Rays – Nationals

W.S. Champs….Rays

we.don’t.care….. your predictions are worthless to us

Petrey10….it seems you have either angry issues or mental issues in your life…maybe both…..I never met you….so why do you say negative things about me?……is the 105 plus years of Cubs Frustration getting to you ?……I hope you do not own any guns…..we don’t want any senseless blood baths from someone like you who has issues………..I also hope people around you take away sharp objects away from you………..did something tragic happen in your life lately?……did you have a dog that was run over out in the street?……….or did a woman laugh at you during an intimate moment?…..I am going to stick with the dog theory……because any sensible woman would see you have issues……………if you did not care what I wrote, then why bother writing about it ?………………I hope you get some help……lots of treatment centers in Malibu that can help you……….I will say prayers so you can overcome your worthless issues that you have in life………as for the Cubs, they don’t have a prayer of chance competing this year or next year……..but at least the Rookies will keep us all entertain……and try to add positive information to this blog…….not insults……..stay classy ….and Go Cubs!

bc you post stupid stuff that makes no sense and repost stuff over and over to make yourself look superior…. doug and jasper I believe would agree… and also idk why you think the Cubs can’t compete next year. I absolutely think they can especially if the TV deal gets done and the renovation gets started. That will GREATLY increase our revenue and allow us to spend more dough on some GOOD free agents to fill in the holes. Plus the rookies should be up and producing which will only lower our payroll since they will be on the first year or two prearb years. The key is a rebounding castro and rizzo, add in a good year from Olt, and Baez coming up to be the guy we all hope he can be. Those are four good pieces to the rebuild ALL AT A CHEAP cost!

CubsTalk, you could be a poet with that elegant free verse. Just cut down on those ellipses and you’re good to go in the next issue of Best Sports Poems. Can’t wait for the season to start. I’m gonna be wearing my Cubs shirt, Cubs socks, and Cubs jacket to work next week, predictions be @#$&ed.

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