3/31 Kane County roster

Class A Kane County announced it’s preliminary Opening Day roster. The 26 players will be reduced to a Midwest League-mandated squad of 25 before Thursday’s season opener against Quad Cities. The Cougars’ roster includes pitchers Paul Blackburn, Tyler Skulina, Nathan Dorris, and 19-year-old Jen-Ho Tseng, who will make his U.S. professional debut this year. Outfielder Shawon Dunston, Jr, son of the former Cub shortstop, also will be on the roster along with Jake Hannemann and Trey Martin.

* Among the 26 players heading to Kane County, eight spent all or a portion of the 2013 season with the Cougars. … Two of the 13 pitchers listed are left-handers (Dorris, Gerardo Conception). … Six players were part of the Cubs’ 2013 draft class.


Hannermann will be on a Fast Track in the Cubs system……..With Almora & Jiminez, we will have a decent outfield by 2018.

This front office have fast tracked no one … Why would we fast track a 17 yr old and a third round pick from 2013… Why? Doesn’t make sense to me …

I don’t think anyone is ever designated “fast tracked” by Theo & co. They pretty much put them where they think they will learn the best and not be over matched and let their play dictate when they’ll get bumped up. And Hannemann was originally a football player and stopped playing all sports to go on a Mormon mission for two years, so if anything they’ll be extra careful not to rush him and make sure he’s promoted when he’s ready to be promoted.
Also take note, this is us disagreeing with your statement above. We are not attacking, we are not insulting, we are not suppressing your free speech, we are disagreeing. So don’t get all in a huff because someone had the audacity to disagree. In fact, maybe you can actually explain to us why you think Hannemann will be on a fast track to the Majors? You know, have an actual conversation and exchange of ideas instead of accusing those who disagree of not respecting your opinion and leaving it at that.

Cubs below 500 in 2014……
Cubs below 500 in 2015….

I don’t think Theo will wait too long on his top draft picks in the minors…….Baez will be here this year…….Bryant in 2015…….more then half of the Top 20 Cubs Prospects will be by 2015……………….these prospects and Theo’s master plan has to pay off by 2016…..can’t always push the Rebuilding Clock back another year…….fans won’t take it……and neither will Ricketts.

Baez was drafted by Jim hendry not theo Epstein sooooooo idk what u r talking about

Baez is projected to be ready this year and Bryant is projected to be ready next year, but don’t think the Cubs will just blindly promote them at those times. I mean, if Baez is hitting .220 at AAA, do you really think the Cubs will say “well, he’s having some struggles that he needs to work through, but let’s call him up now anyway”? Do you really think if Kris Bryant gets hurt and doesn’t play much this season, they’ll say screw it, he needs to be up in 2015 so we’re calling him up regardless?
The reason why they’re currently projected to come up when they are is because they’ve played well at each level they’ve stopped at. If Baez looked lost when he got promoted to AA last season, he’d probably be starting at AA this season instead of AAA. If Bryant didn’t dominate at High-A and in the AFL last season, he would probably be at Daytona or maybe even Kane County to start this season.
As for the rebuilding clock, it will be ready when it’s ready. I’d rather push it back in for the sake of making sure all of the prospects get enough time developing to allow them to succeed at the Major League level than to hit the panic button and stunt the growth of the prospects by giving them too much to handle before they’re ready to handle it. As for Theo, he’s under contract thru the 2016 season, so he’ll be evaluated based on how well his plan has worked at that time, not on the fly during the 2014 or 2015 seasons. He knows this, and he has no reason to worry about it until 2016. The minors have had an incredible turn around under him, and now the next step is to see it pay off at the Major League level. It’s not quite ready to do that yet, but it’s close.

Have to ask, how you know what fans will accept & what they wont?
Have to ask why you think Ricketts wont take it?
I doubt you know, your just spouting off as usual.

