4/1 Welcome, everybody

According to MLB, 223 players born outside the U.S. were on Opening Day rosters. The Rangers had the most foreign-born players with 15, while the Cubs were fifth with 10. The Cubs have the most Dominican players with seven. The Dominican Republic leads the Major Leagues with 82 players on Opening Day rosters. The Cubs’ Dominican contingent includes Emilio Bonifacio, Welington Castillo, Starlin Castro, Junior Lake, Pedro Strop, Jose Veras, Carlos Villanueva. Other foreign born players on the Cubs include Venezuelans Hector Rondon and Luis Valbuena, and Japanese pitcher Kyuji Fujikawa.


hey cubs talk was this you calling in to foxsports ohio? http://msn.foxsports.com/buzzer/story/cleveland-tv-host-bruce-drennan-goes-off-on-caller-after-stupid-derek-jeter-question-040114 ……. thats gotta be you or a relation of you

i have those samae reactions each time cubstalk/joey posts

No Joke….”We Stinks”……….only way to improve this club is through drafts, International free agent signings, and trades………ESPN Jim Bowden predicts Cubs will get #1 draft choice in 2015………..so we know the following players are most likely will get traded in 2014…….

and maybe Edwin Jackson if Playoff GM’s really get desperate!

The biggest return of major Prospects will be from a Samardzija trade……rest of the Cubs traded will only have low level minor returns……the Samardzija trade prospects will play a major role in 2015 with the Cubs……

Some of the better known Cubs Prospects arriving in 2014….


in 2015……

P. Johnson

So with “youth”, comes learning mistakes and more losses in the beginning……over due time, the Young Guns the Cubs are bringing up will gel together as a team….but for every team, it has to have a leader……..both on the field and in the dugout. Hopefully if Theo drafts wisely this year and next, we can have two TOR pitchers by 2016.

If the Cubs get to the Playoffs by 2016, then consider that our Prospects are advancing in this league faster than anyone else realize.

You assume that every rookie that gets called up is going to be mostly useless, is going to make a ton of errors, will make mental mistakes, and while they might show some potential will probably be below average. While it’s true that players are not at their bests in their rookie seasons, it’s not totally unheard of for a rookie to be a good player and contribute to a team. Evan Longoria, to name one, didn’t need a couple years for a Major League learning curve. And his team certainly benefited from his presence in the lineup from Day 1.
This is why you don’t put players on the fast track, as you called it the other day. Javier Baez could probably be in the Major Leagues right now. Kris Bryant could probably be called up this summer. Albert Almora is a good enough fielder that he could be up in September and hope his hitting catches up to his fielding. But none of them will do that, because Theo wants them to develop as much as possible in the minors and when they do get the call, he wants them to actually contribute and not be a bumbling mess. He wants each one to be a potential Rookie of the Year candidate the year they are called up and not a “well he’ll take his lumps this year and hope he learns from it next year” case. That’s why I think it’s almost impossible to project the Cubs record two years into the future. We need to wait and see how it all pans out with player development and trades before we start calling the 2016 Cubs a playoff contender or not.

Watching Astros kicking Yankees ass…………..Cubs should be glad Astros is out of the NL Central.

CubsTalk, Joey what is your real goal here? It certainly is not to discuss baseball, because you throw out every prediction out there and thats it, no discussion. So you hit one or two? With all you throw out there, your BA & OBP are pretty pathetic.
I think your only goal, is at the end of the year, when Carrie puts up her STATS, like who posted the most, your new name will be there.
So your going to be exactly like Whites irritating hemorrhoid and just no go away.
Try discussion, ask what others think, until then you are that irritating hemorrhoid.

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WELCOME EVERYBODY! ?? What a joke! Personal insults, personal attacks, threats to post as certain people demand or LEAVE!
A PREDICTION FOR CARRIE’S BLOG: In a short period of time there will be two posters left: Jasper Jiggs and Petrie. Many have already left. The rest will get fed up and leave too. As jhosk pointed out the other day, life is too short to abide such atrocious attacks.

Who is threatening and attacking anyone on here? Why do a bunch of you have such thin skin that the second someone disagrees with you, you throw a fit and cry like a little baby? If you make a statement like “the Cubs will be lucky to even be Wild Card contenders in 2016” then I’m going to respond to that. If you freak out because the Cubs signed a veteran pitcher to provide depth at AAA, then I’m going to respond to that. If you’re all worked up because someone had the audacity to question your baseball wisdom on the subject of who should the 25th man on the roster be and you cannot even defend your position, then I do suggest you leave because what is the point of you voicing your opinion on here in the first place?
And if you and others do get fed up and leave, that’s your call and I would say to you good riddance. Besides, it’s not like this is some rinky dink blog by some person with nothing better to do in between Cubs games and their shifts at the DQ. Carrie Muskat has been covering the Cubs for years and this blog is part of the Cubs’ mlb.com website. I’m sure it gets thousands of hits per day, especially on game days. Somehow, I think it will survive the loss of willfully ignorant Cubs fans who still choose not to understand the Theo plan and think the Cubs should have offered $250 million to get Robinson Cano to come here instead of Seattle.

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