3/29 Reach for the stars

Rick Renteria closed his first spring as Cubs manager Saturday with a 9-8 comeback win over the Diamondbacks. He told reporters in Phoenix that he was not concerned about the low external expectations for his team this year.

“I’ve always expected to do things with success in mind,” he said. “I’m not changing my approach or my attitude. That’s my expectations of my club. I think they have expectations of themselves. Quite frankly, if you don’t set goals for yourself there’s nothing to shoot for.

“It’s kind of hard to drive yourself. You need to have expectations and I think we should reach for the stars.”

When asked what “reaching for the stars” meant, Renteria said: “I want to win the World Series, absolutely. Why not?’

The Cubs haven’t done that since 1908. They haven’t made the playoffs since 2008 and haven’t had a winning season since 2009. They are coming off a 66-96 season and Renteria is the club’s fourth manager since Mike Quade replaced Lou Piniella with 37 games to go in the 2010 season.

The former Padres bench coach said he felt comfortable in his first spring as a big-league manager.

“I thought it went great,” Renteria said. “I had a lot of good people around me. They really made it easy for me. The transition was actually very nice. Everybody worked very hard. Thankfully, there weren’t a whole lot of complications.”


If we can reach 500 this year…..I will call it a success.

U were the one saying we could be worse than last year and now u only call 500 a success???

Yesterday was a nice comeback win Cubs fans did not get to see a lot of last year. Of course with a 6-0 lead, they probably should not have needed to comeback.
There was some very sloppy play by Baez at SS, during what could have been a DP, Baez not only missed stepping on 2nd base, but then threw the ball far out of reach of the 1st Baseman. I seen two errors on that play, but not one called.
Baez and Castro both must realize that if something is wrong at the plate with the Umpire, let your Manager do the talking. No need to stare, look at the umpire in shock, step away and swing your bat one handed in frustration, all showing up the umpire. It certainly will not help your team mate following you in the line up.
Hammel had a rough 1st, but settled down to pitch 4 very good innings. Ramirez and Parker both struck out the side in one inning of work each. Lendy Castillo shocked me with a very good inning and a save. He looked awful in the AZL.
The come back with key hits from Silva, Whiteside, Krist was HBP, Darvill took a walk and a key two run single by Villanueva. Kalish went 3 for 3, Alcantara hit a two run bomb.
Very good game sitting behind the D Backs dugout wearing our Cub attire.🙂

The night before, I saw this really good looking lady behind home plate……she was yaking away with her friends……..if I was a Pitcher, I would have called “time out” and asked for her name & phone number……

Yes, Baez has to learn more in Iowa….. …at least the Cubs have a steady stream of relief pitchers in Vizcaino, Ramirez, Rosscup, Parker, & Mateo in the wings……

and finally, Ian Stewart made the Angels roster………..I hope he does not hurt himself with all those earthquakes.

I want to continue receiving Carrie Muskat’s postings, but PLEASE spare me the inane comments of know-nothing-readers of her blogs.

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