2014 Kane County Cougars Opening Day Roster

◾Manager – Mark Johnson
◾Hitting Coach – David Rosario
◾Pitching Coach – Tom Beyers

◾Justin Amlung, RHP
◾Jose Arias, RHP
◾Paul Blackburn, RHP
◾Tyler Bremer, RHP
◾Gerardo Concepcion, LHP
◾Nathan Dorris, LHP
◾Scott Frazier, RHP
◾Zach Godley, RHP
◾Juan Carlos Paniagua, RHP
◾James Pugliese, RHP
◾Tyler Skulina, RHP
◾Daury Torrez, RHP
◾Jen-Ho Tseng, RHP

◾Cael Brockmeyer
◾Ben Carhart
◾Will Remillard

◾David Bote
◾Danny Canela
◾Jordan Hankins
◾Danny Lockhart
◾Carlos Penalver
◾Jacob Rogers

◾Yasiel Balaguert
◾Shawon Dunston Jr.
◾Jacob Hannemann
◾Trey Martin

The same boring people post on this site. We need new views from others. Don`t let these bullies dominate. Don`t let them drive you away as they have succeeded in doing to this point. I`ll challenge them every day of the week and twice on Sunday. They won`t dominate me. I`ll guarantee it. Please join myself.

I’m still waiting for an actual rebuttal instead of ur rants and name calling so please fill me in on why I’m so out of place

If you don’t like it, you are welcome to leave.

Jhosk…..I come to realize there are some people here who have serious mental issues and don’t want to talk about baseball…..if you start to argue with mental people, then you become just as crazy as they are.

What are your expectations this year on the Cubs? Wins?…..Break out players?….Trades?

I do like to talk baseball, Cubs Talk, not nonsense and jibberish. I do not have high expectations this season or even next. This is what we`ve been told by the regime, and I tend to accept. I expect we will make modest improvement in our winning percentage both this year and next, but will not be serious contenders until 2016. Look at the current roster. It is pedestrian. Is all about pitching. I expect Baez and Bryant to become contributors next season or sometime shortly thereafter, and given they do, each could hit 70 dingers per season, and it would not matter if we do not have lock down pitching as well on that squad. Pitching is key. Look at today`s game. We had outstanding pitchiing, but the Bucos had even better. Outstanding pitching will result in 1-0 victories or 2-1 successes on other days etc. and so forth. And I`m not referencing just starting pitching as Shark gave us today, but relief hurling as well. Prioritize pitching; that is my recommendation. The Dodgers have that now. Look at their staff. It`s impressive.

70 really? Come on…

Yes, and what have the Dodgers won with that remarkable pitching staff of theirs? What I do know is that they have a $200 million pitcher on the DL and a $150 million pitcher who has spent plenty of time on the DL himself and is a bit of a nutcase. Of course, pitching is important and if you can get a true #1 and keep him healthy then you’ve got something going, but that doesn’t mean having a bunch of top-rated position players is a bad thing. And while the Cubs currently don’t have that potential #1 pitching prospect, they aren’t exactly devoid of decent to good pitching prospects. CJ Edwards, Pierce Johnson, Neil Ramirez, and Paul Blackburn all project to be at the very least middle of the rotation starters. Kyle Hendricks might not be the next Greg Maddux, but there’s hope he at least projects higher than Randy Wells did. Arodys Vizcaino, Corey Black, and Tyler Skulina are all fireball pitchers who could factor into future Cubs pitching staffs. And there are others who didn’t make mlb.com’s top 20 Cubs prospects list, but might still make it to the Majors someday. And don’t forget, the Cubs have the #4 pick in this year’s draft, so they could still add a pretty good pitcher to the mix before the year is out.
Now how’s that for baseball talk? Or is it too boring for you? Or am I asserting my dominance over you yet again? Please, feedback is important!

# 1 pitchers don’t grow on trees…..when Maddux came up, no one saw him as a #1 pitcher at the time…..I do believe closest pitcher we have to a #1 pitcher might be P Johnson………when Theo trades Shark, count at least two MLB ready prospect pitchers in return…………….so who do we have in 2015 as a staff?…….

P Johnson

By 2016, we can add Blackburn, Edwards and a few others to that pitching staff.

Lets also consider location…..most major pitchers who sign with teams either end up in NYC or LA……not only they are playing with the Yankees, Dodgers who spend money on major hitters, there is also money to be made on the side with major endorsements deals……….many free agents rather play in warm climates & west coast cities………..then there is also the stadium…..Wrigley Field has terrible player accommodations……………

So if the Cubs are going to build a great pitching staff, it will be through trades, drafts and farm system……..not through major free agent signings.

I think the whole FAs prefer to sign in NY or LA or where it’s warm is way overblown. FAs will go where they money is, even if it’s in cold weather cities or the ballpark accommodations are sub par. Detroit isn’t exactly tropical and the town is a dump, but Miguel Cabrera and Justin Verlander didn’t seem to mind committing to playing there for the rest of their careers. Ricky Nolasco probably could have stayed in sunny southern California if he wanted to, but instead signed to play in Minnesota. Matt Garza could have accepted the Angels offer right away, but instead hesitated and wound up signing with Milwaukee. So as you can see, there are plenty of examples of FAs going to cold weather and less glamorous cities because those teams were willing to meet their asking price.
But yeah, the Cubs plan all along is to build through the draft and supplement with return on trades and free agent signings that make sense for their situation. We’ll see how they do in the draft and what they can get for whoever they decide to trade this season.

the closest thing we have to a #1 is Shark with CJ Edwards coming up next…. P Johnson is still a crap shoot… this year is a big year for him.

No More Samardzija Talk ……that’s what Theo is saying………….sounds like sides are tens of millions a part…………Theo is talking $65 million…….Samardzija is talking $110 – 120 million……………Cubs are not ready to pay a #3-4 pitcher that kind of money……and the Cubs are still a few seasons away to compete………Jeff will be 34 at least if we saw our next playoffs……….it seems 95% sure that Shark will be traded this year unless there is an injury…….Shark is 29, and has a total of 29 wins in his career……this is his third year as a starter……I believe most intelligent Cubs fans rather take future pitching prospects in a trade then sign Shark to a worthless contract.

first off you cant think all the prospects we have will eventually be Major Leaguers… thats just unrealistic. Even in our big 4 there is going to be ones that don’t make it into valuable everyday players. TWO Shark is more than a #3-4 pitcher… he has proven that with his strikeout potential. He is more like a solid #2 with potential to be more but of course may not live up to that potential. I know you sit at your keyboard and only look at ERA but he periphials looks pretty good. The Cubs very well may trade Shark but I still think there is a decent chance that we resign him. We are not 5 years away from a playoff team. That is just craziness. We should be able to compete for that wild card spot next year and compete for the division in 2016. This is assuming Olt, Castro, and Rizzo turn out to be what they are supposed to be and Baez comes up to be the face of the franchise. Not to mention the potential Bryant has. Pitching is on the market every year so I have no worries about that. It just takes money for that and honestly we should be getting to the point where we have PLENTY of money to spend. I mean we almost spent 150 million this offseason on Tanaka so for the right guys we will spend.

We will be lucky if we sniff a Wild Card spot in 2016………..Garza’s offer from Angels were pulled off the table……….Nolasco ?…..he is not a great pitcher……..a #4 at best…….Tigers are an elite club ready to be a World Series contender….DUH!……of course major stars would sign with them.

I really don’t understand how you can be so certain that the Cubs won’t compete in 2016. So many things can and will happen between now and then. I mean, if Baez comes up this season and is a 30+ HR guy next season, that could completely change the outlook for 2016. At this point, we just don’t know!
Again, I stand by my statement that free agents will go to the money and don’t really care about playing in warm weather or on the west coast over cold weather or the midwest. Garza and Nolasco aren’t great, but they each got multi-year deals and were among the best free agents available this year, which is why I used them as an example. I mean, it’s rare that an elite-level pitcher reaches the open market, so you really don’t have to worry about luring a David Price or a Clayton Kershaw or a Felix Hernandez to your team. And if you do, chances are there are going to be multiple teams involved from hot weather, cold weather, big market, medium markets, playoff teams, up-and-coming teams, desperate teams, and teams that just want to show their fans that they’re trying, so when it really comes down to it, the teams that offer the most money will probably be the teams most likely to sign that player. Otherwise, why wouldn’t the Yankees, other elite teams, and good weather teams just lowball FAs left and right because they know they are the preferred choice destination of FAs anyway?

also garza pitches for the brewers so I have no clue what the Angels have to do with him….

players dont go where the money is?? Then why do a lot of FA go to the Yankees??? LOL way to go Cubstalk…. you really showed us there

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